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  1. We'll be on that cruise too and was also wondering if menus were available. I'm more familiar with RC, it's our first time with Carnival.
  2. We had a 10:20 am flight out of FLL. We were on Symphony which docks in Miami. We made it to FLL in spite of a traffic jam on 95 on a Sat morning due to road work. Our shuttle driver did some fancy manouvering to get us out of the jam. We still made it to the airport by 8:30.
  3. My grandson is 6' 4" and said that it's hard to fit in the sacks and hold on properly without having your arms stick out.
  4. I went to the Red Carpet movie tonight and was one of the first 10 or so in the door. When the doors opened a lady in a long formal dress made a big production of inviting us to the movie. In the outer lobby one of the comedians, Simeon Kirkiles was set up to interview people as they came in. I didn't see him actually interview anyone but when my grandsons joined me later they said that he was. I think it was suppose to be streamed live on the screen while we were waiting for the movie to start but it wasn't. Just before the movie started Simeon came on stage for a minute to greet everyone. The theatre was less than 1/4 full. People were dressed casually. I expected there to be more hoopla but it was basically just a night at the movies.
  5. Ok thanks for the 'warning' lol. Can't say that I want to be interviewed.
  6. It says First Man on the App for tomorrow night but in the Cruise Compass it says the movie is the Green Book which is being shown in the Royal Theatre. First Man and The Greatest Showman are the movies that are playing at the Aqua Theatre.
  7. I see. We'll I've been to guest services and stood in line enough on this second cruise of a B2B. We've been issued new sea pass cards 3 times in three days because they are not programmed correctly and had to go back to guest services once because I had a letter delivered to my room that said my 10 yr old granddaughter, who is staying with me, didn't have her credit card attached to her account. When I went to tell them that I had checked her in under my credit card they said yes they had that on file and didn't know why I had that letter delivered. So forgive me for not wanting to go to guest services again.
  8. Sorry but I thought some of you veteran cruisers might know the answer to this. I guess I was mistaken. Excuse me.
  9. I'm on Symphony and there's a Red carpet movie night tomorrow night and a Red carpet walk before the movie. Is this a formal dress thing ? Can anyone attended the movie in regular cruise wear, meaning shorts and t shirts ?
  10. I took ours at home and they were accepted and we zoomed right through yesterday on Symphony.
  11. Thanks so much for replying, glad we don't have to take the scenic route to the elevators. Thanks for the trip report. Just one more week and it's our turn. 🤗
  12. I'm a little late in asking this but do you know if there's access to the forward elevators from the forward inside cabins on deck 9 ( near cabin 9450 for example) ?Most deck plans show a solid wall there but on the App it shows an opening.
  13. Had a 'we pick your room' oceanview balcony on Allure in Oct. and got deck 11 starboard side just down a few rooms from the aft elevators. Was assigned two days after I booked it. Was very happy with the location.
  14. I'll be following your cruise. We're on Symphony on the 23rd and Mar 2nd. I hope you'll be able to say that the chat feature is working on the App. Fingers crossed.
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