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  1. Anybody have a review they could share on a visit to Animal Flower Cave? We are very interested in checking it out! Would love to hear about someones experience visiting! Thanks Tara
  2. Thank you so much!! I figured I was giving myself plenty of time Just wanted someone who had been there to confirm it worked for them!!
  3. They responded immediately! I asked many questions as well! I'm sorry you are having this issue!
  4. Hello! I have a question for anyone that has done the 7 day San Juan cruise! On Sunday after the cruise our flight time is 4:10pm. I was thinking we should leave old San Juan area no later than 2pm. Google map suggests it takes about 15 minutes to get to the airport. I'm giving us 30 minutes or so, expecting to arrive about 2:30, which gives us 1 hour and 40 minutes to get through customs and to our gate! Does this sound reasonable? Should I allow more time? We have never flown in or out of San Juan so just not sure what to expect there! I don't want to cut anything to close! I figured
  5. My son at first did not want to go to the meet and greet (shy) his older brothers and I talked him into going the first night to the meet and greet and told him he could stay or leave as we decided! He made instant friends with a group and they hung out all week!! He still messages with some in the group! As others have mentioned they can check themselves in and out, so they spent a lot of time at the ball court area! We also had the rule he had to met us each evening for dinner!! He loved it!!
  6. We have booked a private tour for the day! I sent them an idea of what I would like to see and do while in port! We will be in port from 8am-9pm, there are two ships that day (best I can tell). I really want to spend a little time at Animal Flower Cave, I really want to do Harrisons Cave Signature Tram Tour, as well as stop at St. Nicholas Abbey for a visit, and would like to see the Baobab Trees at Queens Park in Bridgetown. I've also added a stop at Bathsheba, maybe around sunset for a beautiful view? IDK does this seem possible? I've read about Animal Flower Cave online but h
  7. This sounds really interesting! Can you give me any more details? Like how long are the taxi and ferry rides? How would we know where to walk once we got off the ferry? Sorry just any additional details would be great! This really sounds like a nice way to spend the day! Thanks
  8. We have this cruise booked for March 2020! Very excited! Thank you for your review!
  9. AlohaLivin I would also love a copy of your map! My email is endo_1017@yahoo.com Thank you so much
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