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  1. Just heard from my friend who was on the Emerald. He has just arrived back in India, 12 weeks late! He now has more quarantine ahead, but at least he is in his home country!
  2. Actually, my question Friday was addressed to ALL the Princess ships still carrying crew members, not just the 10 at Manila. My friend's contract on the Coral Princess expired on March 17th, but he is still on board, first the Coral and now the Emerald Princess, now in Rotterdam. Again, I am sure this is an extremely complex and difficult diplomatic situation to return all these people home. It sounds like Princess is doing the best they can, but my friend has a family in India and they are approaching three months overdue for his return. I have had three future cruises cancelled since
  3. How many Princess crew members are still stuck on ships waiting for the OK to travel home? I realize there are many complications in the process, but this has been going on for a very long time. Just wondering how many more crew members are stuck and what is the schedule to get them home?
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