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  1. We have cancelled all our cruises with Princess for 2021 and 2022 (also cancelled the ones we had booked for RCCL for both years). When cruising safely does return, I predict 2023 with an efficient vaccine in play, masks and social distancing (hey, I am so used to this routine in Ontario Canada) that I would feel out of sorts going anywhere without my mask, we will resume cruising. We will only book last minute cruises and be darn sure that our travel insurance covers us and then and only then will we be back on a ship. And, I will really miss cruising but that is life.
  2. I echo everything that Billxinili has noted. All those points would have to be in place plus an Official stamped government certificate proving vaccine has been been given to any potential cruiser as well as a negative COVID test (result) from the previous day. Perhaps by that time, simple saliva tests will be the rage as the COVID test I had administered two days prior to my surgery the other day was a mighty uncomfortable nostril swab!!!! Then, and only then, would we be back to cruising which we absolutely love so it is very hard to deal with the fact that this activity that we took for granted will not be potentially in our future until I would say early 2023. We here in Ontario, Canada are gearing up for the next wave come when all our kids go back to school Sept 8. The fights are on with the teachers and the unions and the like over class size. Then the flu season coming on down the pipe in early Oct. So, 2023 plus all the conditions above for us.
  3. Princess has cancelled ALL CRUISES until Dec 15, 2020. I just got an email from them. I am sure that RCCL and Celebrity will follow soon. In fact, my guess, there will be no cruising until early 2022 unless a vaccine is available and tried and true,.
  4. Princess has just cancelled all cruises up to Dec 15, 2020. We were on the Royal earlier this year out of LA to Mexico and it was fabulous. We were booked on it again for Jan 2021 but cancelled it just the other day as the numbers of COVID were rising like crazy in California and it is my guess that cruising in CA will not be back up until at least 2022 at the earliest.
  5. Just waiting now for Royal Caribbean to do the same. Information on Impacted & Cancelled Cruises Updated July 22, 2020 1:00pm PT Like so many facets of life, travel has been hit hard by recent events. It is with a heavy heart that Princess Cruises has made the extremely difficult decision to temporarily pause our global ship operations. We know you were looking forward to sailing with us, and we apologize and share in your disappointment over these cancellations. You don’t need to take any action to receive the default compensation offer. You can find out details of your compensation by clicking the link that matches your sail date below. All Cruises Sailing In and Out of Australia Departing September 19 – October 31, 2020 All Other Remaining Cruises Sailing through December 15 View Details & List of Affected Cruises (PDF) All Cruises Sailing In and Out of Australia Departing August 29 – September 21, 2020 All September and October Cruises In and Out of Vancouver and Seattle and All 7-day Cruises Roundtrip from San Francisco Departing in September and October 2020 All Cruises Roundtrip Keelung Departing August 2020 View Details & List of Affected Cruises (PDF)
  6. We are staying up in cold Canada until a vaccine is developed. Travelling within our own province of Ontario. Our Premier will put the brakes on any re-openings should our numbers creep up too high. Today was a bad day with 203 new infections out of a province of 14 million. Blaming the young and their parties. They just do not realize that they may be somewhat invincible but their parents and grandparents are not. Same thing in the US I see. What will it take to get these people to lay low for another few months. Oh.
  7. We cruise a lot, an awful lot, but I am not booking any future cruises until there is a vaccine. Do you really want to give money to RCCL to hold for safekeeping!!!!! Once cruising is once again safe, there will be loads of deals and steals. I mean, we worked hard for our money and am not inclined to lend it to RCCL or any other cruise line right now. No, no, no, no way.!!!! And, I love crusing!!!!!
  8. We were offered a future cruise credit while in Australia after our Radiance of the Seas cruise got cancelled as well. Chose the full refund rather than the 125% future cruise credit. I prefer my money in my pocket as opposed to my money in their pocket. RCCL has so many balls in the air with so many different offers that I am sure their agents can no longer see straight!! (hence reason you got a credit for 100% rather than the 125%. Try sending email to Ms. Rodriguez or Mr. Bayley (your email is then logged into their computer system and they then usually give you a person with whom to connect) at least this has been our experience in the past. Emails are on the web.
  9. My opinion with regards to the Diamond Lounge and the free drinks is that this perk will be eliminated. A cheap bottle of wine will be delivered to each cabin daily and that will be the extent of the free booze. RCCL will say that safety comes first. .... and we are sure that our guests will understand .... until a vaccine is available. ..... then free drinks in Diamond Lounge will commence once again. We would be happy with that. They will provide instead a couple of complimentary specialty dinners or lunches to the Diamond people (including me.) Again, we would be happy with that.
