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  1. We also boarded on 8th September. Due to our flight being a little late and then having to wait for another flight to fill our shuttle bus, we arrived at the terminal later than our booked check in time. No-one even asked about our check in time, we just followed the process described above, and we were very quickly on board.
  2. Unfortunately I haven’t seen the free drinks package for quite some time now. Hopefully it will appear as an offer in the not too distant future.
  3. I’ve finally received the edocs for our cruise holiday, and we are flying from Birmingham on Saturday on Royal Caribbean’s chartered TUI flight to join the Jewel of the Seas. I know we cannot check in online, but I can’t log in at all using the references given to input the API. Do we not have to provide API to the airline. I have emailed our travel agent to ask but haven’t had a response. Thanks
  4. In the UK (Southampton, Harwich anyway) your cases are whisked away as soon as you arrive, it has never occurred to me to tip the porters and I’m fairly sure they don’t expect one, and would probably be surprised to get one. I don’t think I’ve tipped in other European ports either, the port staff never hang around for one, but I’m sure they wouldn’t refuse one. For our last 2 cruises the cases have been taken directly from the airport in a separate truck, to be sanitised and delivered to our stateroom, so no porter interaction anyway.
  5. We completed them for Italy, and we’ll do them again for our Harmony of the Seas cruise in October, but no-one checked anything when we got off for our shore excursion in Italy.
  6. We’re flying on 25 September from Birmingham, and I’m getting rather concerned that we have had no details of flights or transfers at all. We fully checked in some time ago and have a set sail pass, but no other documents are currently available?? I sent another email to my travel agent last night to try and get RCL to release our documentation.
  7. Exactly, it is effectively “Pompeii on your Own”, even worse as you are herded into a shop before you’re able to go on your own!
  8. We are on an NCL cruise. It included a transfer that was later than expected, and so our check in time was actually later than what we booked (not our fault). It didn’t matter at all, we just joined the queue to embark and nobody even mentioned it.
  9. We went on the “Escorted Pompei” last week after booking on the APP. I fully expected to have tickets included, and someone to answer questions about landmarks, as per description. This was not the case at all. We were taken to Pompei by bus. Walked to a cameo factory (read shop!)and forced to all go in - I asked to go straight in to Pompei, but I had to go in the shop, otherwise I wouldn’t have got details of the meeting place, which turned out to be outside said shop. Then we were pointed toward the ticket office where we had to queue for tickets among throngs of other Tours Groups. We then wandered around the site on our own. Pompei was fabulous, but the “Tour” was a farce. Unfortunately we had no map or information, so please go armed with money for the entrance fee and map of the site. We cancelled our Tour in Sardinia today, because we booked (on the APP) for a 4 hr highlights tour for £55pp but when we got our tickets it was 2.5hrs with no price reduction. I know I sound moany, but we have honestly had a fabulous cruise. The entertainment, facilities and food has been fantastic. It’s just the excursions that have been a disappointing experience.
  10. Can’t wait to board on Wednesday in Rome 😊
  11. We haven’t received one either, and we’re flying to Rome on 8 Sept. for the cruise. I have booked a COVID Antigen test to be performed at Boots near where I live, the day before we fly, so we should be all right for Italy and embarkation. NCL test us again at the port at their expense. I need to book a “day 2 PCR test” before we travel, ready for when we get home. NCL are performing the pre disembarkation antigen test before we fly home at their expense. I have been getting rather confused with the requirements, but I think I have it sorted in my mind. Things get confused on here as there are people of different nationalities with their own requirements being discussed.
  12. I really want to go on the cruise, but our NCL packaged holiday includes flight, transfers and cruise all on the 8 September. I asked if our flight could be moved to 5 days before if necessary, to enable us to isolate, but was refused that option, even though I know our current flights have now been cancelled by EasyJet. I will leave it for now and see what the Italian government say on 30 August, at least I’m not now risking the whole package price if we decide to cancel.
