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  1. nybumpkin

    Dancing of the Ships

    Our oldest son is Dan. When our next son was born, Dan's job in the back seat of the car was to make sure the pacifier - the "bink" - was available for his brother. Our phrase for this? "Bink 'em, Danno."
  2. nybumpkin

    Florence/Pisa 1st time

    We did the "Florence and Pisa on your own" through the cruise line and wished we had done the tour through Italy Tours EU (we booked Rome and Marseille through them). The "on your own" tours are nice enough, but in our case we didn't know whether we would go to Pisa or Florence first so we couldn't book advance tickets for anything. If we hadbooked with Italy Tours EU we would have been able to book tickets for the Accademia and the Duomo.
  3. nybumpkin

    Dancing of the Ships

    We saw Three Dog Night in the late 90s. Their opening line was "So, do you remember the 70s?" Lots of cheers. The response? "Well, we don't!" The TA NYC-Dover sounds great. Unfortunately we can't cruise that early in June. We opted for a TA on QM2 in 2019 that has an overnight in Reykjavik.
  4. We had one of those cabins on Carniival Legend in 2013 and thought it was a very good location.
  5. We've sailed in all three categories of suites on this class of ship (Ocean and Vista Suites were on Miracle). IMO, the $200 isn't worth the gamble of being upgraded - to me, the main difference between Ocean and Grand is a slightly larger balcony. Nice, but not worth $200 per person. The Vista Suites are the aft corner balcony cabins - they have large wrap-around balconies and, except for the deck 5 suites, have separate bedrooms and sitting areas. They book quickly and I would highly doubt an upgrade to one.
  6. We do both. There are times when the cruise line has an exclusive deal with a tour operator; when we were in Skagway you had to book through the cruise line to take the White Pass steam train excursion (the other White Pass tours were available on your own). We also go by port time; if the port time is short, we're more likely to do a ship tour.
  7. This was probably the most challenging mini golf course we've played. The holes are designed after holes on courses in Bermuda, Scotland, and the US. A lot of fun.' Thanks so much for bringing us along on your trip!
  8. We love playing cards on the ship and have two different card designs we've picked up on our cruises, but love this deck! Our next cruise is on QM2, about a 180 on our cruise experience; last night DH grinned at me and said, "the cards are coming with us, aren't they?" Love reading your review!
  9. I suspect the reason for no eastbound transatlantics is that they will start the refurb work as soon as the last passenger disembarks from the prior cruise (if not before, which has been the unfortunate experience of some who sail the last cruise before drydock).
  10. We gave up. Cunard has Transatlantic sailings next summer that include an overnight in Reykjavik, so we went for it. A two-week on QM2 in July. We love Carnival and have a 4-night on Sunrise booked, but we're not getting any younger waiting for a Carnival cruise to Iceland.
  11. nybumpkin

    New York 2020 - 2 ships???

    I remember back when Splendor was new they tried year-round cruising from NYC. They gave up on it pretty quickly - it's just not Carnival's "sweet spot." I know NCL does it, but I also remember some lovely photos of our neighbors' sons having a snowball fight on deck on one of their cruises at Christmas.
  12. I think it depends on what you want from Havana. DH and I aren't sun worshippers - Northern European ancestry and a family history of skin cancer - so we're not going to hang out in deck chairs in the sun. Havana has shaded areas near the bar and we spent sea day mornings there playing cards. In the afternoon we coated ourselves with sunscreen and spent time in the pool. The main pools are awful - way too crowded. With Havana, I think we spent more time in the pool than on any other cruise. And our balcony was well used as well, particularly late afternoons before dinner and in the evening. I realize we didn't pay a premium for Havana since we booked before the cabin was designated Havana, but I would book a Havana balcony again.
  13. We had 8465, the Havana aft wrap. It wasn't Havana when we booked, but Carnival expanded the Havana cabins before she left the yard in Italy. We had no problems with noise, either from the Havana deck or from the Lido. We did end up with an errant ice cream cone on our balcony one morning. I'd happily book the cabin again.
  14. Me too. Maybe they'll bring it back at the buffet.
  15. nybumpkin

    Questions about luggage delivery (Platinum)

    We've been Platinum since 2010 and I think we've received our luggage by 1:30 exactly one time. I do like to unpack before muster, and our luggage has always arrived before the drill.