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  1. I know easily worst room in Haven. On newer ship I heard they only put like 4. I heard even on Escape only 4 H9s cause such a downer for Haven. I went from H4s to Spa. !!! Wow!! Best part is passes. Just buy em..
  2. It's TRUE. I was in mid ship balcony and when prices dropped in April and I didn't want to play the wait and see if I'm upgraded game so I upgraded to an H9 Spa .... thinking I could then parley that into an H4 or owners suite etc. Wrong. I never was offered another upgrade. If you upgrade direct, you no longer get put back into the 'upgrade game'. Too bad! Made me sad.
  3. Agree w 100% because 4k for Courtyard is a very good bid. I see bids going off at 1500 for Courtyard and heard on ship as low as 670 pp. So def cause Bliss, prob sold out as you said and lastly cause Easter and Spring Break for most all of Northeast/ New England.
  4. I just got Off Getaway and I was one of a small few (talked up a storm with everyone in Haven Bar and Courtyard. The Getaway, Breakaway and Escape have tons of inventory and almost all. At least 95% of everyone spoke w and heard talking bid in, so keep this in mind. I would have never paid 1900 more for spa if I could do again from (full price paid) mid ship balcony. Never again.....people got in H4s for price I paid. Or 100 more. Crazy !! So if that much inventory..I'd study hard and bid accordingly. People winning spa for 1350 more. From balcony..and as it goes on should get less to bid once April vacas are done in USA. Late April/May's judge accordingly.. good luck all
  5. I also noticed this. I did the same this round. But not that cheap. Good score. I had to pay like 1600 but wanted and bid was close so no chances. Have a great trip. 🙂
  6. Usually Tuesday ish of week travelled so you are a ways out. Say April 2nd. But Tuesday leave date seems odd. So I'm referring to Sat and Sun leaves. For Sun leave I recd mine Tuesday afternoon..around 1pm
  7. Slugg. Your hired get us the data and solve the algorithm. And get us all the cheat codes for all access Haven!! 😀😀😀😀😂😂
  8. Yes wow 680. Thats insanely good. It seems like H5 is at least 800 pp. I've seen as far as 1100 pp. Great price. I paid 800 pp for Haven Spa, which seems like a lesser room. Congrats
  9. The prices that fluctuated the most were H7 , H4 and H5. Go after H7 and H5. And H4 had the most availability throughout mocking. Like 20 plus rooms
  10. The Haven Aft seems to be bigger then the H4 and maybe even the H3 and H2 right now. After doing this site for over a year and talking to people and following the prices on the mock sites.. I'm seeing that the Aft Haven is requiring #s like 1500 plus pp to win. They are sought after. Big time. So if you have your heart set on that beef up the bids. Even on mock sites the H6 is the price that stays very steady. They know people want that so advice 1500 plus. I bid like 1400 and lost and have seen plenty of losing bids on H6 in that area. Next time 1515 pp. In the March to May area..maybe not needed in Nov
  11. Per Jaime logical....she says what you previously paid means 0....cause NCL already has that money. It's where your coming from aka balcony or H9 spa suite and their potential resale values and how much you bid. Therefore, in essence what you previously paid does come in because you already paid more for H9 then a balcony. However the way I understand it someone who paid 289 pp on a casino room (balcony) and someone who paid 1199 pp on a balcony and the casino bid 1000pp on the Haven or Suites and the straight up balcony person bid 850 pp the casino person would still win cause 1. Their room has same value for resale and 2. Their bid is more. The casino person still wins even though their gross total paid is less.......they paid 289 pp (600 for better math) for their balcony room and there 1100pp bid (2200) is a total of 2800 for the upgrade .. And the reg balcony person paid 1199 pp at 2400 total and 850 pp at 1700 total for a grand total of 4100 .... so 4100 2800 is less the 4100 but the 2800 still wins cause the room is same resale and the casino person bid more.. Weird but true
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