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  1. What was the time frame you were allowed to go? Also, is this for all 7 nights?
  2. Enjoying your review and pictures, Kim. Just booked the Breakaway for next month and will be our first time on this ship. Curious what cabin # were you in? We booked an inside gty and got a cat IB that has triple occupancy, so hoping it'll be like the one you had as it does look bigger than the double occupancy ones we've had in the past with NCL. Thx!
  3. Agree! Our final payment is coming up in 3 weeks and I'm thinking we won't find out anything until after that. We're one of the first sailings going to Perfect Day/Coco Cay, which is the ONE thing my SIL,DD, and GD are REALLY looking forward to. My SIL hasn't been on very many cruises so he's looking forward to St Kitts and St Thomas also. It's his 40th B'Day so Yeah, it matters. Only other idea was to pay $$$ Symphony and lose our great cabins we grabbed back in April. And of course, I'm the one who picked the Allure in the 1st place!
  4. So sorry to hear about your kitty. Question regarding your port visits and time. Did you change any ports ar scheduled times in the ports due to propulsion issues with the ship as as been reported previously? We don't sail till November with a stop in CoCo Cay which my SIL and GD and DD are Really looking forward to. Any info would be appreciated.
  5. Sailing in Nov and concerned about reports of port changes due to propulsion problems. Did your sailing experience any issues due to this? Did you have same port visits and correct port times as you originally booked?
  6. Thanks for your review, enjoyed reading. Sailed Seaside last Sept for our 1st MSC trial run, but just in one of those huge balconies deck 9, an S3 Suite. Added in the Thermal spa for $130 p/p and loved it along with our Bali Sport massages for only $77 p/p, Great therapists and very relaxing. Usually only do specialty dining so tried the Trio pkg and also used the Black status dinner option along with Brunch at Butcher's Cut. Did dine in MDR but only one night as it was incredibly slow and painful to eat with other 6 tablemates. We didn't care for our selections, so you probably didn't mi
  7. The Sky came into Nassau on Fri. 3/29 at around 7 pm. We pulled away from the dock, on the Bliss, and waited for it to clear the channel before we left port.
  8. Thanks for your update. Curious if you know who's replaced Jim Badger in the District Brewhouse? And who are the comedians currently? We're on the March 23 sailing!
  9. I'd be more happy to get the second bottle of H2O than having dinner with any of those people! But curious, is that in the MDR or a specialty restaurant? Either way, I wouldn't consider them "Officers"
  10. We like to bring our Artic cups to keep drinks colder longer
  11. Enjoying your review. Sailing the Bliss 3/23 and if you have time could you post a copy of Cagneys, Le Bistro, and La Cucina updated menus? Looking for the new higher prices I've been hearing about TIA
  12. Jamie, where did you go???? Will you be continuing on with your review?? Hope so.....
  13. I'm considering just hoping for a Day pass on one of our port days while on the Bliss. Will I be charged the 20% gratuity? Anyone know?
  14. Enjoy the weekend and come back soon with all your Great information! Curious HOW EARLY did you go to the Cavern to get the great seats? Like an hour beforehand? Thanks
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