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  1. We just returned from our Ovation cruise yesterday. We took Seattle Express from our hotel near the airport to the cruise terminal to board the ship, and then on our return, from the pier to the airport. Round trip fare was $30.00 per person. The bus trip each way was about the same amount of time as a taxi would have been. You are dropped off at the pier just near the luggage drop off point for either Royal Caribbean or Celebrity, and the pickup when you return is at the same place. It was so nice to walk off the ship (without luggage, just carry-ons - we used the Seattle port luggage service) and just stroll up to the bus without fighting lines or crowds, get onboard, and be driven to the airport. They were exactly where and when they said they would be and the return trip to the airport was very smooth. We walked off the ship at about 8:15, went through customs (about 1 minute - no lines and no forms to fill out), were on a bus, a short wait for it to fill up (less than 15 minutes) and off we went. We arrived at the airport at about 9:30 or so. They did say that if you left the ship after 9:00 or 9:30, the wait for a bus would be longer (up to 45 minutes was the estimate given), as all the buses would be enroute either to or from the airport already. I would definitely use them again. BTW, the one-way fare would have been $16.99 per person. Pat
  2. From your lips to.......well, you know. Thanks for the encouragement. Pat
  3. I'll pay what it takes not to miss our flight! Thanks, Bob. Pat
  4. Our cruise actually ends on February 1, which is the day before the Super Bowl. Our flight home is at 11:25. Do you think there will be sufficient cabs/Uber/Lyft available that morning, or will they be in use elsewhere? I'm not a football fan, so it never occurred to me that the game might be that weekend. Now I'm starting to panic a bit.🥺 Pat
  5. Well, dang. But thanks for the heads up. Our cruise isn't until the end of January - maybe they'll have it by then. Pat
  6. Yeah - currently our flight is at 11:25. This is after Delta has changed it THREE times in just over four months. If they change it again, we'll have to jump ship offshore and swim into port. 😮 Actually, if they change it again it's going to be goodbye Delta! Pat
  7. Thank you. We have a sort of early flight and plan to self-disembark, but it will be great not to have to fight with larger luggage pieces. Pat
  8. Are they offering Luggage Valet yet on Symphony? Thanks, Pat
  9. Solarium Bistro is available for dinner booking for our August 30 cruise, and there is no charge.
  10. We took this tour last November. The boat does leave from the tender pier, and there were tour personnel to make sure you got to the correct area. I don't remember any water motion other than that created by a small boat moving through the bay. You are not out on the open ocean. There are speed limits for this area, so the boat can't go fast enough to cause problems. The tour was enjoyable for a non-strenuous time seeing the natural beauty of Belize. Pat
  11. Did you use Uber after disembarking too? If so, how was the Uber staging area? Some posts in the Port of Call boards have said that the lines for taxis were very long (over an hour wait) and that there were many, many people in the ride-share area and that crowd control was erratic. How was your experience? Thanks, Pat
  12. The brochure does not seem to download as a PDF, and I can't find a way to save the whole thing the way I used to be able to. Probably not an issue, since the brochure is a "snapshot", and to get current prices I would have to reload it or go to cruise planner anyway. Pat
  13. The link worked for me too using Firefox, but I prefer the old days when you could actually download the brochure to your desktop. Am I missing something? Pat
  14. There have been some posts about horrible crowds and chaos at the ride-share lot at Pier 91. How was your experience using Lyft there? Thanks, Pat
  15. Thanks, Biker. At least I'm now certain my browser didn't eat part of the form! Pat
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