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  1. Acedoc, thanks for the info. We have been struggling with go/no go for a week now. Glad to hear all is going well. Sorry you have rough seas, hope it calms down later in the week and you make it to Ocean Cay.
  2. Thank you so much firefightercruiser for taking the time to give us a real time report. Are there servers at the buffet or are they letting people serve themselves still? Someone posted that their Seaside cabin got new bedding every day, and their bathroom cup holders were being sanitized. Enjoy your cruise and thanks a lot.
  3. I am in the same situation, same cruise. Going to call my parents and tell them to try calling.
  4. Any one on board or just disembarking today with any feedback on the sanitization efforts? We are sailing next Sunday Mar 15. Appreciate any comments on additional cleaning and screening routines etc.
  5. Great topic, by the way! Hope you enjoyed Meraviglia. When I was booking I also noticed some of the cabins near the panoramic elevator(s), on the side , are larger. I don't know if there is only one or one on each side😜. I didn't check the cabins listed to see if those were included. I haven't seen any in person but if you have concerns about privacy I think that it's very possible people can see you from the elevator. elbodans, or someone who has been on board may be able to advise on that.
  6. Aft balcony cabins also offer a larger balcony! They are also Fantastica category. We are on deck 11 in an upcoming cruise. Balcony is 7.75mq. (85 sf). Same price as any Fantastica cabin, so important to check the deck plan when you are booking. Other cruise lines charge a premium for aft cabins.
  7. Not a great picture. Coffee and tea at the bottom.
  8. We are on Meraviglia Mar 15. I have received no communication other than upgrade offers to date.
  9. Thank you so much for such a quick answer!
  10. Does anyone know if we can check in early and then go explore NYC, or once onboard and passed security we have to stay onboard? Alternatively, can we leave our bags with porters and then come back later for check in and boarding?
  11. Thank you so much reedprincess for this reply. Exactly the info I wanted ! And for pointing out the change in Costa Maya, missed that since it is the same time now.
  12. I would like to refresh this questions. Going on MSC Meraviglia next month. Would like to hear from someone from a recent visit, specifically to Roatan if their port time was local time. Which would be 1 hour earlier than time at the home port of Miami, so they would ask you to reset your time the night before. We will travel after daylight savings time begins, making it 2 hours time difference as Roatan does not observe Daylight savings. Our itnerary says 9 am. So is that indicative or local time (so in Miami it would be 11). Thanks if anyone can tell me for sure. I am looking at
  13. Thanks all. Based on what Petuniaflower says I might be best to put it on my daughter's card, since she will use it most. 😊
  14. Thanks Itchy & scratchy for the info. I checked my edocs that I just downloaded. No Cirque for my daughter, just like you said. We went on MSC site to book 1 more ticket and it wants us to pre-select the date/time and meal. Obviously we are not comfortable pre-seletcting her experience and taking the chance that we can match ours up later. I guess we will call in and see if they can book the time for all of us. We have others travelling with us, and would want to have the same show and time. I will let you know what I find out. If you figure it out before we do, please let me know!
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