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  1. Hello and thanks for your postings. We will be on a cruise in May 2019  that will be making stops at the following ports in the Norwegian area. The following ports will be where we are stopping:  Oslo, Arendal, Eidfjord, Flam, Trondheim, Alesund, Geiranger, Bergen, Stavananger, and Esbjerg, Denmark. I have some information on some and none on others. We would appreciate hearing what you can share concerning these places and what to see and recommended tours if any.

    Thanks in advance




  2. On 12/20/2018 at 8:56 AM, hallasm said:

    The main attraction is sailing the scenic fjords - the main fjords in Norway are Sognefjord, Geirangerfjord, Hardangerfjord, Nordfjord, Nærøyfjord (a branch of Sognefjord), Lysefjord and Trollfjord. In addition also to enjoy the fantastic Fjord views from the top of the mountains.

    Both Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord are Unesco World heritage Natural Sites.
    Unesco World heritage Sites along the West Coast are: Bryggen in Bergen, Rock Art of Alta and Struve Geodetic Arc in Alta, Urnes Stave Church (Skjolden) and Vegaøyan (Brønnøysund). Tentative Unesco sites are: Svalbard Archipelago, and Lofoten islands.

    Below a list (by no means complete) of the most common ports and some of the sights along the West Coast of Norway, served by various cruise lines - where the port is located in a fjord, I have listed the fjords you must sail trough in order to reach the port.


    I have marked the Polar Circle - North of the Polar Circle you will have days with Midnight Sun in June and July and Polar Night in December and January. From October through March you can also experience Northern Lights.
    Some Norway Fjord cruises do also include Longyearbyen on Svalbard Archipelago.


    Norway West Coast Ports from South to North:

    1. Stavanger  (Port in centre of city) - The Pulpit Rock, Old Stavanger and Lysefjord Cruise excursions.
    2. Hardangerfjord (scenic sail-in) to Eidfjord or Ulvik (Ports - both Small towns) - Vøringsfossen Waterfall.
    3. Bergen (Port - larger city) - Old Bergen , Bryggen Wharf, Fishmarket, and Mount Fløyen (Fløybanen funicular).
    4. Sognefjord and Aurlandsfjord (Scenic sail-in) to Flåm (Port - small town)  - scenic Flåm Railway and biking. Excursion to Nærøyfjord.
    5. Nordfjord (Scenic sail-in) to Olden (Port - little village) - scenic area - Jostedalsbreen glacier.
    6. Storfjord and Geirangerfjord (Scenic - known as the most beautiful fjord in Norway) to Geiranger or Hellesylt (Ports - small towns) - Seven Sisters waterfall - panoramic and marvellous  views from  Eagles road and Flydalsjuvet (HoHo bus).
    7. Ålesund (Port in centre of town) Picturesque - Fjellstus and Byrampen Viewpoint.
    8. Romsdalsfjord  (Scenic) to Åndalsnes  (Port - City) scenic region. Trollstigvegen, and Rauma railway.
    9. Molde (Port - Town) - scenic and panoramic views.
    10. Trodheim (Port close to city centre). Historical and cultural city.
    11. Brønnøysund (Port - City) - Vegaøyan.
    12. ---- Polar Circle -----
    13. Bodø (Port - City).
    14. Lofoten Islands / Trollfjord  (small ports: Gravdal/Leknes, Stamsund, Svolvær ) scenic area.
    15. Harstad - Situated on the largest island in Norway, Hinnøya.
    16. Ofotfjord to Narvik (Town)- Scenic area - cable car to Narvikfjellet.
    17. Tromsø (Port - larger city).
    18. Alta (Port - City) - The Rock art of Alta.
    19. Hammerfest (Port - City) scenic - the northernmost town in Norway.
    20. Honningsvåg (Port - City) - visit to North Cape.
    21. Kirkenes (Port - City) 10 km from Russian Border.


    Note: upcoming restrictions.
    Be aware that restrictions soon will be applied to the current cruises ship fleet so they cannot cruise the Norwegian Fjords.
    The Norwegian Parliament calls on the Government to implement requirements and regulations for emissions from cruise ships and other vessels in tourist fjords, ..., including a requirement for zero emissions from tourist ships and ferries in the world heritage fjords as soon as feasible and no later than 2026.



  3. I am looking at these two companies, Ama~ considering "Enchanting Rhine", or Vineyards of the Rhine, and Avalon~"The Rhine and Moselle" or "Romantic Rhine".

    Comments on either line, plus and minus would be appreciated.

    Also, which time is better? End of June, first of July or Oct.? We are considering both months. Do you recommend any side trips or stayvers?:confused:


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