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  1. Thanks alot for the encouraging words! I have $4,000 tied up in gift cards. But, what will be, will be...
  2. We are booked on the Carnival Spirit for July 28th out of Seattle. If it cancels, it cancels. But planning on it as it's a go!!
  3. You know, I truly don't know. Our original cruise was Early Saver. The I rebooked a few months ago because we lost 1 in our group so had to switch to 2- with 2 in each stateroom. It was at the start of huge hold times so instead of dealing with a long hold time, the agent cancelled and then rebooked us. Then when our San Francisco cruised was cancelled, we used FCC & the $600 OBC for the Spirit. So it could probably be not Early Saver anymore. So if he had waited out the long hold time, we still would have been Early Saver. But what the heck, it is what it is!!
  4. So we recently rebooked.. then the price went down. Called (it was right before final payment) and got the price reduction. The agent told me to keep checking for further reductions.Okay, now final payment is paid... saw another price drop today and called again. Was told that Carnival won't honor it because the price was only for new bookings. Has anyone ever heard of that?? First time ever for me. My sister was the one who alerted me of the price drop. We are on the same cruise, in fact, in the stateroom nextdoor. She had called yesterday & received it (would be OBC ) because it's after final payment.
  5. Cancelled on 07/30 Miracle to Alaska out of San Francisco- rebooked for Spirit 07/28 to Alaska out of Seattle Bound & determined to make it to Alaska this summer!!!
  6. Well, except for this cruise, my big box has done me well!! The price on Carnival right now is $800 more for the exact same room! Checked it now for 2 days. Carnival, offers me $50 casino $$. Big box $140 big box dollars. The 2nd stateroom also more & more big box dollars. A balcony connecting with an inside. The $800 is the inside room. Plus I get 2% back. I've been on over 20 Carnival cruises... If they would offer me a few more incentives to book with them, I'd go back to booking through them.
  7. Our July 30th Alaskan cruise out of San Francisco was canceled... We want to rebook for later in the summer for another cruise. We had booked this cruise from the big box store... want to book with FCC & OBC Do we use the form on the email Carnival sent after we book the new one? Do we call the box store to rebook and can they apply FCC & OBC? My wait time when I called then a couple of weeks ago was 2 1/2 hours, but up for it if needed. Or do we call Carnival? Any answers would be appreciated! Have cruised a ton but have never had to cancel or be canceled before. Thank you in advance for any insight...
  8. We booked through Hotwire. Right now the RIU Plaza is $159 a night. If you are worried that the cruise might cancel, they have insurance that isn't expensive, at all. We are still planning on cruising, God willing.
  9. Thank you for the pictures! We were on the Miracle January 6th & really missed our burgers & tacos! Booked on the Miracle again in July for the 10 day Alaskan out of San Francisco. Can't wait!!
  10. We are sailing on the Miracle January 6th out of San Diego...and then again to Alaska in July out of San Francisco. From Arizona, so some of our closest ports.Too funny, but I booked the Alaska cruise because it was longer than the usual 7 day, cheaper than the usual 7 day, and the perfect time of year. I actually didn't put 2 & 2 together than it was on the same ship until a month after I booked it...
  11. Thanks all. Fortunately we all have the same boarding time. We need to be close because grandma here is picking up the tab & all are on my credit card.
  12. Here's another check in question. You'd think I'd know... My daughter & I are Platinum and the rest of our group aren't. I figure we can't all go through priority boarding, so is it okay for us to check in with them, too? Some are first time cruisers & don't want to leave them stranded,
  13. I just did a search of AARP gift cards & several people said that UPS delivers and they got them in a matter of a few days. As I have another cruise in the wings, I went ahead and bought them. Hoping they will arrive on time, but at least I know I will eventually use them. Just hoping they get here for my May 14th payment date.
  14. I went to buy AARP gift cards last night & they are the physical cards now. Last September they were e-cards. Am out of luck this time. 10 business days minimum for shipping. Just got done saving $$ for it and final payment is May 14. Don't want to chance them not getting here on time. Now I have to save up another $500 Lesson learned....
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