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  1. You might want to split up at least one night for a Dad/Daughter and Mom/Son activity and one night MomDaughter and Dad/Son. If they don't care for the kids activities you can still have some fun.
  2. I was newly divorced, turning 40, and taking an 11 night cruise on my own. I figured I could make it ok if I had nice people to sit with at dinner each night, so I requested late seating and a table for 12. On the first night I came down and there were only three of us. Two good looking gentlemen and me. Near the end of the meal the head waiter came around and asked us if we wanted to be moved to another table with more people for the next night. How I dreaded having to move to a new table with new people and be brave all over again. One of them men told him, "Only if you can move all three of us to the same table." My hero! We stayed at our table. I later realized the two of them were a couple, and we were joined on subsequent nights by others. We were often the last three in the dining room, talking and laughing. Their kindness meant so much to me.
  3. I attended a lecture that I particularly enjoyed, so I left a note for the speaker at guest services. A couple of days later I had a note in my stateroom inviting me to join him and his wife for breakfast. It was a lovely way to communicate (on an 11 night cruise.)
  4. What did/could a passenger do to make things easier or more fun for crew or staff? You all give us a wonderful experience. What can we do for you?
  5. Wishing you healing and happiness. I like to dress up more than some people. One thing I do is wear a cute sundress to dinner (on non-formal nights) with dressy sandals, nice jewelry and a shawl or shrug. Then the next day I wear it again with flip-flops and fun jewelry. You should wear whatever makes you happy!
  6. Thanks so much for the info. Can you say more about Two70? What did you enjoy there?
  7. I was on one cruise and seated near us every night at dinner was a large family with parents, adult children and their spouses, obviously celebrating milestone anniversary or something. Each night the elderly parents were in resort casual clothing for dinner and all of the others were in casual biker attire. (Harley Davidson bowling shirts, dark jeans, etc.) We are bikers, too, and I have no problem with this at all. However, I was interested to see what they would wear for formal night. Elderly parents are in a dark suit for Grandpa and a sequin formal for Grandma. All the bikers were in full-blown biker finest. Beautiful black leather jackets, shined black leather boots, chains, knuckle duster rings, etc. I loved seeing them express their individuality, honor their parents and have fun as a family!
  8. Agree with Sparks1093. Also worth checking a discount warehouse club's website. (I don't think I can name it here. The place where you go to buy gallon containers of potato salad at low COST.) They give a rebate in form of a warehouse gift card. I would check all three and go with the cheapest.
  9. If you are travelling with another person and they have a card, too, you can each withdraw up to the limit.
  10. Some of you might be able to shower at the fitness center on board, at least some of the times. Enjoy your cruise!
  11. How about a battery operated tea light candle. Can be used as a nightlight in the bathroom, on the balcony, etc.
  12. I saw a guy on a Holland American Norwegian Fjords cruise try to get into the dining room wearing pajamas, bedroom slippers and a robe on formal night. It looked like he had not showered or gotten out of that outfit in some time. They did not seat him.
  13. I bring a mini medicine bag with a few of just about any kind of over the counter pill we might need...antihistamine, anti diarrheal, Benadryl, laxative, pepto bismol tablets, mucinex, cough drops, etc. It all fits into a small cosmetic bag. I have used it a few times and been glad to have it handy.
  14. Parking at the Hale Koa's parking garage is relatively inexpensive if you take your rental car to Waikiki. (Military ID card holders only.)
  15. I got my security guy to sign off on a previous cruise to a hot destination when I promised I would not disembark. (I didn't.) Not sure if it would work for you, but might be worth a last ditch try if all else fails. Thanks for your service.
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