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  1. I like to wear a jacket regardless, usefull to have pockets for my glasses, phone, pen etc. So putting a tie on is no big deal. So by extension formal is not much of an inconvenience .
  2. I was surprised also, would of assumed that with countries opening up the travel stocks would gain. Airlines are also taking a hit. Can only think that maybe the rise in the oil price will affect operating costs?
  3. Over on Facebook there is a Silversea passenger group. I know plenty of photos are posted, you might want to ask over there maybe videos are uploaded also.
  4. It's the same decrease in US dollars
  5. I’ve been tracking prices for the Silver Dawn sailing Manaus - Fort Lauderdale next March. Started in August 2020 at £6390 then the price increased to £6840 through to Jan this year when it went up to £7290, then last week the price dropped to £6540 I’m guessing the the drop in price is due to lack of bookings? or is it normal to play with the price . With the current Silversea cancellation policy, I would think that anyone who booked in the first half of this year at £7290 will likely cancel and rebook for saving of £750 per person? Or am I missing something?
  6. I like many people around the world have been following this incredible story with bewilderment . I hope that these poor children can be put to rest with dignity love and the respect of the nation.
  7. JP, Ukraine are currently playing North Macedonia in their 2nd game if the Euro 21 tournament. For the moment they are leading 2-1 .
  8. Have to agree with you there Elginjock. Sports coverage in UK is pretty biased toward any English team. Good luck for Friday night, get the win and they won't be able to ignore Scotland.
  9. Elginjock, Sorry you take offence to a bit of light hearted banter that was not my intention, but I and many others really do notice and sometimes have difficulties understanding a broad Scottish accent. I find the Northern Ireland accent to be quite strong also and please I apologise in advance if any offence has been taken from that comment. attached is a link to a clip from a very funny Scottish comedy duo with a funny take on voice recognition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAz_UvnUeuU
  10. I have an Uncle from Kirkcaldy in Scotland who has lived in London for 60 years and still has lost none if his accent... zero.
  11. And they say that the Edinburgh acent is a little softer than those from Glasgow. But I'm with you JP it's all foreign to me.
  12. Love it Mysty, Can't not smile watching that. That's made my day and week.
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