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  1. Thanks - that would be fab. I have a few I like as well but the price has def gone up - not sure if that is a pricing strategy or the $/£ but the on board offers might reduce or make it palatable
  2. hi, wonder if anyone knows the current booking offers onboard for U.K. Guests please?Prices are high for 2018
  3. I have done it about 5 times. It isn't really an upgrade as the premium non alcoholic costs a lot less than the classic alcoholic. We have asked at test relations or the bar manager and all seemed fine. I have previously emailed Michael bAyleys office on the subject and he agreed it should be done
  4. Thanks all - appreciate your input. Pete_Coach - it is up to me if I want to buy one on board surely! Everywhere sells Apple at Apple MSRP - so not sure of your point. But I am thinking of replacing my current iPod and wondered about getting it there.
  5. Added to get the subscription to work
  6. Does anyone know if the ilounge sells iPod nanos
  7. On another site have seen reference to chic nights, which are reported as no formal dress on reflection. Any truth to this?
  8. we didn't take the celebrity transfer - my experience is that they are very pricy. last week, we got the tram and metro for the princely sum of 3 TL
  9. I was ill in march - although think it was food poisioning. we got the letter but didn't geet contact from celebrity - we are in the UK. My hubby rang up and the UK team were frustrated as the rules/regulations are different in the UK and it would never have been automatically applied but after the phone call - it got applied to our next cruise.
  10. thanks for taking the time to update - appreciate it. we will be travelling with hand luggage only - so worst case will wander with that until we are tired out. we are lucky enough to have been to istanbul before and seen the sights
  11. thanks for your insight. I am hoping we can come and go ahead of the departure time but we will need to be on board for muster - so guess that might define the end period. guess we will just have to wait for embarkation to confirm the real position
  12. I know we have some cruiser critics who were on Equinox when she turned round the same day and didn't have her overnight. Could you let us know what happened for you with - embarkation times - cabin availability - when all aboard was - when muster drill was - impact on dinner that night Know celebrity will tell us when we get there but some insight would be fab. Thank you in advance
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