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  1. i will wait and see, currently the US requires negative covid test for entry into the US by air. Will they mandate that for sea as well. If they do, how many cruise line is going to do a covid test within 72 hrs of entry and have positive results on a ship. What happens to a passenger who test positive, you stay on the ship. CDC needs to lift a lot of requirements for this summer. i have too many cancelled trips to be hopeful.
  2. the piano player in the middle of the dining room and baked alaska which was a fire hazard today. midnight buffet.
  3. just booked some Labadee excursion, they are the same price. RCL uses dynamic pricing so guess booking must be very light. Still have not seen the BOGO dinner just the Chops + 1 for $75. Is that deal forever done.
  4. nothing like planning ahead two years. wishful thinking. you are going to a cruise port that is not finished yet, there are no tours from that cruise port but there are tours for hotels being advertised. with the pandemic, who know what is going to happen to that port that is being privately funded. i am booked with RCL into that port next year but will wait to see if it is actually confirm once sailing starts again. Last time i check with someone who winter there, it is still a cargo terminal, really rough, but small amount of work is being done now.
  5. Haiti is a country still at civil war. there is still armed troops from UN there. Haiti has no tourist attraction or tours. Labadee is a gated tip off the west coast. it is completely fenced off. Even the food is taken directly off the ship. Having been going to Labadee when it was open over 20 years ago, it is a very nice beach day. Back in the old days, there was no docks, zip line or coasters.
  6. this is carnival made port. completely commercial, including all the Diamond International stores and every alcohol store. there is a pool and bar and man made sand. you can get a all day pass or pay as you go. never like the port but Puerto Plata is worth exploring. google amber cove and you will see the maps available. it is a bit out of the way from the real beach which some will take a taxi to. many other thread on the cost of taxi and shuttle but wait and see after covid. There are no sailing so no new reviews.
  7. was on the Allure just before the world stop. she had a problem with propulsion system in one of the pods. she was sailing a bit slow on our cruise. we all have opinion on the amp being done on the OASIS class. i for one hate the big slide and the diamond lounge being moved. So Allure is not going to be Amp for a while now since RCL will not have the money. She is a very nice ship as is. Already booked for Ft Lauderdale sailing.
  8. the new port is still not finished, guess there is no rush because it is privately funded and there are no cruise ship. It is right on the edge of the town. Most people get out of Amber Cove not go there. The new port will have similar but smaller. look at the drawings. Since it is still many months before cruising goes to DR, suggest you wait till the port is open and availability of taxi or shuttle is known. Once RCL and NCL start sailing into port, it will have local tours to beaches or just city tour or taxi. yes there are beaches close on both sides of the new port. Li
  9. thanks for the link to the agent site. disappointed. been holding out for the 30% off each guest. our kid is no longer 12. has not been that in a long time, i am sure we always book the 30% off deal in the past. has isolation got me confused
  10. yes hoping for good news, deployment schedule and black friday/cyber monday sale. it will probably be the standard sailing being release, safe bets for royal. C&A discounts may be as good as black friday but here to hoping. Here is their chance, mostly loyal royal cruiser will be booking that far out.
  11. I am also looking at the ovation. i know deck 6 is obstructed by the life boat. do you know if deck 7 is consider obstructed because you cannot look straight down. trying to get a balcony at the lowest price.
  12. that is exactly why i cannot book the far east or australia right now, cruise price is great but still big investment in airfare from US with this amount of uncertainty in the schedule.
  13. yes, i ve been watching the same, radiance out of Brisbane. The price was good but was waiting to see how they would start moving ships around and they did. Still not sure if this is the final schedule since no ships are sailing out of Australia for the next little bit.
  14. It has been a couple of years that Royal has started to use dynamic pricing, the higher the demand, the higher the price. Maybe because Harmony has Wonderland, there is more demand for specialty restaurant. A lot of long time cruiser would question why since Wonderland is probably an one time thing. Appeal to first time cruisers which is what Royal targets now. Just trying to make sense of the varied pricing across the line.
  15. It use to be BOGO at around $50 so you can choose Chops as one of the restaurant. Current booking on multiple OASIS class has been Chops plus one at $75. Depending on the combination, not much of a bargain.
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