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  1. I think she has an overactive husband ha ha!
  2. I have just phoned NCL in the UK and was told I had to pay for the excursions upfront because I don't have a excursion credit. Is this correct?
  3. If you are a solo traveller you can get great coffee any time you like in the Studio Lounge along with tea/cookies etc.
  4. I usually get the 3 Speciality Restaurants package on a 7 day cruise which is better value for money than paying on board. Cagneys and Le Bistro have good food, great ambience and good service. The food is pretty rich though so it depends what you like and how big your appetite is! The free Chinese restaurant was better than I thought it would be and the MDRs are fairly good too IMO.
  5. The only issue I have is that they tend to meet and eat fairly early which might be fine on the first night but not after a long excursion.
  6. If there isn't one organised you could ask if anyone wants to join you for dinner at the solo bar. I think you could also suggest a venue and time by writing it on the white board. Finally, see if there are any solo travellers on your roll call who might be interested. The last time I was on the Epic there was a sign up sheet every day.
  7. Yes, it really depends on how sociable the solos are on a particular cruise. The Solo Cruise Director is usually great on the Epic. Definitely go to the first night's drinks and dinner to see what the group is like. Also join your roll call for advice on private tours.
  8. Yes, it's a lovely lemongrass soap and they provide shampoo, shower gel and body lotion.
  9. Who spends $99 per day on alcohol? The difference between a sailaway rate and one including perks was about $900 when I booked my latest cruise. This was about the price of the drinks package before it went up! Still wish NCL prices were the same for everyone not just US citizens, especially if you are booking a Mediterranean cruise! We don't get to bid etc Is this inequality NCL? Same price, rules and deals for everyone please!
  10. I wouldn't bother with La Cucina - nothing like real Italian food! Shame because the room is lovely although hard to find! They only release about half the tables (including the free Platinum meals) before the cruise so definitely go to the desk on the first day and try and book straightaway. Otherwise, maybe switch Moderno for Le Bistro?
  11. I personally love the Epic (as long as it's not full!) 3 Speciality Dining Package is great and try Cagneys, Le Bistro etc. Yes, if you go to the desks outside of Speciality restaurants on first day you can check time/availability if you want to change them. Sometimes they book up (especially Cagneys) so don't leave it until the night you want to go. It's easier to do this than try and change bookings over the phone once on ship! I love Burn the Floor and the Cavern Club. Bliss is great fun especially on 70s night imo! Yes, they still do Deal or No Deal. Cruise Director is visible and good! If you get the chance to buy a spa pass I'd go for it. It's one of the best NCL spas including outside balcony with aft view, sauna with views down to the sea, thermal beds and lovely thermal pools.
  12. The Epic spa is brilliant and well worth it. You can even lie on cushioned loungers on the aft balcony and watch the wake.
  13. I totally agree and people forget that we eat the fish that have digested all that plastic so it will ruin us too if we don't stop using it!
  14. I've not been able to log into my NCL roll call easily for the last few days but have had not problems with another cruise line - weird! Never had this problem before with NCL.
  15. Mine keeps switching from IX to OX! NCL if you are reading this yes, I would love an OX because the price of cruises in the UK is more than in the US even if it's a European cruise and this is without any perks! This makes no sense to me and we don't get the opportunity to bid either! I think it should be the same rules and prices for everyone on the same ship!!
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