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    2018/2019 Sailings available 11/29

    Was looking at that too, did that itinerary in 2013 in S1 for $6K, now close to $14K, no thanks
  2. The only problem is we are not staying in Abu Dhabi but rather in Dubai. Just want to tour the mosque and the palace then head to Dubai.
  3. Our last two stop on our next cruise in April 2017 will be Dubai and finishing Abu Dhabi. We would like to tour Abu Dhabi when we get off the ship but what can we do with the luggages? I understand it’s an easy DIY port, maybe doing the HOHO bus. I would consider a private tour if the tour company can also transfer us to Dubai late that afternoon for a 3 day post cruise stay in Dubai. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. Ah! love that itinerary, we did that April 2013 minus Hilo. I know what you mean by the flight. We finished another transpacific last April ending in Vancouver, only an hour flight home from there...loved it!
  5. Curious about the unique itinerary in 2018. Nothing jumped out as unique to me for 2018, must of missed it.
  6. Our upcoming TA and European cruise is this April so been monitoring the euros since the beginning of this year which was at 1.52. Yesterday the exchange rate was 1.64. The best exchange for euros was spring of 2013 at 1.27 Our next cruise after this will be the British Isle this August and the exchange for the pound is 2.12. Ouch!!
  7. ABCruiser

    Left Luggage? - port of civitavecchia

    I found that site but it's in italian...I have even emailed them but no reply. Have you used this storage? Is it at the terminal?
  8. Does anyone know if there's a left luggage at the port? We are doing a TA and planning on spending a couple of days in Rome before embarking on our 2nd cruise. It would be so much easier to leave a couple of luggage behind instead of dragging into Rome.
  9. ABCruiser

    Canadian crusiers

    I wish to meet you on board someday so I can ask who you use for US agents
  10. ABCruiser

    Am I correct to say?

    Thanks for your feedback. It's the third promo of $250 discount p/p that I have to give up. I can keep my OBC and the all inclusive.
  11. ABCruiser

    Am I correct to say?

    I have a reservation with a $350 OBC. This reservation now has a $250 discount p/p but the total price still has gone up $200 p/p. When this booking was made the promo at that time was pick 1 of the 123. Today's promo is the all inclusive. Am I correct to say that if I change this reservation at today's rate I would lose the $350 OBC or not get the $250 discount because Celebrity do not give out more than 2 promotions? Is booking on board with an OBC a promo?
  12. Just off the phone with Celebrity...I was going to buy a couple of bottles of wine thru Gifts by Celebrity and was told that there will be a $25 corkage fee if it was taken to the dining room. How can I make sure that wont happen before I sent the bottle to the dining room?
  13. ABCruiser


    I have wondered how they sort all the laundry out...do they put one person's laundry in a big laundry first before they throw it in the load with other people's laundry? How do they know whos underwear is whos?
  14. ABCruiser

    Kaoshiung - Tour Guide Recommendation

    Any recommendations for a tour guide in Koashiung? We will be there in April 2015 on the Millennium and I have searched for a reputable guide to no avail. The ships tour did not look too appealing. What did everyone do when they were in Koashiung? Suggestions/recommendations are welcomed and appreciated.
  15. ABCruiser

    Happy Canada Day!!!!

    Happy Canada Day from beautiful Calgary!! Sitting on my deck reading CC on a gorgeous sunny 28 deg day