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  1. Did they pick you up at the port, or did you have to meet them in town? Thanks!
  2. This is us on our Bermuda cruise two years ago.
  3. Jeff, I laughed at this post. When I was in high school I was in the marching band and we participated in a competition in Virginia Beach. Our band director gave us a lecture about being respectful of the other guests in our hotel. The next morning at 7 a.m., the two lead trumpets awakened everyone in the building to a duet of "Norwegian Wood."😮 Thank you so much for taking us along on your vacation. It's been great!
  4. It could be either - we've left from both. If NCL is using the pier that day Carnival will probably use Pier 90. It really doesn't matter much - the entire pier complex is accessible as one entity.
  5. On one cruise I was in line at the breakfast buffet (not even up to the food yet) when a woman cut in front of me, saying "I only want scrambled eggs." I replied, "Well, I only want corned beef hash." Didn't seem to faze her.
  6. Jeff, thank you for some lovely photos of Honolulu and a very moving tour of Pearl. Doug and I visited over 30 years ago when Doug's brother was a Navy lieutenant on a destroyer homeported in Pearl, and my dad served on a submarine in WWII, sailing out of Pearl to Australia. Funny, though, our Navy Son has not been to Pearl and doesn't plan to put in for a ship based in Pearl - the cost of living is too high, even with the housing stipend the Navy gives. BTW - Loved your photos of Diamond Head. Doug and I hiked to the top when we were there. As we close in on 60 years old, that's not happening again.😃
  7. I prefer Freeport to Nassau, mostly because of Deadman's Reef. We booked with Paradise Cove and it was great - they picked us up at the port on time, had all the snorkeling gear ready and gave a talk with their rules and what we could expect to see, and had us back at the port in plenty of time. I love snorkeling from the shore and this was some of the easiest, most rewarding snorkeling I've done.
  8. We're Platinum, and the last two cruises we've done self-assist. We had the letter telling us to meet in a dining room at a specified time (I think it was 6:30 in NYC). A staff member came to the dining room to guide us to disembark - it was not announced on the PA system. I'm not sure that we'll go back to checked bags. Next cruise is a 4-day on Sunrise disembarking in NYC on a Monday morning - I think that one will be self-assist.
  9. We've sailed Glory 5 times and Legend 2 times. I don't think you can go wrong with either. Legend is smaller with fewer passengers and does not have the two dining rooms with galley between that make navigating decks 3 and 4 difficult on Conquest-class ships. Love the Serenity deck. As another said, she does not have the movies or the stadium seating on Lido - Lido is more cut up, in my view. In this case, my vote would be for Glory because of more sea days - I find the 4 ports in 4 days to be too much. If you like more ports, though, go for Legend.
  10. As you can see from my signature, DH and I are sailing Cunard for the first time next month after - gulp - 24 Carnival cruises. Up to now we've sailed with our sons (that's them in my avatar, BTW, wearing tuxes on Carnival Victory in 2007). While there are always outliers who don't dress well for dinner (while I usually don't care what others wear, baseball caps on men in the dining room drive me nuts), by and large passengers look respectable, even if most don't dress up as much and DH and I do. You can go on a Carnival cruise and avoid things like the hairy chest contest on the Lido deck - we tend more to playing cards or going to trivia. As for the tablecloths - I really didn't miss them. Sons are grown now, and none of them will be coming with us. A crossing on Cunard has always been on my bucket list. We enjoy dressing up, and we don't go back to the cabin after dinner to change. DH was just fitted for a new tux and will also be bringing his dinner jacket. I have two gowns and am contemplating a third. I expect a very different experience. I'm glad OP enjoyed his experience on QM2 without dressing up. Next year we're doing a river cruise. No dressing up at all. You're absolutely right - there's a ship for everyone's taste out there.
  11. This was a great tour - the Tarxien ruins were good, but from what I've read the Hypogeum is a good substitute. Malta is a really interesting port - if you're cruising, don't miss the sailing in to the port.
  12. My dad bought me "The Only Way to Cross" for Christmas in 1972 (he understood that I was a passenger liner nerd), and I still have it. A crossing has always been on my bucket list, and this summer DH and I are realizing the dream. I'd also recommend John Maxtone-Graham's 1985 "sequel," "Liners to the Sun.," about the move to cruise ships. You will appreciate his first chapter about the "Peregrinator transatlanticus."
  13. We've done a number of Canada cruises out of NYC and I always recommend bringing "a little of everything." The first time we sailed we were in Saint John NB on June 30 and it was cloudy and cool. We needed jackets and slacks. The next day we were in Halifax (Canada Day). It was sunny and close to 80 degrees. Shorts and short-sleeved shirts were in order.
  14. In Valletta, we did a tour with Amy Pace http://www.guidedtoursmalta.com/. We met Amy during the tour, but it was a busy day and she had an associate (really knowledgeable) lead the tour. It was great - we did a walking tour of Valletta including St. John's Co-Cathedral, then traveled to the Tarxien ruins, Marsaxlokk where we had lunch, the Blue Grotto, and Mdina. Do know that your admission prices to sites such as the cathedral and the Blue Grotto, as well as lunch, are not included in the tour.
  15. Hi Jeff! Happy Anniversary to you and Patti - I'm really looking forward to your review. It's been a long time since we've been to Hawaii. I like how you booked a cruise beforehand because it was cheaper. We've done the same for our July cruise on QM2. We originally booked the 2-week crossing from Southampton to NYC because it went to Iceland and we planned to fly to England, spend a few days before boarding - and then learned that it was cheaper to book an inside cabin on the crossing the week before. So yeah, we're doing an extra cruise.🙂
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