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  1. We have one cruise in early May of 2021. We'll book with Southwest as soon as they open the date (they're currently open to January 4, and will open to March 10, 2021 on August 27th. We're seniors, so RCCL will have to have their stuff together a lot more than they do now, or we won't take the cruise. We can't risk it. But I will book the air as soon as I can, since I can cancel it and get our Southwest points back. Hope springs eternal! Pat
  2. Our first (and last) experience of a JS on Brilliance was a disaster. Unfortunately, on Radiance class all of the JS cabins are under the pool deck. Ours was apparently under the area of the Windjammer where food/equipment was brought up, and we heard metal pans and trays being moved (and dropped!) into the late evening and beginning again at about 4:00 or 5:00 AM. Never again! If you do decide to book a JS, at least try to be as far aft as you can to avoid the kitchen noise. Of course, then you might have the deck chair noise😝. Pat
  3. Thanks again, Ken. I forwarded the above information to the agency head in case he wasn't familiar with it. It's an agency that books group cruises for a special interest segment of the market, and all this may be outside his comfort zone. However, he did get the cruise booked, and let me know today that the FCCs had been applied, like yours, within 24 hours. So, it's all good. Again, thanks for helping us all keep as up-to-date as is reasonably possible these days. Pat
  4. We booked a cruise for next year with our travel agent today. The cruise was part of a group booking, so the agent spoke to the group rep about using the FCC for the deposit (the agent had never heard of it). The rep came back and said that it couldn't be used. I sent the agent a copy of Ken's post, and the head of the agency spoke with the group rep. When he quoted the FAQ item, she was able to look it up and agreed that it was applicable. The group rep, the agency head, and the travel agent were all unaware of the change in policy (why am I not surprised?). The group rep did emphasize that it sometimes took several days to apply the FCC, and it was possible that Royal could cancel the booking for lack of deposit. My agent is going to track the booking and make sure that the deadline for deposit doesn't pass (it is 5 days from now). We got a very good deal on the cruise with the current perks, and I'm glad I insisted on them using the FCC. Because of our age and medical issues, we don't want any cash involved with this cruise until it comes time for final booking, when we can take a good look at the situation and decide whether to go. Thank you, Ken, for keeping us up to date. Pat
  5. Thanks for the reply, Ken. We're obviously in the category that cannot sail without a doctor signing Royal's form, and there isn't any way a doctor could say, "No, this patient doesn't have any of these conditions", since it wouldn't be true. And the form I saw didn't seem to leave any place for an explanation that the conditions were well under control. I would be happy (well, not happy, but willing) to pass the FCC on to our son and daughter-in-law, but they will have their own FCC from Celebrity, and would probably have difficulty cruising twice next year before they expired. So, yes, a way for Royal to seem as though they're making concessions, while still making sure their purse strings are firmly closed. Pat
  6. Was there any mention of extending the expiration date on the transferred FCC?
  7. You really appreciate and miss Bob (Clarea) the most at times like these.
  8. Would I take 80% cash refund versus 100% FCC? In a New York minute - and I live in California! Pat
  9. Mapleleafforever, I would have a hard time arguing with you about that, though I think they would have had to put a time limit on them no matter what. They represent an unfunded liability, and Royal have to have a way to account for it. I've already mentally kissed the money goodbye, and if that turns out not to be the case, I'll smile a lot. Pat
  10. Was looking at possibilities in September, 2020; October, 2020; and December, 2020. In my opinion, the most likely cruise for us to take is in January, 2021, simply because I'm not confident that the situation will have stabilized before then, and we're in a high-risk group. To be honest, I'm not completely sure we'll ever be able to use the FCC from our cancellation. Pat
  11. DH and I are booked on Liberty on April 26th. We had fully intended to take this cruise (we're past final and into 75% penalty territory, had reserved dining and shore excursions). But DH will be 79 just after the cruise and has three significant underlying medical conditions. We just can't take the cruise, so we called our TA today to start the cancellation process. We started talking about cancelling late last week, and expected to lose most of our money. So we're beyond excited at the RCCL offer of a cruise credit. We hope that circumstances will permit us to use the FCC, but just the possibility of salvaging our investment makes us extremely grateful. Bottom line is - THEY DIDN'T HAVE TO DO IT! Pat
  12. Ctr + F5 and holding it down for about 30 seconds worked. Thanks, fred30 and hallux.
  13. Will try Ctr + F5 since shift + F5 did not work. Not near that computer at the moment. Pat
  14. This 👆. On a desktop PC, also running latest version of Firefox. It's been about 4 or more days for me. Pat
  15. We are on Liberty for the April 26th Western Caribbean cruise, and the itinerary shown on the website is the reverse of what is shown in our cruise planner and calendar. This is apparently Royal IT's newest wrinkle for making us crazy, but I am personally confident that the original itinerary showing in the cruise planner is correct. 🤣 Pat
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