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  1. The Chaos in the North American Airports right now is unprecedented. Canada and USA are going to shut the borders soon and people have been instructed to return ASAP . Problem is the Airports are a breeding ground for this Virus !
  2. To be re evaluated July 1st . Also CDNS have been instructed not to travel and will be required to Self Isolate for 14 days if they travel upon return .
  3. I did not receive anything ( canceled last Friday) , I was told to look for an email from Celebrity . I guess I should follow up .
  4. Better to be out of work a few months than forever - If the Cruise industry doesn't handle this properly they will have a hard time attracting future customers and risk losing many loyal customers during this busy cruise season.
  5. Its a very pertinent topic - You shouldn't concern yourself with people who have their heads in the sand - Many are weighing their decisions with this situation .
  6. If you purchase Celebrity Cruise Care Insurance before your sailing and decide to cancel - is the Cancel for any reason option still available ? Can you purchase this anytime prior to Sailing? With the CruiseCare® Cancellation Penalty Waiver (non-insurance feature provided by Celebrity Cruises®), if you need to cancel your cruise, Celebrity Cruises® will waive the non-refundable cancellation provision of your cruise ticket contract and pay in cash the value of the unused portion of your prepaid cruise vacation in the event you or your travel companion need to cancel your cruise vac
  7. This is what I would like to see. Perhaps the big boys will follow this lead ? https://cruisefever.net/cruise-line-will-now-let-you-cancel-up-to-15-days-before-your-cruise/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=SocialWarfare
  8. Thanks - that will be the plan !
  9. Are you able to get a bucket of beer with your drink package ? Like to have a few on the balcony also.
  10. IS A 10 am flight@MCO possible with a 6 am arrival at PortCanaveral ?( Sunday arrival ) Will self assist walk off and have an arranged PVT Transportation to Airport - I figure off the ship by 7 - 1 hour to Airport and arrive at MCO 8 am ish. Not ideal but is it doable? Thanks in advance for your input.
  11. I am sure the Passengers of the Westerdam did not view the shores of Sihanoukville as a 'Dump" when they were the only country to view this as a Humanitarian act to give these poor people a place to land and get to their homes - They should be lauded for this act, and your timing and assessment of this port is ill timed and unnecessary .
  12. I think you need to calm down! - YOU are the one who jumped all over the original poster for her use of the word "epidemic " .. trivial in my opinion. Also dismissing people for being upset with a greasy move by Princess to Cancel a Cruise on the day of sailing with a flippant " That's why you buy insurance " is inflammatory on your part. You should look in the mirror before you tell others to "calm down "!
  13. A Quarantine is designed to protect those outside the isolated area - Those inside the quarantine are at a very high risk of exposure . I would not like to be on that ship - the virus is growing rapidly on that ship --Bad situation !
  14. The handling of this Quarantine is a recipe for disaster. The crew are in cramped quarters and very vulnerable to the virus - mean while they are preparing the meals and delivering them to all the passengers on the ship . No wonder the virus continues to grow on board . Outside packaged meals should have been arranged at minimum . I think its time for countries to get their people off that ship and into quarantine at home -
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