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  1. Agree with you - the customer should expect good food and service - you shouldn't have to complain for it .. If Celeb doesn't want to provide it then there are plenty of other choices - The Celeb apologists will always protect the brand and turn things around to imply it was really your fault for not complaining . You paid good money for good food and service if you don't get it then we can make our decisions on future vacation dollars and where they are spent - There are plenty of options.
  2. We took advantage of a Golf Excursion during a visit to PEI. They also cater to Cruise Passengers with pick up and return to cruise ship - green fees - carts - etc and a choice of some great courses.( Crowbush Cove -Dundarave-Green Gables ) If you want to find them their email is peigolfexcursions@mail.com
  3. In my opinion: The corporate plan is to get as many people to choose the drink package perk as possible as most will have a few drinks on board - but not enough to cover the value of the perk. At the same time they have cut back on servers ( saving money ) as there is no incentive for them to provide the service as they already have your money via the perk.
  4. That's their plan - higher prices - less service - see how far that takes them. Good luck getting a drink on board ... No servers- Crowded Bars.
  5. We also just got off the Majesty. I was not expecting much , however the small ship was well laid out , there was plenty of activity on the ship and the staff was outstanding. The Captain has this ships staff motivated . Key West and Cuba were great stops.
  6. Good to know - However for us - there was no list nor were there specific instructions to go where the buses depart etc.. Just said go out and ask an agent ( which we did ) , they radioed someone and said "sorry there is no shuttle " .. another couple from our ship who were also going to the same ship were also left stranded under the same instructions... Its not that big a deal , but small details make a difference with customers - The staff members chose not to take the trouble to make proper arrangement or details - That's fine but a the small things add up ,which make people move on to try other forms of vacation or other cruise lines...
  7. You would be surprised at the amount of people who have mental health issues to varying degrees. Most do not have " Handlers " and if they did it would likely be their spouse . Different things can trigger certain people and with crowds , busy schedules and drinking on a cruise vacation the odds are raised that some may be more prone to an incident.
  8. Are you serious?? Get over yourself - I know what the Concierge said and the Guest Services Rep - I did not "mis hear" or "hear what i wanted to hear" ..I work in a profession where facts are important - please don't patronize me with your amateur Psychology. There was no shuttle ..Period
  9. I would say that everything starts and ends with management and leadership - definite decline in this Brand.
  10. If the parent wants to feed booze to their kid I cant do anything about it ... if the tour operator chooses to turn a blind eye then I have an issue . Everyone has the choice to deal with things as they see fit
  11. Cheers to you and thanks for the potshot - service is service - some provide good service and some don't - Have a nice day
  12. The info was on the Port Everglades Cruise terminal and we actually left from Term 19... regardless what useful information would you have offered if you had known ? "Catch the shuttle which doesn't exist " haha
  13. We were recently on a Catamaran tour in St Kitts in which the tour company were serving obvious underage girls to excess - It got to a point where one of the girls was extremely intoxicated and could have easily fallen overboard - her parents who were with here and "chaperoning" the girls were no better... Unbelievable! It was uncomfortable for all on board . I have notified my Cruiseline of this incident in my post cruise survey and suggested they choose their operators more closely as their name is on this excursion and worst case this could lead to an serious tragedy in the future.
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