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  1. If you go to the motor yachts' deck plans, the cabins marked with an "x" have a third berth available. Most cabins in the sailing ships offer a third berth.
  2. Why bother wearing makeup when most of your face is covered?
  3. We took a repositioning cruise on the Wind Star many years ago from Colon, Panama to Bermuda. It was supposed to be 10 sea days and ended up being 11 1/2 days due to 10-14 foot seas the entire cruise. Fortunately, we both had patches and were not sea sick. It was actually fun. There were only 55 passengers and we had many laughs about chairs sliding across the lounge and the Veranda. We all walked like we were drunk. They had a hard time keeping water in the pool. When we still had another day until Bermuda, they gave us open bar and free WiFi, and they made all the calls to change our travel arrangements. Great adventure and we slept so soundly. They have never repeated this itinerary!!!
  4. I totally agree. This is a misuse of animals that is totally for the "pleasure" of tourists. There must be other means in which to visit the hill in Santorini.
  5. Before the stretching of Star Breeze, dinners were served sit down in either Candles or Amphora except for the deck barbecue, which is buffet. Breakfast and lunch were in the Veranda and provided a buffet or you could order from a menu. In the colder climates, the Amphora was open for sit-down lunch whenever it was too unpleasant to eat outdoors. There are now two new places to eat, which I have not seen yet.
  6. The photo on their website shows a ladder at one end and stairs on the other end.
  7. Reduces the risk of skin cancer on the nose, however!!!
  8. It's free for those who do not wish to cancel. I would go. I love sea days!
  9. Will it simply be a cruise to nowhere? Seven sea days?
  10. The laundry service is superb. You can buy the package for the trip or pay by the piece. We always use the package because it allows us to travel lighter.
  11. Windstar is not sailing in Alaska again until next summer. We are booked and sure hope it is easier by then!
  12. So, when is the All-In-One Package a good deal?
  13. I believe you mean April 1, 2022.
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