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  1. Thank you. That sounds great. I didn't know about the Premier Inn. We have stayed at both the Hilton and the Sofitel in the past but they are a bit pricey. The Premier Inn sounds ideal. Having boldly said that I didn't mind where my cabin was located I had second thoughts today and have upgraded to a midships balcony HA grade (still early saver) because all of these cabins are in places that I would be happy to be and if they want to upgrade me to a superior delux then that's fine by me. Never been upgraded after numerous cruises on select fare so I am not holding my breath!
  2. Well I have done it! I have booked myself onto A206 Azura's repositioning cruise in March 22. I have cruised the Med before from Southampton with my daughters and occasionally with my parents but this time I am literally flying solo. Any hints or tips would be great. I have also booked early saver for the first time, we usually go select to ensure that multiple cabins are close and that we dine together. I am really not bothered when I eat but I will probably ask for fixed dining to avoid the daily "where are you from, how many cruises conversations. If I get freedom then I won't be too bother
  3. Thanks. It looks like it would be a good idea to track down my adapter. The toothbrush needs charging about every week or so at home so will definitely need charging while we are away. Hopefully it will be able to charge in the bathroom but if not then it can be charged in the cabin.
  4. I am optimistically planning for our forthcoming cruises - Arcadia this Christmas and Britannia next August. Normally we take battery powered "holiday" toothbrushes but we would like to take our normal rechargeable electric ones. My question is where are the razor sockets in the bathrooms? Are they at low level or, as in some hotels, at the top of the mirror? Hopefully they are near enough to the sink level for the cable to reach to the toothbrush charger. Otherwise I will have to root around and find our adapter to convert the 2 pin razor plug to a 3 pin UK one and charge in the bedroom area
  5. Thank you. Planning a cruise is almost as good as going on one and just what I needed to give me a real boost.
  6. After much thought and family discussions we decided that even if our August Britannia cruise goes ahead it would not be the best time to be cruising. So we transferred the deposit to a Christmas cruise on Arcadia around the Baltic. There will be five of us in two cabins. My parents 70+ years old in one and myself and my 2 daughters who will be 22 and 20 in the other. The girls are aware and quite happy that this will be a very different beast to a summer in the Med on Britannia and are quite happy with a cocktail, dinner, a quiz or a show in the evenings. The itinerary looks fantastic and aft
  7. Whilst not quite £1 each I have booked an aft corner suite on Britannia during the school holidays for 4 of us - myself, 21 year old daughter and my parents. It came to not a lot more than 2 insides (£7500 for all four of us with the extra people being £719 each). Yes it will be cosy and we will only have one bathroom but the separate toilet will help and our cabin F730 has a huge wrap around balcony which will give room to spread out. I have also seen some reviews that suggest that this cabin has a corridor between the lounge and sitting room which, if true will give more privacy at night. I
  8. Sorry I should have said that it will be Britannia, blame the germs which have turned into a chest infection. I think that although it will be a bit cosy for the price and suite benefits I will be pre registering. I have decided that select may be better then I can try for an aft cabin. Just rung and pre registered for a B4 suite £7646 for all four of us!
  9. One thing designed to make you feel better whilst struggling with a stinking cold - looking at the new cruises for 2021! I have found one that appeals and am considering it for myself, my daughter who would be 21 and my parents. Pricing it up it would be significantly cheaper for all 4 of us to share a suite. Also for the first time ever I would consider an early saver as, even including OBS, it would be a saving of over £1000. Being all in the same cabin I am not concerned about being allocated different dining times and early/late/freedom - none of those would be a deal breaker. We do get on
  10. Yes. I have an incredibly fussy 19 year old daughter (don't ask me how that happened. her sister eats anything). We explained this to our waiter and she usually looks at the menus the day before and picks what she fancies. They are always happy to substitute chips (chunky ones or fries, whichever she wants). They will change any vegetables which she turns her nose up at. She also has the option of choosing items that she likes the sound of from the lunch menu and have them served in the evening. I am sure that they would "scale up" items from the children's menu for you. We have always found t
  11. I have looked at this and it looks tempting for our cruise next year. I assume that the steward will be able to provide a vase for the flowers - I don't really want to have to pack one. Do you get your peninsular discount if you order from cruise personaliserr? I would probably buy 2 packages, one for us and one for my parents who will be in the cabin next door.
  12. Many thanks for your replies. A gift credit may be a good idea. However, my parents will only be on their second cruise so get no loyalty discount. I will get 7 1/2% so it would be a better idea if I bought any drinks. Maybe a home made certificate to promise to buy their drinks at dinner each night may be the way to go. We didn't get a huge amount of on board credit when we booked at launch so my discount will quickly kick in once that is gone, especially as we took advantage of the great 3rd passenger discount and my 21 year old daughter is joining us in the cabin (yes it will be cosy!)
  13. We are sailing with my parents on Britannia next year. Last time we sailed with them (and I did say "never again" but hey ho) I bought them a wine package as a Christmas present which they used on board. It was ok but not all the wines were available, the selection was not vast, it and on a couple of occasions we had a slight disagreement as to what to choose. I was not particularly convinced that it was much of a saving either. This time I am considering putting a gift credit on their account. This way they can pick what they want, maybe just a glass or a beer. I have looked on the cruise per
  14. Thanks. I will be heading to the pharmacy for saline spay and will look into some essential oils too. Sadly I have to wait almost a year for my next cruise so I won't be able to feed back the results for some time
  15. I returned on Friday from a fantastic cruise on Ventura. For the first week I was fine but then I became increasingly congested at night. My nose/sinuses became blocked meaning that I woke every hour with a dry, parched mouth needing a drink. This meant that the next time that I woke I not only had a dry mouth but needed a wee! The congestion vanished as I showered and was up and about. I assumed that the air conditioning was the cause and tried to drape a damp towel over the bedside table but this didn't seem to make any difference. I returned home on Friday and had a great nights sleep, no c
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