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  1. What do you think of the sailings from Europe? Tui, MSC and Costa are currently sailing with well rehearsed but it will be interesting to see if RCG follow suit. There is a very good vlog series on that well know video platform by Morgan in the Unofficial Travel Guide when he sailed on a couple of Tui's cruises to nowhere from Germany.
  2. Any sign of the new 2022-23 Deployments being released early??
  3. Don't tell me that...I have booked a 9 nighter on Voyager in Feb/Mar 2022!!
  4. Just got booked. It appeared on the UK and Ireland site on Saturday but I only got to speak to my TA this morning (Monday) and a lot of cabins were booked out already. But I have my cabin booked and I can tick the Arctic Crossing Cruise off my bucket list! :-)
  5. I hadn't decided what I wanted to do with Brilliance Miami to Boston being cancelled and my email stated that I had to Oct 31st to decide. RCI went ahead and cancelled my booking and would have had to wait for the 45 days for the deposit to come back. Thankfully my travel agent says he knows I am good for the money and if I see something else he can book it for me. I know other's who are booking the Jewel Iceland and Greenland TA but it isn't showing up on the UK and Ireland booking sites yet :-(
  6. Id be happy if any ship got moved to Dubai as that would count as a Repo. I have 2 like for like repos to find and I am struggling to find one that is suitable!
  7. Yet they are telling me that in order to qualify for the $100 obc I have to book a repo?
  8. My Brilliance Beaches to Beantown in August has been cancelled outright.
  9. Intersting article about the RCI owned Pullmantur looking to restart operations...and it hints that Empress and Majesty are in the area for a reason!!! https://www.cruisecapital.co.uk/pullmantur-is-looking-to-restart-cruise-operations/?fbclid=IwAR0iFZiolYOfbYTdmUmo4pp4A1TA-q5_JUxTpha5-KOKlL51HQiyOSKb2u0
  10. I am booked on both too and I am so glad I hadn't booked my flights yet!
  11. I was on the Book of Faces in a UK RCI group from one of the moderators who has always been spot on in the past. I have contacted my TA and he hasn't heard anything yet but he agrees with me that the wording is very RCI-like!
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