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  1. You will have an amazing wedding on Princess! By May a lot should be better! We are down to the final last 3 1/2 days!!!.....It's sooooo close!
  2. Are you on the ship right now? If so, how many people are sailing this week?
  3. Is there an email address at Royal we can contact? Or someone on a particular ship to ask?
  4. Good Morning, I was wondering if the Love and Marriage Show has been on the recent sailing for Odyssey? If not is there someone you can email (Activities Director?) that you can request to have put on your sailing? We will be getting married on the ship in a week and was wondering if they had the show recently? I think it would be awesome to have the show since I was told by the Wedding Company that we will be the first couple married on board Odyssey. Thank for the help!
  5. I would wait a little bit. They are sending out kits currently that luckily have the extended shelf life of 3 months added to them because if not mine would have expired today for my cruise on Oct 17th. I ordered mine about a month before my sailing.
  6. I don't know too much about the excursions. We are on the Odyssey also but sailing on the 17th...actually getting married on the ship during the first sea day! Just found out we will be the first couple to be married on the ship! We purchased the at home kits from the link from Royal....I think it's easier than finding/booking a location to go get one.....heard CVS cancels tons of appts. 1 or 2 days before the appt. Have a great cruise and enjoy!!!
  7. Which sailing are you going out on? They also require a COVID test up to 2 days before the cruise also.
  8. Thank you so much!!!! 12 days to go!!!! They wedding is on the 19th...so we still have 2 weeks from today to be married lol. I'm hoping there are only about 50% of the ship capacity!....I heard the current sailing only has about 1,600 people on it! My fiancé has been nervous and can't eat lately....I'm fine but I'm more nervous about the COVID testing for us and our guests.....don't know what we will do if anyone comes back positive. 7 more months for you....when is the wedding and sail date?...Which ship again? and where are you ports? Have you mailed out your invitations yet? I think in 7 months things will be alot better than they are now!.... I will be back on soon with updates before we go!
  9. It's been 2 years waiting to cruise and 7 canceled sailings to get here!
  10. Following as well! Can't wait to get on Odyssey in 12 days!!!
  11. Following!! We will be boarding her in 13 days!!! Also, having our wedding on board and it will be the first wedding on her! We have had to change our wedding cruise 7 times since April 2020.....luckily we acquired extra FCC and found an inexpensive Grand Suite on the Indy and once it was moved we we put into the same room on Odyssey!!! Love seeing the pics and looking for great photo ops in our wedding attire! How many people are on board for your sailing? Are they selling the ship models in the gift shop? Hope you are having an amazing time!!!
  12. 13 days until boarding Odyssey! Getting married on the ship and will be the first ever wedding aboard her!!! Can't wait!
  13. Exactly 2 weeks to go!!!! test kits in hand waiting until that Friday night to do them!!!! was told by the wedding company that since the pandemic started we will be the 2nd couple getting married on a ship by them! Was also told we will be the first couple to get married ever on the Odyssey!!! Does that mean we should have something put on the ship to commemorate their first wedding? A night plaque or something lol. Or we can be the god-parents of the ship??? Lol
  14. We have a small group of like 8 but will they let us cut in line? Since we only have the photographer for 2 hours?
  15. Thank you for the suggestions!!! I wonder if we could get up in the North Star for a small group photo? if we are the first wedding aboard Odyssey will they commemorate that anyway? A nice plaque on the ship somewhere? Lol
  16. Hello Chris!! we will be coming aboard in 18 days!! can’t wait to see this beautiful ship! I was wondering if you could suggest locations on the ship where it would be the best locations for photos? We are actually getting married at sea on the ship and have the photographer for 2 hours and looking for the best locations. Thanks in advance!!!!
  17. We have the photographer for 2 hours so after the ceremony we will have a toast and cutting of the cake. we will have probably around an hour left to walk around the ship to take photos at certain locations we pick out. then it will be very close for dinner at 5:15
  18. We didn’t do any cards for ours. We did for last April but threw them out. We went from 16 other people coming down to 4 guests! we still made wedding favors bags with personalized candy bar wrappers, tiny hand sanitizers with personalized wrappers, tins with sticks on both sides and candy inside them, and compasses with personalized notes on the cards attached by rope/twine and few other little goodies….which will all be in a small cloth bag with our names the date and an anchor on the front.
  19. Hello we don’t have to wear face masks during the wedding because it’s o my our party in the venue….and of course the captain and the photograph and wedding coordinator. Thank god!!!! I still have to ask about taking them off for pics elsewhere on the ship. Luckily we have a black and white one that say groom and bride! luckily we are driving over to the pier. It’s directly across the state and only less than a 2 hour drive. So she will have it on her lap the entire time. We can’t believe it’s only exactly 3 weeks away!….crazy! Finally after 18 long months of changing and rebooking 7 sailings for this!!! how is the planning still going for you guys?
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