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  1. Two years in a row, we have gone whale watching in Icy Strait Point. Both times, it was fantastic with bubble net feeding on both excursions! It was far superior to the whale watching in Juneau.
  2. I have booked the two kayaking excursions and the Hubbard Glacier zodiac tour with Windstar. We also privately booked a whale watching trip out of Hoonah in Icy Strait Point with Glacier Wind Charters. The boat only holds 6 passengers compared to many of the others that hold 20 or more passengers. You should check them out. The last two years, the whale watching in Icy Strait Point was phenomenal. We saw bubble net feeding both years. I'll email you sometime soon and look forward to meeting you onboard.
  3. Yes, it was a group of about 100 passengers who were "Parrot Heads" and were traveling with a band who performed at all of the ports and once on the ship. They drank very heavily, were loud, and pretty much took over the ship. It was not my favorite Windstar cruise, but I have been back three times since and have witnessed no repeat performances.
  4. The Windstar transport has a guide on it so the ride is informative as well. Also, if you are on the Windstar bus and it is delayed for any reason, the ship will wait for you. This happened to us once when the bus broke down an hour into the drive.
  5. We've done this twice and never had any issues other than the last cruise might coincide with Spring Break. One time we had a really rowdy crowd of passengers because of Spring Break.
  6. We have taken the Windstar transport three times and it always worked out really well. I would guess that a taxi would be really expensive since it is 43 miles one-way.
  7. It had a rowing machine this past summer.
  8. This is in 2021, almost two years from now.
  9. I just noticed that the Wind Star will be sailing from Colon to Nassau on 2/20/21. There is a void in her schedule for a month, and then she sails to Lisbon on 3/26/21. I wonder if she is going into dry dock for that month or will they be adding itineraries in the Bahamas. I'd love to sail on her in the Bahamas. Has anyone heard anything about this?
  10. My husband does not own any shoes other than athletic shoes. Not once has anyone blinked an eye about his footwear in Amphora.
  11. My husband and I sailed with the Star Legend in Alaska in both 2018 and 2019, and we are booked on the Star Breeze for next June 19th. Needless to say, we never seem to tire of the unending beauty Alaska has to offer. This will be our 10th Windstar cruise. We would never sail another cruise line. Each of the three itineraries is slightly different so we always catch some new ports, new glaciers, and new fjords. Those who did the pre-cruise tour of Denali absolutely raved about it. Their only complaint was that the lodge did not have air conditioning, and Alaska was in the midst of a record heat wave at the time. I am certain a similar tour can be done more economically. We took the Windstar bus transportation from Anchorage to Seward. It leaves at 11:00 am from the Hilton and was only $79 per person. Due to the wildfires, the views were hazy and at times smoky. We will do the same next June and hope that the wildfires have been resolved by then. You will find this cruise most amazing, with awe-inspiring beauty forever surrounding the ship. Be sure to get a balcony suite. We took some of our best photos from the open balcony doors.
  12. Wishing you "fair winds and following seas" for the remainder of your travels.
  13. It is difficult to place Star Clipper in the same category as Windstar. It is a very different experience and lacks the amenities of Windstar.
  14. We did not book the pre-cruise Denali trip. This will be our third Alaskan cruise with Windstar, the first two on the Legend. Last month, everyone I spoke to who booked the Denali trip with WS thought it was fantastic. The only complaint was that the lodge was not air conditioned, and Alaska was suffering a record-setting heat wave. No doubt your trip with a private company will also be wonderful. Hopefully, the wildfires will have calmed down by next June since they did result in reduced visibility at the start of the cruise.
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