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  1. If you book the guarantee now, you’ll have a price you like. Now remember prices go up and prices go down. If a lower price on your preferred cabin category comes along, switch to that. But it could also sell out by then. In the past they would allow available upgrades (as long we spend more money) even after final payment. I once booked a guarantee and assigned cabin was fine. Then a better guarantee price came along so I rebooked the new guarantee price. Lost first cabin and got new cabin which was also fine. Just because you are guarantee doesn’t mean you can’t still be flexible. N
  2. Good post. I’ve been wondering about this also.
  3. A small flashlight for getting around the cabin at night.
  4. Thanks for your great review and photos, FlowBroTy. We will be on the Mariner in March and appreciate the info on all the activities. Very helpful!
  5. I tried this a few years ago. My husband’s work schedule changed so he could join me after final payment was made for me as a solo. RCI wanted about $500 to add him to the cabin. I was shocked thinking that I already had paid double as a solo but RCI was repricing at current rate plus his port fees which were about $100. The result: It was a 5 night cruise and he didn’t go.
  6. I used a local agent for many years but her service weakened. So like you, I gingerly took the step into the online world. I asked around and now use an online agency recommend by many friends. Important to me is access including after hours and on weekends. If my agent isn’t available, his manager or another agent can help me make a change. Obviously I prefer to work with my one agent, but if a better cabin comes available or there’s a price drop on Saturday morning, I don’t want to wait till Monday only to find out it’s gone.
  7. In March we stayed at Red Rood Inn Plus airport Miami. We not only received free parking and a free shuttle to port, but flying back after a transatlantic received free pickup at airport and return to RRI to get our car. Very pleased with staff and accommodations. Free breakfast. No restaurant on site for dinner but the regularly parked food truck in the parking lot had huge, delicious burgers. We would do it again.
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