  13. Thank goodness for that. We booked an NCL package (flights transfers and cruise all with NCL, but via a travel agent) for the 8 Sept. Epic cruise from Rome, in May. After asking several times for updates of requirements etc. I was finally informed by my travel agent (after receiving the answer from an NCL rep) that if Italian regulations stay in place requiring isolation for British guests and we weren’t able to access their package ( Flight and cruise booked on the same day!) we, and all British guests would lose our money. No alternatives were given.
  14. We booked in May, we were told we had to be fully vaccinated but that was all.
  15. We’re supposed to be starting our cruise in Rome. We have booked the whole package with NCL (via a travel agent) and are supposed to be flying out on 8 Sept. so won’t be quarantining in Rome for 5 days. We haven’t received any updated information from NCL or our travel agent. I presume we just wait and see if the Italian government change their rules prior to the cruise 🤷‍♀️. If not, I presume our cruise will be cancelled.
  16. I’ve just noticed the huge price increases too. An excursion I meant to book on Saturday for £50pp, ( I got distracted and forgot about it) is now £121pp 😧
  17. We’re supposed to be sailing on the Norwegian Epic out of Rome on 8 September. The ports are in Italy and Spain. I haven’t had any information yet as to whether it will go ahead for us. I have emailed my travel agent to see if she can find out NCLs current thoughts, but she hasn’t got back to me yet. If I hear anything I will post here.
  18. As I’ve previously mentioned I’m supposed to be joining the ship in Rome on 8 September. I think the best thing to do is wait and see (as things change so rapidly) and check what is required (forms, tests etc) about a week before we go. I won’t get excited or particularly plan ports etc before that. I’m hoping that if we can’t embark in Rome (due to quarantine) we will get a full refund 🤞
  19. It’s a lateral flow test, and only up one nostril. I have done the same test at home a few times , and the nurse at Southampton was a lot gentler than I am on myself. It didn’t hurt a bit so please don’t worry.
  20. We bought the internet package for one device prior to our recent (17 July 2021) cruise with MSC. We assumed it would work as the RCL one does, where you can log out one device, then log in another. It didn’t. You have to just log in on one device and that’s it. I don’t know about hot spots so can’t advise on that.
  21. We used Abparking for convenience. It is quite expensive though. I see someone has already given you the discount code, we used that.
  22. We went on the Virtuosa on 17 July, when capacity was around 1500 guests. This was great, as there were plenty of available sun beds, spare seats in bars etc. The ship is beautiful and the staff lovely and helpful. I think recent poor reviews are probably because the ship is a lot fuller with loads of children, as it is the school holidays. I can see that there would be crowded areas and queues while the cruise line gets more used to the increased capacity, while still trying to maintain distance between seats/sun beds. I think as you are going on 4 September, the ship won’t feel so busy as the kids will be back at school. In addition, I think the cruise line will get used to the increased numbers and manage people better, such as the embarkation procedures. We had wonderful weather which helps (some reviews were from people who had had bad weather all week, which is a risk we all took). I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing cruise (we did), and the sun shines for you 🙂
  23. I think I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best, now we’re booked. If we can’t go due to quarantine, I’ll just have to fight to get a refund. nervous now 🙁
  24. But surely NCL will have to cancel our whole package, as they won’t be able to fly us in on 8 Sept., transfer us to the ship, and let us cruise if the quarantine rule is still in place. So even if the cruise goes ahead, we should get a refund for the fact they can’t provide the “package” booked. It would be different if we had booked our own flights etc. separate to the cruise, but we purposely didn’t do that. I’m hoping very much that my assumptions are correct, we wouldn’t have booked otherwise 🙁
  25. We’ve booked flights, transfers and 7 night Norwegian Epic cruise from Rome on 8 September. The whole package is booked with NCL. If 5 days quarantine is required in Rome on arrival, NCL will just have to cancel the holiday and refund our money. We’ll be disappointed but no risk as such.
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