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  1. We are also going to Florida!! A week in Anna Maria Island, and then 5 days at Universal Orlando. And all mask mandates dropped!!! Don't know who are more excited, the adults or the kids!! Cruising can certainly wait- we love to cruise, but after 4 canceled Alaskan cruises, 2022 is our next try. From Arizona where we are mostly maskless. Would never travel anywhere now where they mask us up....
  2. For all those that do not have vaccine and need to cancel... they are returning my deposit. For all those that question why I have not gotten the vaccine... it's my business, not yours.
  3. We booked an ocean view from that ad. Purchased flights & reserved hotel. I came on Cruise Critic that night and read a post that said vaccines mandatory. So I looked on the cruise contact... and sure enough, right on the bottom was mandatory vaccines. Snuck that little gem in, right under our noses. I had looked on ad and all it said was follow CDC guidelines. And the booking agent didn't say a word about it!! All I knew was that the CEO & President of Carnival said no mandatory vaccines. I was pissed beyond belief!!! I then called and canceled the cruise (as did my sister & her daughter who also booked). Poor agent...I wasn't a very cheerful consumer, but he is giving my deposit back. Hotel canceled, and bless Southwest Airlines for their change/cancel policy!! I just feel bad for all those who don't even know Cruise Critic exists, and try to board and are denied. I can tell you, Carnival made no points in my book with this joke of a 'deal'!!
  4. No we are not.... guessing we will be canceling today. I will not be forced into a vaccine. The email only states to follow CDC guidelines. There are tons of other vacation options out there that do not require it.
  5. But..... if they did sneak in that we have to be vaccinated, I will cancel. In a heartbeat ... Not a whisper of this was mentioned when we booked.
  6. We booked, but not balcony. They were all sold out. But we got a screaming deal- $800 for 2- ocean view!! And free drinks in the casino. Plus $200 OBC. Don't care that we're at the bottom of the ship. Have had 4 Alaska cruises canceled already.
  7. Ugh! Our cruise was July 13th. Just got cancel notice today. Onto try #5 for next summer for Alaska... But, the good news is that now we are going on a 2 week Florida vacation, including Universal Orlando!!
  8. I called Carnival & they said I had to go through my travel agent (which is the big box store). But, their call center is jam packed and won't even accept my call. As final payment is March 31st, guessing I'd better get up early and try again soon.....
  9. We have a July 13th Alaskan cruise. No shot in he** it will be a 'go'. Final payment at the end of the month for $6,600. Going to ask for extension and hope the cruise is canceled. Don't want to lose OBC. Then rebook for 2022. I am pretty sure my deposit is not refundable. After 3 cancelations for 3 other Alaskan cruises, I really can't remember LOL Fingers crossed. Made alternate land vacation this year.
  10. Thank you for that information!!! That would be SO much easier!!!
  11. Thanks for that information. I actually booked through the 'big box' store, so I imagine I will have to go through them to call Carnival.... correct??
  12. So.. I read on the Princess boards, that they've extended final payment to 60 days out from cruise. Has anyone heard if Carnival is doing something like that?? We have a July 13th Alaskan cruise (3 already canceled) and final payment is March 31st. Since I'm pretty sure that there isn't a chance in he** that we will be cruising, I'd prefer not to have to dish out over $6,000 for my family cruise. Don't want to lose OBC, though, and will rebook . Thanks....
  13. I have been at my workplace for 32 years now. In person the entire time. And it's not like I'm hidden away. I'm a waitress. And you are so right, Incognito!! It is my responsibility!!!
  14. Because a virus will come and then go. Or it will change to a new strand. When you get a flu shot, it's a gamble which strain you're getting. They don't know with 100% accuracy, that the flu shot you're getting will even help. Don't do those, either..lol How about if you get a vaccine and you have your paperwork in hand, and viola! Different strain. Gotta get 2 more shots. Until more is known and it's been proven for several years, just not going to do it.
  15. A big 'NO" for me, my family, and most of the people I am friends with. Especially several that are in Healthcare. If they are mandated, I will give up cruising, and have been on over 30. Think about it- COVID is a Virus.
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