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  1. Diet tonic is chargeable which I think is very poor , you can get Diet Pepsi
  2. Hello is the I-fly and the North Star free ?? Only seem to be able to find charges . Thank you
  3. We prefer cash don’t even have credit cards only debit ones 🙈
  4. Can you still have a cash account , this is the way we prefer to go ?, thank you in advance
  5. We got told by our travel agent on Monday this is as you say shameful and she told me she had talked to rccl 🙈🙈🙈
  6. Am I right in thinking inside cabins have virtual window ???! 🙈
  7. That’s a shame we only rang a couple of days ago to ask if we could take our granddaughter but because she would not have had her jabs (to young) they could not book her in also told me they cold not book a young couple because they were in early twenty’s and properly would not have had there’s by sailing date very strange
  8. we have been told two jabs for our sept cruise
  9. Hi does anybody know ? Who might be the band on Anthem in September 🙈🙈
  10. Not what we were told but I will check tomorrow thank you , but it not the first time 🙈🙈
  11. Today I tried to book a cruise with Royal Caribbean, For food and wine experience , the price that was advertised was very appealing. When I phone my TA he told me the prices were much higher and asked me where I saw the price I gave him, I told him it was from an e mail sent to me from his company, he looked on the email and said he had it at a better price than I had, but it was now much higher if I wanted to book now . I asked why and he said he would check with his manager and let me know why, he told me he was sorry but royal carribean are doing this all the time advertising one price but you never seem to be able to get it . So don’t feel to sorry for some cruise company’s
  12. We were given Stilton every night with no proplems and yes we were freedom dining but you always have to ask for it why?
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