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  1. I have been on a couple of ships where I have been in outside cabins and my card was chipped to accept 24/7 access to the Studio Lounge. This was a few years ago and I agree, with social distancing this might not be allowed. To be honest, if you are in an outside cabin and getting fresh air and daylight the only time you'd be bothered about the Studio Lounge is at the meet ups and as someone has previously said, once you've met some of the people in the Studios they will let you in anyway! The itinerary for the Epic is full on and you are off the ship for a lot of the time unless you just l
  2. Anyone travelling solo can use the Studio Lounge. When I had a balcony on the Epic I had to go to reception and ask them to adjust my card though because it didn't allow access. I've had my cruise in an inside cancelled this year :-(
  3. ORLANDO, Fla. – As Florida entered its second week under Gov. Ron DeSantis’ phase two of reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic, the state continued to report large increases of new COVID-19 cases. On Monday, the Florida Department of Health reported 1,758 new cases of COVID-19 since approximately the same time the day before, as well as 7 new deaths. These new statistics bring the total number of coronavirus cases reported in Florida -- since it was first detected in the state on March 1 -- to 77,326, along with 2,938 deaths. On Saturday, state health officials reported about
  4. As this is the NCL board if you do an NCL mock booking for August in the Med it is blanked off as are all US cruises apart from NY to Bermuda on the Encore. MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) is from the Med and so more likely to start in August but whether they will allow people from the States or UK to embark when cruising isn't essential international travel is unlikely. However, things are changing on a daily basis so we'll see.
  5. All the August Med cruises have disappeared. As they would have had lots of children running around on them, this is probably a good idea anyway!
  6. Cheque received this morning for total amount booked through outer space TA! Cruise was on Iona this week 006! Requested on 23rd April so 50 days to return. It's such a relief to have the funds back because the waiting and wondering has been exhausting! Good luck to those still waiting.
  7. This makes me feel sick! Why does he get paid soooo much?! The crew work so hard and are so lovely and get paid peanuts or nothing!
  8. I have been wondering the same too! It would help if NCL would let us know which ships they are going to bring back into operation first. I see that some of their other ships are in Europe and it would but great if I could switch to one of them if the Epic doesn't sail. I know that you can cancel up to 48 hours but if you have independent flights you need to give more notice than this to cancel and if the port of departure has changed rebook flights.
  9. I would like NCL to let us know which ships they are planning to start sailing with and when. I have a cruise booked in September which hasn't been cancelled so far and yet a previous poster said that there's had. I have independent flights booked so need to know whether to cancel them or not.
  10. Apparently she's on her way to Marseille, France.
  11. By next year several people will have had the virus. They have just developed a reliable antibody test, so perhaps it will be those who can prove that they've had it, who will be welcomed on board first. That could be many more young people, who I believe they are trying to attract to sale on Iona anyway.
  12. This is what Carnival are about to do in the States. https://wsvn.com/news/us-world/trump-micky-arison-to-make-carnival-cruise-ships-available-for-use-in-fight-against-coronavirus-outbreak/
  13. I see that the Limelight Club etc have gone back to Coming Soon! Also, I tried to cancel my 2 Epicurean bookings and the system would only let me cancel the Nordic one - it's like they know!
  14. I wish P&O would announce who will be on earlier sailings eg in the Limelight Club etc as this would be more relevant to those of us booked on them! Pixie Lott and The Script might appeal to the 30/40s if that's who they are trying to entice, I mean appeal to! I think it's sneaky the way this has been announced after a lot of people have already booked other dates. Also, perhaps passengers on that sailing might have preferred to know in advance.
  15. NCL have introduced resealable paper cartons which I think is a great idea.
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