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  1. Absolutely. IMO: As regards cruising anywhere through, at least, 2022, passengers should “hope for the best and plan for the worst.”
  2. That would depend on US entry restrictions at that time. Quarantine for passengers upon arrival from specified countries COULD be required even for US citizens.
  3. Hardly BS. Just look at NZ/OZ. In fact, OZ just announced extension of cruise prohibition well into 2022. And, while it is a difficult situation for their tourist economy, folks there generally understand the need to protect themselves from possible Covid transmission by foreigners who say stupid stuff like “I would travel to the most infectious location in the US without a mask......” Recognizing that the Covid clueless/selfish will continue to maintain defenseless positions, there’s really no reason to continue this conversation other than to say, I hope the
  4. If you “book onboard” on an Oceania cruise you can be quoted and pay your deposit in whichever of numerous currencies you want to use. I trust that their sister line, Regent, would be no different. And, though exchange rates would apply to any purchase anywhere when one pays in one currency a bill issued in another currency, international money conversions are an everyday occurrence worldwide (e.g., just today I will make a PayPal transaction for a purchase in Italy with $ to € conversion built in. The problem with/for non-US/CAN TAs appears to be differences in industry regula
  5. Maybe I am misunderstanding your intended meaning. And so, I apologize in advance for any offense. But, your several posts in this thread certainly come across as ignorant of facts, full of overgeneralization, and selfish as regards the welfare of others.
  6. “You’re in the ball park” as far as essential travel is concerned. But, even ferries are not a good comparison to a cruise ship where there is far longer interactions of people over time and the disposition of a Covid outbreak when the passengers are out of the country.
  7. FWIW: Among our future cruises is a 45 day CPT-NYC itinerary on a true “premium” line (differentiated from its “luxury” sister line only by the amount of inclusive items). The line features among the best crew and space-to-passenger ratios in the industry and among the top five cruise industry budgets for food per passenger (with meal quality to match). The net per person cost to us for a balcony cabin on this cruise is $305/day. And, of course, that’s before any TA perks/rebates/etc. As is often the case with all sorts of savvy shopping, the best items need not cost more than the wa
  8. If we want “Broadway” entertainment, we go to Broadway. Seriously, at least biannually, we choose a cruise with NYC as a start or end port with an extended land stay to OD on Broadway, see old friends, etc. Likewise, when we do a cruise out of Southampton, a few days of London (including the West End) is in the mix. I’m not saying that big ship production shows don’t work for some folks. But, IMO, it pales in comparison to the food/service/ambiance and port accessibility that comes with an R ship.
  9. You may want to reread them. from the second article, here’s the US State Department position: Michelle Bernier-Toth, managing director of overseas citizen services for the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs....carrying a passport card or copy of your passport can help.... In countries where you're not required to carry your passport, we recommend locking it up," Bernier-Toth adds, noting it's wise to use a hotel safe and keep your suitcase protected with a travel lock while you're away from your room. And the third article: You sh
  10. Well then, they may not be as savvy as they think: https://traveltips.usatoday.com/should-carry-passport-times-110089.html https://travel.usnews.com/features/how-to-protect-your-passport-while-traveling http://www.corporatetravelsafety.com/safety-tips/important-passport-security-tips-keep-your-passport-safe/amp/
  11. Don’t know when you were last on an O ship but, O now uses the same talent management as does NCL, albeit with the limitations imposed by smaller ship performance venues. Also, are you not aware that, over the past two years three of the four R ships have received an almost total interior makeover (Nautica has been delayed due to Covid restrictions impact). These “NEXT” makeovers are stunning/functional/ideal. As for “ship within a ship,” that’s pretty much a concept borrowed from Las Vegas where you can “visit” New York or Paris without actually going to the real thing.
  12. And your input is always appreciated.
  13. We’ve had this discussion before. You may want to visit the itinerary portions of the many mainstream cruise lines’ websites where you’ll find they’re not all just running in circles around the Caribbean. And whether it’s shown or not, once you enter that port, you are in that country and its passport requirement applies. Safest place for that doc? Purser’s safe.
  14. Savvy passengers, like seasoned crew or international business travelers, would never take a passport ashore unless it’s required by local authorities. Thus, where those docs are on a ship is a concern - particularly if passenger miss their timely return to the ship which then departs without them. In situations like that, it is far easier for the purser to reach into the ship safe (and turn the passport over to the port agent) than to have to search a cabin (when it’s somewhere other than the cabin’s safe).
  15. As is the case with most (if not all) premium/luxury lines, requiring all passengers on all itineraries to have and surrender their passport at embarkation is efficacious on both sides of the equation. Pursers will have the doc at hand should emergency disembarkation of a passenger (and air travel) be required. Pursers will have the doc at hand for immigration clearance in ports requiring it thus avoiding assembly of passengers. But, there will always be pushback from discount cruiseline passengers who don’t want to spend the $ for a passport.
  16. The cruise lines certainly can require proof of vaccination to comply with federal requirements.
  17. Maybe the problem is that antivaxxers are confusing their hope for “herd immunity” with what they may actually get: the downside of “natural selection.”
  18. ...sort of.... I agree with the efficacy of Oceania’s doing the fairly regular monthly “trip advisories” (link on the O web front page), which announces cancellation 2-3 months forward (regardless of the situations “in-country” on one’s itinerary). However, CC posters providing credible intel about current in-country events/decisions and the probable future of tourism policies/practices (that are not easily changed), may help us all see the bigger picture of a planned trip in its entirety. Example: We had an OZ/NZ cruise booked for January-February 2021, wh
  19. The only problem I have with you post is that it is “US” who, on some future cruise, have to live with their decisions and possibly suffer dire consequences because of them.
  20. Actually, “science” might consider the phrase “it could well be” to be part of the development of a working hypothesis (i.e., a provisional conjecture to guide investigation).
  21. Seriously, would anyone with, at least, “half a brain” want to cruise with a cruiseline that puts catering to antivaxxers just to get their $ (with weak rules interpretation) ahead of science (and the lessons already learned from the start of this Covid mess)?
  22. Yes- you get the original base $100 non-refundable SBC on your cruise account if O cancels an O Life tour once onboard. But, you can substitute any available, allowable replacement O Life tour instead at no extra cost. And, also yes, any paid non-O Life tour appears as a refundable credit on your onboard account.
  23. I pick what is best for each port (private and/or ship tours as needed/preferred) and I weigh all the options regarding “O Life.” In fact, on the January 2022 MIA-MIA we’ll be on with you, we’re doing “cruise only.” My $199 “tour perk” lecture here on CC is just a demo on what can be the value in comparing SBC to the other O LIfe perks. We already know that “Cruise Only” and the O Life w/o air plus the SBC perk are exactly the same as reflected in the price difference (you’re paying for that “free” O Life SBC). And, FWIW, even though we enjoy adult beverages we haven’t done th
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