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  1. I got the email notification on April 20 that my excursions were cancelled. We paid via gift cards, but have not received the gift card refund yet. Should I be worried and start calling to find out? Or, is it still too early to get them? We also paid for a pixel package via gift card. We did not get an email at all that this was cancelled and a refund would be coming. Should I have? We opted for the FCC, so these are the only refunds I'm waiting for (paid the deposit with gift cards, and Carnival cancelled the cruise before the PIF date).
  2. Thanks. Amazingly, when I posted in this thread back in January, no one was thinking about covid causing all these cruises to be canceled.
  3. Radiance cruises were cancelled a few weeks before other NY carnival cruises.
  4. If that were true, then why were the summer radiance sailings cancelled before other ny sailings?
  5. But.... what is the time line? A month? 2? 3-4? That's the million dollar question.
  6. Do you know the build time is for the transformation? And, I guess, how long will it take to get to NY?
  7. Ok. But, NY does have May - Aug sailings currently available. So, to correct my earlier post: It's a ship specific thing, not a NY thing.
  8. Radiance cruises are the only NY cruises that are gone from the sight. So it's a Radiance thing.
  9. I'm guessing they don't want to cancel until they know for sure the ship won't be ready in time. I think they were planning 2 months in drydock? I don't know if they can shorten that timeframe once it reopens in Spain. Our sailing is Aug 10. So, let's say they can start the work by the end of May/June 1, then our sailings could still be on. That's still 2 months away. I can't even guess if Spain will be back to work in two months.
  10. I was about to post the same thing. My Aug Radiance sailing is still showing in my cruise manager. My PIF date is in about 4 weeks, so I have some time still.
  11. True. That's why it's my guess they'll ramp up the a la carte options. That model allows them to keep revenue up, and advertised prices down.
  12. More a la carte add ons. This will allow them to lower prices to bring customers back. Cruising will be a less all-inclusive feel than before. I hope I'm wrong.
  13. The victory is currently in drydock being transformed into the Radiance. However, work is on hold because of coronavirus. Adding dive in movies is one of the items being done. It's a wait and see when work will restart and then complete.
  14. I don't think anyone expected no wait.... to the contrary I bet everyone a long wait. But, it's helpful for people to get an idea how long the wait would be if they do call.
  15. It has to do with room configuration and also life boat capacity. Some rooms allow the trundle bed to be added, and some don't. A CSR can not override the system and book a 3rd person into a 2 person cabin. However, the Carnival website does not always show all available rooms for a given category. If carnival.com shows at least 8 cabins available, then there very well maybe more that they aren't showing. Carnival.com never shows more than 10 available cabins at a time. You might want to play around with online TA websites to see more cabin availability (some do this better than others).
  16. Book the Aruba tour. If you do goi to grand turk... do both excursions. It's your honeymoon!
  17. Most fare codes can get a price drop before final payment. But a few can't (such as some, maybe all, casino rates). However, it seems that sometimes people have gotten rate drops they technically didn't qualify for.
  18. It looks like they are doing something where codes work for some and not others. March2020offers worked for me (but Mar2020offers did not).
  19. Strange Mar2020giftcards doesn't work for me, but the rest do.
  20. Let us know how it works out. Also, please let me know how long the TA had to wait on hold with Carnival. I will be calling my TA about a price drop also, but would like a heads up about hold times, please.
  21. Buckeye Frank: you beat me to the punch. I was going to say the same thing, re: flu numbers include unreported cases, but coronavirus numbers do not. Which means it is completely non-sensical to try and compare the two mortality rates. Bottom line: they have NO IDEA what percentage of coronavirus cases are unreported. As to why the widespread hysteria? Media coverage. They love their fake news. Whether it to be solely profit driven (click bait + printed edition sales) or not... that would be speculation. And, the sheeple just follow. Our Costco was sold out of all dairy products. To all those people hoarding milk: it's going to go bad anyway before it can all be consumed, and just go to waste.
  22. Wish we could have joined you! When I read about dirt low prices, that's the one I looked at. Have fun!
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