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  1. We are also booked for November, but wearing a mask is the one thing I would cancel over. I don't mind wearing it here when I go out for shopping or even for a walk, and I could live with reduced capacity and social distancing, even some venues not being available, but I won't wear a mask on a cruise vacation. If it's required, we'll cancel. And we will have to know by August 6, or we will cancel anyway and not take a chance. Pat
  2. We just got one for our 11/7/21 cruise on Oasis. I tried to be as transparent as I could regarding what we were willing to accept on the cruise - no problem with COVID test at terminal, social distancing, reduced capacity, but not mask wearing onboard. I did notice that they approached the vaccination question from several different angles, and on several pages. We have been vaccinated, so I did mention that and listed it as a priority for us to take the cruise. Pat
  3. Thanks, Dani. Unfortunately, we aren't even allowed outdoor dining here at the present time. Our ICU beds are almost at capacity, and ICU staffing is down. I really, really don't want to catch this with the vaccines on the horizon. So, I'll just wait it out. But, I already have my eye on Paris in the fall😁.
  4. Thank you all for your lovely thoughts. I don't normally even celebrate birthdays, but this one would have been special. We WILL do something, just not sure when. But again, thanks for the uplift. Pat
  5. Tomorrow is my 75th birthday. Normally, we would make a pretty big deal about it, even though it's 8 days before Christmas. We might have taken a Mexican Riviera cruise out of San Diego, where we live. We might have even taken a flying land visit to Paris for 3 or 4 nights. We might have gone to Las Vegas for a couple of nights, stayed at a big hotel, had a nice dinner, and taken in a show. We might have done the above at a local Indian casino. We might have at least gone out to a local restaurant for a nice dinner. But, no........ Pat
  6. All of this begs the question "at what point, even if Canada opened up, is it no longer financially feasible for Royal to send the ships to Alaska?" I can't see them sending three ships, or even one or two, if the season will be only a few weeks long.
  7. We have an August Alaska booked, simply because at our ages we can't plan to wait a year or two or five. We'll take the cruise if we've been vaccinated and are healthy. But if it's canceled, that's it for us. We've had a wonderful time cruising, but as my husband says, "We've run out of runway." Pat
  8. These eyes are WAY too old to try to read my Cruise Planner on my phone😵. If Edge fails me, .......well, I don't want to think about it. I for sure am not planning to talk to Royal's IT folks about it😬.
  9. I haven't been able to log into my Royal account for about a year using Firefox, not even with a private window. But I have no problems on Edge, so I use that. Pat
  10. To return to the original question: No, I wouldn't consider such a cruise. For me, much of the joy of cruising is seeing people of differing ages, ethnicities, and outlooks on life. If I could only cruise under your conditions, it isn't for me and probably isn't safe for anyone who did it. And yes, I am a senior, well over the upper age limit you suggested. Pat
  11. I had decided to grow out my short hair before the pandemic hit, so I just cheerfully let it grow until it got about where I wanted it. Just when i was ready to get it trimmed and shaped, the governor closed the hair salons again. So...I cut it myself. I don't know if anyone is old enough to remember the haircut on the boy from the Buster Brown shoes ads, but that will give you a good idea of what I look like. Hope the salons open again soon, but I'll take Buster Brown over risking opening too soon🤕. Pat
  12. We have one cruise in early May of 2021. We'll book with Southwest as soon as they open the date (they're currently open to January 4, and will open to March 10, 2021 on August 27th. We're seniors, so RCCL will have to have their stuff together a lot more than they do now, or we won't take the cruise. We can't risk it. But I will book the air as soon as I can, since I can cancel it and get our Southwest points back. Hope springs eternal! Pat
  13. Our first (and last) experience of a JS on Brilliance was a disaster. Unfortunately, on Radiance class all of the JS cabins are under the pool deck. Ours was apparently under the area of the Windjammer where food/equipment was brought up, and we heard metal pans and trays being moved (and dropped!) into the late evening and beginning again at about 4:00 or 5:00 AM. Never again! If you do decide to book a JS, at least try to be as far aft as you can to avoid the kitchen noise. Of course, then you might have the deck chair noise😝. Pat
  14. Thanks again, Ken. I forwarded the above information to the agency head in case he wasn't familiar with it. It's an agency that books group cruises for a special interest segment of the market, and all this may be outside his comfort zone. However, he did get the cruise booked, and let me know today that the FCCs had been applied, like yours, within 24 hours. So, it's all good. Again, thanks for helping us all keep as up-to-date as is reasonably possible these days. Pat
  15. We booked a cruise for next year with our travel agent today. The cruise was part of a group booking, so the agent spoke to the group rep about using the FCC for the deposit (the agent had never heard of it). The rep came back and said that it couldn't be used. I sent the agent a copy of Ken's post, and the head of the agency spoke with the group rep. When he quoted the FAQ item, she was able to look it up and agreed that it was applicable. The group rep, the agency head, and the travel agent were all unaware of the change in policy (why am I not surprised?). The group rep did emphasize
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