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  1. Part of email of 3/24 from Celebrity concerning our 9 Night Canada/New England on the Summit on 28 May... Due to port closures and travel restrictions implemented by the government of Canada, we’ve modified our itinerary thereby ensuring you have the best cruise experience possible. On June 1st, our scheduled call to Saint John, New Brunswick will be replaced with a relaxing day at Sea. Additionally, our calls to Sydney and Halifax, Nova Scotia have been replaced with a stop in Nassau, Bahamas on June 3rd, followed by an additional day at Sea on June 4th.
  2. Cruise Critic's how to sanitize your cabin in 12 steps http://the-hotline.net/SanitizeYourCabin.pdf
  3. I wrote a long letter to Royal about smoking in the casino. I've placed some of it below. The response from Royal was a canned letter that was worth abut the price of the paper it was written on... They really do not care. This letter is to let you know of our displeasure with your Casino Royale smoking policy. Smoking is limited to a very few areas onboard your ships. Casino Royale allows smoking. You usually set aside an area for nonsmoking. Passenger traffic through the casino makes these areas useless. We have noticed a great number of smokers using the casino as a smoking only area who do not participate in any of the gaming you provide. This has turned your casinos into dens of smoke even in the nonsmoking areas. We are also concerned with the second hand health issues. The concentration of smoke in the casino, not only a second hand health issue, has become so strong we feel uncomfortable in the Casino Royale (they smell like an old cigar). Staying away from your casino is good for our health and wallet, bad for your bottom line. Remember, all those smokers not gaming are just polluting the air for those of us who do. THE BOTTOM LINE IS THAT PASSENGERS USING THE CASINO AS A SMOKING AREA ONLY ARE NOT CREATING ANY REVENUE FOR YOU AND ARE CHASING MANY OF US AWAY…
  4. We are set for a 9 Night Maine & Canada on Celebrity Summit 28MAY2020 from Cape Liberty with stops at Portland, Bar Harbor, Saint John, Sydney & Halifax... Expect spring time weather. Ship's interior and cabins should be just fine. We did a 9 Night Canada / New England Cruise this past October on the Grandeur out of Baltimore with stops in Boston, Portland, Bar Harbor, Saint John & Halifax... We hit a very bad N. Atlantic storm and our shedule was changed quite a bit. Visited Portland, Extra Boston Day and Halifax. Bar Harbor and Saint John were cancelled. (We did get a nice refund for the missed ports). Had and extra sea day on the return to Baltimore, very rough seas 16 to 25 ft waves, I did 25 years in the Navy and rough seas do not bother me, the dining room was only half filled that last day at sea)... Dennis & Sue
  5. Virgin Cruises - Scarlet Lady Maiden Voyage set for April 2020 Design and concept Adults-only On 31 October 2017, Branson and president and CEO of Virgin Voyages, Tom McAlpin, revealed that the company's first ship will be exclusive to adults only, requiring that all guests be ages 18 and over. McAlpin explained that this move was made to appeal largely to travel professionals within the more premium market looking for an "elevated" experience. Virgin Voyages Chief Commercial Officer Nirmal Saverimuttu also attributed the decision to the company's aim to target "people who would not typically consider a cruise holiday" and might be interested in a "cooler" and more "intimate" setting. Offerings On Scarlet Lady, Virgin Voyages bundles all passengers' fares as one price per cabin, as opposed to pricing each voyage per guest. Consequently, prices demand a higher premium than those of their competitors. In response, Virgin revealed that all fares will cover all dining charges, fitness classes, internet, and gratuities, among other offerings, but alcoholic beverages, retail, and shore excursions will still incur expenses. The ship does not include any buffet or dining rooms, and instead, houses approximately 20 different dining and drinking establishments. Other venues include a multi-function theater and an onboard tattoo and body piercing parlor. I do not believe they are making any attempt to compete with Royal, Carnival, Disney, Norwegian, Holland but will be a very specialized niche of their own…
  6. From Royal Caribbean Cruises, LTD. Referring to a modern cruise ship as a “floating city” is no simple analogy. Not only does it provide accommodation, recreation, relaxation and transportation, it also literally has to support life in the most basic sense. On the open saltwater seas, as Coleridge famously noted, while water is everywhere, there is not a drop to drink – unless potable water is collected in port or “made” using reliably tested methods. Nick Rose, environmental regulatory lead, environmental stewardship, for Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., says the company’s fleet provides clean, safe, drinkable water in three ways. “One is through bunkering it,” Rose says, using the maritime term for loading water in port and storing it on board. “We follow strict WHO (World Health Organization) as well as U.S. Public Health standards, so