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  1. Tried to sign up nothing happens. There should have been an instant reply
  2. Enjoyed the Havana area on the Horizon. The only issue with the cabana area is the lounge chairs for us were not very comfortable, there is not pad and you slide down off the chair. But the lack of crowds near the Havana bar made up for that issue.
  3. At least they didn't go to Earl Scheib
  4. Singapore Cruise Society JadnttueSarscyp c2os9 eoatt 7onS:aeoh2s0foo rrPMedcsl · Celebrity Cruises #CelebritySolstice currently in Tuas Ship Yard where she will be getting ready to receive her new blue hull like her sisters! Picture By Cruise Image #Asia #Crusie #Sail #Drydock #Tuas #Singapore #CelebrityCruises #CelebrityRevolution Celebrity Solstice
  5. IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING YOUR SHAREHOLDER ON BOARD CREDIT Thank you for submitting your shareholder brokerage statement. The shareholder benefits are currently only applicable to sailings through July 31, 2021. In order to apply your onboard credit on your reservation444444 , you will need to submit a current statement after February 28, 2021 and for reservation 444444, a current statement after February 28, 2022 when the new shareholder benefits are released. Please fax, mail or email the shareholder statement and be sure to blacken out your account number. Email: Shareholders@carn
  6. Is Celebrity offering any compensation for charges to change airline tickets?
  7. Don't forget CLIA had already self imposed ban on sailings until after November 1st
  8. By posting the answers you have defeated the purpose of Celebrity awarding the points. I would expect them to never do this type of Power Up again. They want you to look at the Celebrity web pages to entice you to book.
  9. Only 6 points from elite well worth my time.
  10. https://asm.org/Press-Releases/2020/MMR-Vaccine-Could-Protect-Against-the-Worst-Sympto
  11. Here is a picture of the person at NCL doing refunds
  12. Because of problems with my account I ended up with a 1pm check in for the Horizon in Miami. Its my first Carnival cruise and if we get there at 11.30 will it be a problem.
  13. Book through Carnival then transfer the reservation to the travel agent that gives you the biggest on board credit
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