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  1. A funny story: The first time we took this tour was on Conquest in 2010. Our youngest son had just turned 10 and spent the morning at Camp Carnival (as it was named then). We knew the BTF tour likely would run later than Camp Carnival's scheduled morning program, so we told him he could check himself out and go to the cabin to wait for us and then we would go to lunch. While we were on the tour, the staff delivered chocolate-covered strawberries to our cabin as one of our tour gifts. Son entered the cabin, found the strawberries, and really enjoyed them. When we returned after the tour, we fou
  2. DH and I have done the tour twice - different ships, years apart. Very worth it for us, but then we're ship geeks. For us, the highlights were the engine control room (it's not the engine room - for my money, it's better than the engine room) and the bridge. It's a long tour and will take you to a number of crew-only places. They do give you refreshments along the way, and if you're on a ship with its own craft brews you may sample one. Both times we booked as soon as we boarded. It does book quickly - last time we were among the first boarding and there were still several people b
  3. We're booked on the June 16 EB as well. Our original game plan was to sail over on QM2 then travel to Dover for a British Isles cruise on June 25. The latter has now been cancelled - we figured this would happen, since the ship isn't in Europe. Ideally I would love to book the June 23 WB crossing but I don't think we'll be allowed since it will exceed 7 days. Assuming QM2 sails on June 16, I think we'll plan a couple of days around Winchester, then fly home. I'm not counting on the vaccines, though. Around here (Upstate NY) they can't even take care of the 1A group.
  4. We had booked our cruise on Horizon while the ship was still in the yard. At that time it was not listed as a Havana cabin; however, before she left the yard they changed 8470 - and a number of other cabins - to Havana. It was a nice surprise for us, and we definitely were spoiled.
  5. It's not Havana on Vista, but it is on Horizon.
  6. He was coming around to take orders, and I didn't see anyone else placing orders. Most people wanted to be on deck for the band.
  7. The most crowded experience I had on QM2 last year was when leaving a port and I went to the deck 8 bar to get drinks for sailaway for DH and me to enjoy on our balcony. It was mobbed - but then one of the servers saw me and said, "Mrs. B---, what can I get for you?" You see, he worked evenings in the Chart Room, which was our evening entertainment. And the service was impeccable. This time I just told him what we wanted, he said "Wait right here" and he was back shortly. I can't say enough about the service.
  8. Of course, last September-October the Carnival Sunrise sailings left from Brooklyn - so that could be a possibility if we get back to some semblance of normal. We love sailing from NYC - have done 4 and 5-day Canada cruises. several 8-day Eastern Caribbean cruises, and a 4-day Bermuda cruise. In all our cruises, we never get tired of the NY sailaway - although we've reached the point where we don't get up at 5 a.m. on the return to see the Statue of Liberty.😃 Next up (we hope): QM2 out of Brooklyn next June. That sailaway isn't as good as the Manhattan sailings, but you still get a
  9. DH and I were on that same 21-day sailing, and the Chart Room was our favorite! jzopp, I think you'll enjoy QM2. Yes, average ages do run older (at 58 and 59, DH were the youngest at our 10-top in the dining room except for the 20 year-old granddaughter of one of our tablemates), but we saw plenty of families and younger couples.
  10. Based on your signature, it looks like you're on our sailing or a similar one. We too booked long before COVID. If this were a Caribbean sailing, I'd be happy to just stay on the ship if I didn't want to do a ship excursion. But this is British Isles - the ship is not the destination on this one. If this ends up looking too restrictive, I'm inclined to cancel and book a B2B Transatlantic on QM2 (we already have the Eastbound booked to get to the Legend cruise). Nothing against ship excursions - we've done plenty - but I'm inclined to wait on the British Isles until the restrictions are relaxed
  11. Last year we had a deck 8 unobstructed balcony on our two-week TA and enjoyed it. Port side immediately aft of the last lifeboat. To your question about pool traffic - we didn't notice much at all. We liked the proximity of the aft pool bar, You should note that the steakhouse is on deck 8 aft and, when it's open, you are not supposed to access the outside deck through the restaurant. It's easy enough to go down to deck 7 and back up to 8, though. We also liked being one deck above King's Court - I'm not much of a breakfast person, so getting something light from the buffet is fine for me.
  12. Her AIS signal still says Carnival Victory at the shipyard in Cadiz.
  13. I'm enjoying your review. Victory was our first cruise in 2004 and we sailed on her three additional times. We were supposed to be on Radiance next week, also going to HMC, but of course that's not happening. Nice to think of what might have been....
  14. I'll probably get some angry, indignant responses, but here goes: DH and I love big band, swing, Latin, etc. We enjoy ballroom dancing and don't go to the disco or the casino. However, when we tried dancing in the Queens Room on QM2 we were completely intimidated. There were too many people whirling their way around the floor who simply expected you to get out of their way and had no patience with folks who just wanted an enjoyable, albeit less polished, dancing experience. We retreated to our seats and later found our home listening to jazz in the Chart Room.
  15. We had Suite 1 on our Fantasy cruise. Truly an experience. DH wore his Fantasy t-shirt in her honor today.
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