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  1. The prices start at $7299 for 10 days on the Wind Star! Wow! They must be including a submarine escort!
  2. Are you concerned about security in Mexico?
  3. You can arrange for Windstar to transport you by bus to Anchorage. We are using the Windstar transport from Anchorage to Seward at the start of our cruise.
  4. If the ship is not sailing to or from an American port (including Puerto Rico), why would the USPH regulations apply? It doesn't make sense that they would cancel the deck BBQ for other itineraries, such as the Mediterranean.
  5. We did the Vancouver roundtrip itinerary last July and loved it so much that we are doing the Seward-Vancouver itinerary this July. It is an amazing trip! Windstar can provide transportation to Anchorage, but you will need to make reservations and pay for the transport. We are using Windstar transportation to get from Anchorage to Seward the day of embarkation. There is a beautiful train ride that you could take instead. Definitely take a parka, rain gear, hat, and gloves and some sweaters and/or polar fleeces. The weather is unpredictable but can be quite cold and damp. I only wore shorts one day. Layers are the most practical way to go. Passengers in the dining room still dressed in a "casually elegant" fashion, with slightly more emphasis on casual since many wore sweaters. I didn't notice the ship being especially cold, but that could be because I was wearing heavier clothing than usual. The only meals that were noticeably crowded were lunches in the Veranda, especially if the weather was too cold or wet to sit outside. However, you can also eat lunch in Amphora, which is very nice and has plenty of seating. The Expedition Team really helped make our cruise memorable. I highly recommend you participate in the excursions that utilize them. Enjoy....
  6. Yes, you can write special instructions on the order form.
  7. The $16/day is for the duration of the cruise, not just the days that you use it. We always get the laundry package because they do a great job and it allows us to carry fewer clothes. If you don't want the package, there is an option to just pay by the item for laundering. I think $16/day is quite reasonable.
  8. We had the BBQ in Amphora in Alaska.
  9. I personally would never consider booking one of the Porthole suites because of their location.
  10. On the Alaska Splendors itinerary, the Porthole Suite is priced $200/person lower than the next category, forward Ocean View Suite.
  11. I love the floor plan. Having the bed by the window is a wonderful idea. On our Lands of the Midnight Sun cruise a few years ago, a friend of ours had the staff move their bed to the living room area. They were ahead of their time!!!
  12. My husband and I will be on the July 6th sailing of the Legend. We did the Alaska cruise last July and loved it so much that we are returning. Will you be onboard on July 6th?
  13. It is my understanding that for security reasons, visitors are not permitted onboard.
  14. I agree that the balcony was well worth it on our Star Legend Alaska cruise, but I never missed it on the sailing ships. Many of my best photos were taken from the balcony in Alaska.
  15. They are adding 50 staterooms, not 100. It will increase the capacity by 100 passengers, not 200.
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