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  1. We have this cruise booked for March 2020! Very excited! Thank you for your review!
  2. AlohaLivin I would also love a copy of your map! My email is endo_1017@yahoo.com Thank you so much
  3. Yes could you please link the review! We have this ship and ports booked for 03/29/2020 and I love to read and research all that I can on the ship and ports! We just got off the Horizon about a week ago (that was a fabulous trip), we have also sailed on magic (my favorite ship) and Fantasy, Elation and Ecstasy (Hubby love this class). Couple of questions if you don't mind I think I read that Fascination recently went into drydock did they add a big screen on lido by chance? We love the movies under the stars! Also the photos are they on the app like the newer ships or do you still find them on this ship? I liked the old way because you could get sizes other than 8x10s! I love the "fun size" Thank you Tara
  4. Thank you for sharing the video! We have this excursion booked in April! I am so excited this looks very informative and fun!
  5. We booked with Justin's ATV Rental and Tours. We picked a private guide and two 4 wheelers for the day! However you can just book the ATVs! You can Google them! We did have to pay an upfront deposit! Also our trip is not until April, so I do not yet have experience with this company in person, only emails!
  6. I’m thinking aboutbooking a private tour of Curacao next April, though VIP tours. Our times in port are 1:30-10:30. I wascurious on others opinion of these plans. We would like to see and do as much as possible with the time allowed!! Doessomeone have a better idea or a location or excursion that they wouldrecommend? I think what theysuggested offers a lot and sounds great but am worried about time and trying toover do it! Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Here is the list of what I sent and said we would reallylike to see.. Shete Boca Caves of hato salt lakes Centre of Willemstad Queen Emmabridge Floating market Piscado/Playa Grandi: I would love to snorkel with wildturtles Boca Ascension: have to have a 4x4 to get here Chistoffel park: I’m ok skipping this Below is what VIP Tourssuggested…. - pick up around 2pm (30 mins after docking of your ship) - then drive to the West Side and visit Shete Boca (entrance fee is US$ 9 perperson); I believe the latest they allow guests into the park is around 4pm - Playa Piscado - swim with the turtles - viewing point Playa Forti and Grote Knip - Salt Lakes - at the end of the tour Centre of Willemstad with Queen Emmabridge and theFloating Market (by the time we reach there itwill be dark already but you still will be able to see the centre. TheHandelskade (the colorful houses) and the walking bridge have lights on) Chistoffel park - I would remove that from the list, you will be ableto see the park driving along. Also not all rental companies allow us to drivethrough. Furthermore, we need to keep the time in mind Cavesof hato - if you really like to visit the HatoCaves, then we need to visit them before heading to the West side since theyclose around 5pm, they have guided tours always on the hour. Maybe we can makethe 3pm. You need to count about 50 minutes for the tour. It is about 30minutes from the pier away. Timewise it might be a bit tight visiting the HatoCaves and Shete Boca. Again thank you to anyone that takes the time to read and respond!
  7. Do you remember who you did this through?? Thank you
  8. On the same note if someone knows can you rent a 4 wheeler for the day? Not trying to steal your tread, very curious to the answer to both side by side and 4 wheeler!
  9. We stayed 3 in a room and had no issues at all! It was my mother (62 at the time), My best friend (45 at the time) and my self (42 at the time). We had the main bed set up as twins and then there was a pull down bed. So we set it up like bunk beds and the other bed along the wall, this gave us a lot more floor space! We don't really spend a lot of time in the room (this was an interior:eek:), but it really was no problem at all! I was worried prior but all worked out just fine! There was plenty of storage, we unpacked and put suitcases under the bed, we also brought on over the door shoe hanger to hold all our products, we each got two rows! I hope you have a great time!
  10. We sailed magic last month and the luggage tags were at the red frog pub. I did not read the paper in my stateroom, so missed that memo,lol! We were walking to dinner and I saw them and went over and read the sign. There was only 20 and on left at this time, so we grab what we needed (no line) we were off the ship by 925!
  11. We just got off the Magic Saturday and it was amazing! This was our 6th cruise and so far the best ship! We have been on Valor, Fantasy, Elation, ecstasy, and Glory they were all great ships but something about the Magic has made it number one in our book! We are trying to decide on next year and have it down to April 2019 either Horizon or Conquest. Both are 8 days similar ports, horizon is a couple 100 more, but not enough to make a difference! If someone could chime in that has been on all 3 Magic, horizon and conquest and give me some advice or just your option it would be appreciated!
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