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  1. If your mom's worried about a "party" atmosphere, I can say that Carnival's Europe cruises are more subdued since generally there are more port days and they tend to be long days.
  2. I had signed up for text messages for our August 2020 cruise on Carnival Radiance. Not only was the cruise cancelled, there's speculation on this board that Carnival Radiance itself may be cancelled. Three text messages arrived after the cruise was cancelled to tell me to make final payment or risk having our booking cancelled. I just chalked it up to automated programming that hadn't been un-programmed - but the text messages did make me sad.😥
  3. Hi Traveller94 - We're sailing on Legend out of Dover next summer as well, doing the British Isles cruise with 3 ports in Scotland, Belfast, Cobh, and Liverpool. Last year we visited Iceland on the QM2. We've sailed Legend twice before, once an 8-day Eastern Caribbean out of NYC and a 12-day Baltic cruise out of Dover. I agree with the others, Legend and her sisters have the best Serenity deck. Nice pool (most other ships just have hot tubs). plenty of room, and shaded areas out of the sun. Plus a nice bar area. Also agree about Guy's Burgers on Lido - they really are good. I like the forward decks above the bridge, on decks 9 and 10. Good views. The Firebird Lounge, deck 1 forward, is the comedy club. I love the Russian decoration theme and it's a comfortable place for comedy - more comfortable than the newer ships. The Behind the Fun tour - While we haven't done the tour on Legend, we've done them twice on other ships. You can't book them in advance, so if you're interested you should go to the Shore Excursions deck to book soon after you board. They're limited to 16 people per tour (and who knows if it will be more limited next year?) and usually take place on the last sea day. It's a 3+ hour tour and takes you to the galley, laundry, crew lounge, HR training area, bridge, and engine control room. Most folks consider the bridge to be the highlight of the tour. I'm rather partial to the engine control room, as our oldest son is an engineering officer in the Navy. Not specific to Legend, but if you're arriving early in Dover pre-cruise, I recommend Dover Castle. Aside from its medieval history, it's the site from which the rescue from Dunkirk was conducted in WWII. The exhibits are fascinating. And in Iceland, we were in Reykjavik overnight; the first day we did a Golden Circle tour, and the second day we did a DIY tour in town. Happy cruise planning!
  4. Two weeks ago Cunard canceled all trips up to and including November 1. It was very soon after the U.K.'s announcement that all travelers to the U.K. would be required to quarantine for two weeks after arrival. I can't imagine too many folks from the U.S. who wanted to do a 7-day TA from Southampton to NY could do that - two weeks' quarantine before a one week crossing?
  5. We had a Havana aft wrap on Horizon in 2018. We like being able to sit on the balcony and watch the ocean go by, and the cabanas really don't let you do that.
  6. One note on Spirit-class aft wraps: On deck 5, the suite is not the same as the suites on other decks. It's one room instead of sitting area, dressing area and bedroom. Nothing wrong with the cabin (we have one booked for Legend next summer), but if you're looking for the multi-room suite don't look at deck 5.
  7. OP, as you can see by my signature (which has not been updated and 2020 isn't happening😥), we sailed only Carnival until last year when we booked three weeks on the QM2. Here's the thread I posted last year: We loved the experience, but you do need to dress for dinner if you plan on the MDR. As I noted, I met one passenger who visited the MDR only for lunch, as he did not like to dress for dinner. We absolutely loved QM2. We're looking forward to another opportunity to sail.
  8. Yep - I had a text message last week reminding about final payment for our August 2020 cruise on Carnival Radiance out of NYC. Uh ... no. I figure it's an automated message that just didn't get taken out of the system. No real harm - just a sad reminder that vacation isn't happening this year.😥
  9. Last year we had booked the two-week WB crossing via Iceland, with our thought to fly into Heathrow and spend a few days in Winchester before traveling to Southampton to board. We had a deck 8 unobstructed balcony cabin booked. When we started pricing flights, hotels, etc. we realized we could book the prior week's EB crossing for less. Our cabin wasn't available for the EB leg and we ended up booking a deck 6 inside. Changing cabins at Southampton was easy - we packed up (never even asked about keeping clothes on hangars), called the Purser's desk to let them know we were ready to go, and they took care of everything for us. We disembarked to do our own walking tour - used our old cards to leave the ship and the new ones (given to us the previous day) to re-board. No need to wait in lines. Our bags were waiting in our new cabin. All very easy.
  10. I think I read 38 days. We're scheduled for August 10, so for now we're staying with it.
  11. We're scheduled to sail from NYC on August 10. We got an e-mail essentially saying, "We'll keep you posted."
  12. We sailed QM2 last year for three weeks and fell in love with the ship. We've thought about other opportunities to sail her, but were booked for 2020 and early summer 2021. Now our late June/early July 2020 Viking River cruise is likely to be going away, as we had it planned around the Oberammergau Passion Play and that is being postponed to 2022. We're hoping to move the booking. That opens a window for us this year: the QM2 Independence Day sailing is the same week we planned on Viking. We're within driving distance of Red Hook, so flights aren't an issue. I'm just worried about whether this is too chancy to book, given all the health concerns. Canada has banned cruise ships until 7/1, which is when QM2 is scheduled to dock in Halifax. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  13. Last summer on Sunrise was the first time I heard the gong. No noontime announcement, just the gong and a short greeting from the captain. For most sailings, I was used to a noontime announcement from the captain at noon about our sailing and the sea conditions. Cunard did a unique job on QM2 last summer. On sea days there was a noontime ringing of this ship's bell in the lobby, as well as a sounding of the ship's whistle and a detailed message from Captain Wells about our sailing. Loved it.
  14. I saw this show on Carnival Miracle, back before Playlist Productions took over. They handed out glo-sticks for the "Hey Jude" segment. I'm not a huge Beatles fan, but this show was great.
  15. My middle son the diehard Mets fan sympathizes! I agree with Jeff, though - plan a NYC cruise that would let you go to a Mets game before or after the cruise. Despite the Wilpons, Citi Field is a great place to watch a game. Thanks so much for bringing us along on your cruise!
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