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  1. We are on board now , pack lots of layers. Glacier bay was magnificent and very cold. Many Covid related changes but so good to sail again.
  2. We are on Majestic now and eat in Symphony , we dine just the 2 of us but the tables are very close together ….hard to ignore people on either side of you . I presume the Menus are the same …buffet at dinner time is not worth going to . ship is spotless and crew amazing . Enjoy your cruise.
  3. Today Encore is 7 pm and 9.15 pm . On Majestic.
  4. Just FYI for future cruisers on Majestic Princess…. I went to the Excursion Desk yesterday inquiring about our tickets for Wildlife Center…. Was asked did you not get a letter from Princess saying that excursion was cancelled 4 days ago ? Had no clue , we were really looking forward to it. We will still have a great time.
  5. Thank you for the picture !!! if only the waist was so slim....at airport off to Majestic. My brother in Winchester is still nervous about me booking a flight to UK ... I will think of you at Scone O Clock.
  6. Ellie I do hope your son is better soon ,fingers crossed nobody else in the family is infected . Yes Covid is alive and well ..our Hawaii cruise on Ruby this Christmas from San Francisco was cancelled yesterday ,feeling sad after reading your lovely review . I like Ironing fond memories of my Granny ironing and listening to Womens Hour ..do they still have that in UK. Off on Majestic to Alaska on Sunday . I will have a scone or 4 for you.
  7. My TA is telling me the 2 Ruby holiday cruises does not have Ports settled but no Santa Barbara ...I wish I knew Itinerary . As it is much easier and cheaper for us to get to LA I hope to get on the Dec29th 10 day on Majestic. I guess Cabo is an easy pick as a tender port and easy to get space ..San Diego maybe but the way my TA worded her E mail she knows no more than we do.
  8. Just rebooked for Christmas next year ..what a let down.
  9. We stayed in that on Royal for Mexico trip ..loved the view . There were some things that may prevent us from booking that again , when I sat down I could see nothing through balcony . We had a big rain storm while we were sailing and water seeped in through sliding door and at times it was windy ... All in all though it was a different type of experience and no regrets about trying it ,the view was amazing .
  10. I got mine fixed by one phone call , I called the Covid Hotline number and the number to call in Nevada .
  11. I just pre ordered Medallion Net took me 3 tries to get an Agent who could actually help me . Sailing 9/12 .
  12. Darn and I had no cancel the first part of my B2B about 10days ago , seems the rules change every day.
  13. Yes I misunderstood her it was CVS 4PM tomorrow ..at least CVS called and let her know ...they are lucky doing B2B I am not sure how as we could not book that . Also Princess has upgraded them on the first cruise from an Inside to a Balcony .All worked out well for them,
  14. Who knows all this added worry is unwelcome isn't it .
  15. She is in Reno NV good news our Airport has tests available $60 each . I will book ours for Sept 10 th and just pay to avoid the worry.
  16. I know the lady is in a wheelchair so nothing is easy , they were leaving to drive to Seattle tomorrow morning . I told her to pretend she was going in NCL and get in their testing line !!!!
  17. My friend had Covid testing booked for 4 pm today , CVS just informed her they have run out of tests , after an hour on hold to Princess she was offered a full refund . She is devastated they were shocked at the indifference of Princess .
  18. In my Area the tests are in short supply who knows by September .Hoping by then Princess will provide Testing at the Pier like the other Cruise Lines.
  19. We sail 9/12 as of today Walgreens have run out of tests and the CVS near us has very few and holding them for those with symptoms.
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