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  1. I think I am understanding that first sailings will be crew only ..
  2. Oh Ellie I would love to see the cruise ships moored off Southampton I am guessing . I learned to walk on the Empress of France 1950 I am Liverpool to Quebec ....my Mother said they changed the clocks every day one hour which was challenging with a small Toddler , also one I started walking I guess I demanded to walk the decks in pretty chilly weather ...I will look for some of the pictures.
  3. April 2nd 2022....I am pretty sure we stop in Bora Bora ...never been to Sydney and then 2 stops in New Zealand ...
  4. We just booked a 28 day Sydney to SFO on Sapphire , lets hope that is a go.
  5. Did someone say CRUISE here I am packed in less than 30min . We just had our 28 day on Star in March cancelled , Panama Canal in February not cancelled yet ... Thank you Ellie for this great escape to Hawaii.
  6. I do not smoke but travelled with people who did ,you could smoke in Casino , also near aft on Promenade deck cannot remember which side ,also in a sitting area aft deck above Lido... This was a couple of years ago but hope it helps.
  7. I will cancel today ..its killing me ....if only we had information .
  8. In the same predicament except our cruise is December 19th ...we do Thanksgiving with our kids and other In Laws do Christmas . So this Christmas we planned a cruise ...seems too risky now and kids horrified that we would even consider sailing !!! We have Panama Canal in February so hopefully we will go on that one.
  9. That is exactly how we feel for December 19th ..I think that is a guinea Pig cruise first out for Royal ..hate to be floating around outside LA if someone has tested positive with Kitty boarding .
  10. We are on Royal 12/19 .....I had hoped for more information by now .My concern is if someone tests positive ( very likely that may happen ) will we be allowed to dock and return home ??
  11. We booked the same cruise also wonderful itinerary , today I called as final payment for our December 19th on Royal almost due I was told Royal will be sailing , we will see I am rather nervous about it .
  12. I love Sapphire Princess we are booked on Repo Sydney to SFO ...also had some issues trying to book .
  13. I see prices now interested in Sapphire Princess repo Sydney to SFO.
  14. We are also on that sailing , we keep hoping and would be happy to stay on board all cruise . Princess upgraded us to an aft balcony which would be a real treat for Christmas .
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