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  1. Well yesterday was frustrating, we had been without water since 7:00am (a fairly common occurrence round here) and electricity cuts throughout the day However a cheese soufflé was on the menu for last night. It went into the preheated oven for 30 mins, after 25 mins I checked to see how it was progressing only to see zero rise. Turns out the gas bottle had run out (at what point of the cooking I have no idea). So into the yard to disconnect the BBQ bottle and do the changeover. Once the oven was again up to temp the soufflé cooked for another 20 mins and surprise surprise achieved a
  2. Hmm, am now a little more concerned. Last July I booked the Manaus to Miami cruise for March 2022. Got a good price by paying in full and took advantage of the $1000 OBC, was comforted by the fact that I can cancel for a 100% refund up to 121 days out. Have been tacking the prices and they have increased by about £800 over the last few months. I also see that vista and panorama suites are waitlist. So I'm reluctant to cancel now and dive back in nearer the time in the hope of securing a similar deal. I'm going to hang in there but the first rumor I hear and I'll be on the pho
  3. Ahh babycham, that takes me back. The height of sophistication back in the 70's😉
  4. Thanks Jazz, I didn't realise there was so much choice out there. Obviously I can't judge without trying but I find gin has enough going on without the addition of more flavours, I also tend to make a 300ml bottle of tonic stretch to 2-3 gins so dont like to drown it. Anyway where I am we don't even have the "luxury" of Schweppes just locally bottled tonic which can be a little hit and miss at times vis a vis the carbonation (its generally fine but time to time we get a flat batch) But duly noted and when next in a Fevertree region I'll be sure to try the different flavours.
  5. I enjoy a G&T but I’ve generally been in the Gordon's gin and whatever tonic is at hand camp. However a dinner guest on Friday bought me a bottle of Hendricks Midsummer Solstice, tried it on Saturday and Sunday with a regular tonic water and have to say it’s really very good. Maybe I’ve been missing out all these years.
  6. Oops sorry LVshack, I should have checked before duplicating your post. My bad. I tried to delete the above post sorry.
  7. WhatsApp Video 2021-01-01 at 10.27.56.mov
  8. Bye bye 2020 hello 2021 let's hope that we can start to move forward from these last 9 months and get back to a semblance of normality. I’m not a big contributor to the cooler but I am a regular spectator. Following your banter and jokes, helps to keep me grounded at times so thank you all for your info, wit, wisdom, recipees and opinions. Like many Our NYE was low key, a simple menu of fois gras with a Gewürztraminer, magret de canard with a raspberry sauce baked rice with parmesan and cream, yellow beans with a Gamaret/Garanoir blend followed by îles flottantes and a very ni
  9. JP, I live here in Antananarivo and can absolutely vouch for your 1 star review, the local wine is truly awful both the red and the white. On another note we traveled up to the North East region of Madagascar last week for a short break around the Masoala national park, one night we ate a Malagasy dish of duck and goose in a thick gravy flavored with amongst other things cloves. Have to say the duck was very good as usual but the goose was tough as old boots and too many small bones to pick out whilst eating. Its put me off goose for a long time, so I hope your pictures will restor
  10. I'm often checking into the cooler to follow the banter. Thought these would appeal all you cooks. The Canadian, American Welsh and English are true enough, cant speak for the others .
  11. Seriously ? talk about throwing your toys out of the cot. What do you want a gold star, pat on the back. Just go with the flow and enjoy the banter its not all about about you.
  12. You could also say that the FTSE 100 is hugely under valued.
  13. No surprise to read that Q2 figures are no better: From the Times today "Cruise and Hotel giants hit by brutal lockdown losses Two of the largest hospitality companies in the world have reported crushing losses. Royal Caribbean, the cruise operator, reported a net loss of $1.64 billion for the second quarter of this year, a swing of more than $2 billion from the profits it reported for the same period last year of $472 million." The article goes on to report that RCL is burning through $290 million a month and could give no guidance for the full year. It goes without s
  14. What would be the objection to a bit of OBC for holding shares?
  15. Will this now mean that RCL shareholder benefits will apply to Silversea?
  16. Same here, I remember discussing the YF vaccination age conundrum back in Feb! I have now booked this same cruise on Silversea for March 22, was much the same price as our cancelled one. Hopefully the world will have got back on track by then.
  17. I have just booked a cruise for 2022, and asking the agent (UK based) how business was he was very upbeat. Said that they are really quite busy and that business is actually surprisingly very good. He was pretty confident about the industry going forward.
  18. I would imagine they would have some sort of algorithm in place to determine these assignments and that sounds like a plausible explanation. Thanks.
  19. Jumping on this thread with a further question. If the scenario was as stumblefoot described, would Silversea then upgrade an already assigned suite (classic veranda) to the higher category (deluxe veranda) and put the GTY into the classic suite ? Or is it a case of once you have an assigned suite they wont move you?
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