  10. We had two cruises booked for December 2020 one on RCCL and other one Princess (Enchanted) and another one booked for late Jan 2021 out of LA. We cancelled them yesterday. No issue. All were booked with fully refundable deposits. Money to be refunded to credit cards. Albeit, one had a deposit of only $2 bucks on it while other two were the $100 per person NEXT cruise deposits. No issues at all. We are going play a wait and see approach. With the numbers skyrocketing in Florida and California (we are very low here in Canada - our province of 14 million only 135 cases today - because we are a bunch of rule followers!! - masks, masks, masks, social distancing, etc...), we are going no where (even if we wanted to) to the US at all. And when we do start travelling internationally again, we will be driving (no airplanes for us until a vaccine is available and proven to keep COVID at bay. Health before cruising for us. Sad, but that is the way for the next couple of years I am thinking. Thank heavens I got in four cruises this year prior to March 16.
  11. JoelHeather, Ignore all the naysayers out there in CruiseCritic Land. I am on board with your opinions 1000 percent! Hey, I love cruising, if I could do it monthly I would (but my husband has yet to retire!). Seems he likes his job! But, in agreement with you, I do not foresee cruising returning until perhaps early 2022. And also, for those people who think that a vaccine is around the corner, think again. 72 candidates out there and three good ones so far being tested. Also, those vaccines will not be available to the general public. Will go to the nations with the most vulnerabilities (already in health care crisis due to other issues, to health care front line providers and critical service people (police, fire), then the community nursing homes who house our most vulnerable. At the bottom of the barrel the rest of us. Cruising would resume a whole lot of faster if people would follow some basic rules, one being wear a damn mask out in public, especially within indoor public places, malls, etc. Masks are to protect others. People just do not get it. They think, oh I feel fine, I am not sick, no sniffles, etc. etc. so why should I wear a mask. Well, buddy, you actually do not know if you have picked up the virus during your maskless outings and are now spreading asymptomatically to the unsuspecting who are also not wearing a mask because those poor souls think they super human and it will never happen to them! And secondly, stay out of crowds. Stay 6 feet apart! Wash ones hands! Oh, it so very aggravating as both my sons are in the medical profession and they are having to deal with COVID patients and it is nasty nasty nasty. Again people are so into themselves. Again cruising and pre-pandemic life would return so much faster if people could be a little less selfish.
  12. Yup Canadian Border is closed until July 21. I love going to Buffalo to shop, and on to Rochester and the great malls there. Too bad about JC Penny I really liked those stores. Boo Hoo. I miss my trips. But to keep us all safe. I really think the border should be closed until Sept 21 or Oct 21. Our rates are falling in Ontario. And I want to keep it that way. Call me selfish but that is how I feel.
  13. Did you put your cruise deposit on your credit card. If so, you might want to try to get your deposit back from the credit card. Cruising will not be commencing in August. Even the CEO of RCCL last week in print indicated that he did not know where the rumors of cruising resuming August 1st, 2020 came from.
  14. Here in Ontario Canada, we are testing like crazy. In fact today, we tested almost 25,000 people and our numbers have been dropping for four straight days. I believe today the number of new cases was 174. Plus our hospitalizations are way down as well. It is incorrect to say that increased testing, leads to spikes. That is simply not so for us here in Canada. What does lead to increases in numbers are indoor large gatherings, with people not wearing masks. We have actually just allowed churches to open to 30 percent capacity and are not allowing singing in church to avoid the spray of droplets and are advising people wear masks as well. I think for the next few months it would be a great idea if all of us North Americans did our best to think about each other and to protect each other by wearing a mask when not able to keep six feet apart. You may asymptomatic and be spreading this virus unknowingly. You may feel perfectly fine but be a carrier. For a short while another three months of so, why not simply give the world a chance, and protect one another so we come out of this intact and all better and we can then all get back to cruising because there will not be any cruising out of the U.S.A. until numbers fall to single digits and that does not appear likely this summer nor this fall.
  15. We have sailed Rhapsody of the Seas out of Venice several times. I really did enjoy this little ship. Easy to navigate. But unfortunately getting mighty shabby of late. I would hesitate to make any bookings on her now as my husband and I were watching something on Netflix the other evening and we came across Rhapsody of the Seas, Radiance of the Seas and Brilliance of the Seas on the auction block. RCCL has these three ships up for sale to raise much needed cash. RCCL is desperately trying to get deposits from us. I would avoid booking the above three ships. In fact, I am not booking any future cruises right now and risk losing deposits (my credit card insurance will no longer cover any deposits made after March 5, 2020). So no bookings are going to be made by us until cruising itself resumes and even then we will take a wait and see approach. I am sad that the number of cruises out of Venice is dwindling. I do understand the reasons. But I can tell you what an extraordinary experience, especially on Regal Princess arriving at dusk with Pavarotti playing on the loudspeakers. Pure heavenly.
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