water is taken from a reputable drinking source.” While it’s collected, the water is tested for microbials and other pollutants, then treated and chlorinated for any potential organisms or pathogens that may have eluded onshore treatment. The second method, used for years and for which all RCL ships are equipped, goes by any of three names – steam evaporation, flash evaporation or steam desalination. One clever “green” aspect of this method is its use of waste heat from the ship’s engines. “We bring on seawater and boil it using the waste steam and heat from our engines to remove the salt from the water,” Rose explains. “The water from the evaporator travels down to a condenser where the steam then condenses back into what at that time would be distilled purified water.” As anyone who’s ever tasted it knows, distilled water has no familiar water flavor. So next, minerals are added, “so that it has the normal taste that most people like,” Rose continues. “After it goes to the mineralizer we send it for chlorination, just again to make sure that you have nothing growing in it.” The third, most technologically advanced method of creating potable water is through reverse osmosis using equipment now on most RCL ships. “You bring on seawater, but instead of using heat or high amounts of energy, you actually use a little bit of energy to push the saltwater through a semi-permeable membrane,” Rose says. “The only thing that makes it through the membrane is pure, clean water.” All the salt and other possible contaminants remain blocked on the intake side of the membrane, while the water that passes through is mineralized for flavor and chlorinated for added safety. Taking all onboard freshwater usage into account, RCL reports that on average its guests consume 55 gallons per day, compared to the U.S. average of as much as 100 gallons. Contributing to the difference, Rose says, is the shipboard use of low-flow showerheads and washbasin faucet aerators in guest and crew cabins; highly efficient ice makers, dishwashers and laundry equipment; re-use of condensed water from air-conditioners to supplement laundry needs, and other above-and-beyond-compliance conservation efforts.
  7. I have an iPhone XS and my provider is Consumer Cellular. Both the iPhone and Consumer Cellular offer wifi calling (no charge).... I did need to call Consumer Cellular and they had to activate the feature before my first use... When Cruizing, I turn Cellular OFF.... WiFi Calling On and connect to Celebrity or Royals wifi (paid for package) and it worked just fine.... I am sure Verison and you Galaxy are the same, do not know if you need to activate through Verison. Just do a simple test at home... Turn of Cellular Data, connect to a wifi network, turn on wifi calling and make a call... Dennis
  8. Most 'European Christmas Markets' seem to be in Germany... You could see them by a land vacation or best bet would be a River Cruise. We Did The Last Season's River Cruise on Avalon, December 10, 2016, 8 Nights down the Rhine from Amsterdam to Basel, Visited Amsterdam, Cologne, Koblenz - Rhine Gorge - Rudesheim, Mainz, Strasbourg Breisach and Basel. It was wonderful...
  9. Do not worry about your Salads on Royal Ships. Watched a show last year 'Mega Ships' and they showed the galley operation, of interest was the processing of Romain and other greens used in salads... First they are cut/chopped up, then into a bleach bath (just enough bleach and long enough to get rid of any tiny nasties), then a final rinse, spin dry and ready for plating...
  10. Spring Break 2020 February 22 - April 18, 2020 Really Busy During March up to the 28th.... Only 4 Universities/Colleges on break from March 28 to April 4... This is from a Listing of 209 Universities/Colleges found online... We have done 19 cruises during Spring Break over the years. Mostly on the 3 & 4 Night Itineraries out of Orlando/Port Canaveral on Sovereign, Monarch, Enchantment and now Mariner. Booked 4 Night beginning March 23 on the Mariner... We are both 70+, so Spring Breaks are way in our past, however, where else can you see so many of our young adults having so much fun at one time. Spring Break on CoCo Cay... Now That's a party.... Dennis & Sue
  11. Do A Google Search For... where to send a complaint to Royal Caribbean ....
  12. Sorry for that extra zero.... I meant 2/2/2020 .... There is no sailing for the Edge on 2/20.... She's in Cozumel... Dennis & Sue
  13. That 2/20 Edge sailing departs Florida at 3:30pm... Check you set sail/boarding pass and you will probably see a note that you need to be checked in no later and 90 minutes before ship departure or 2pm...... I would check in as soon as you can arrive from you FFL flight...
  14. We are cruising the Mariner on DEC 30, 2019 and MAR 23, 2020. We have done those 3/4 day itineraries out of P.Canaveral about 28 times starting on the Sovereign in 2007. Really enjoy them and you can not beat New Years Eve/Day in Nassau/CoCo Cay... Saw a couple post about quiet places on CoCo Cay... Guess I'll take my IOS Device, Sound Cancelling Earphones and some Jimmy Buffet Albums ashore... That and a few CoCoLoCo's should make the day... Dennis & Sue
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