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  1. Thank you everyone! I'm getting ready to book it and pray for easy flights. lol
  2. Ok so I just did a mock booking again. It says $424 when I choose the airport, then on my details it says $849 for passenger #1 and $100 each for transfers. I'm flying from Cleveland for an Alaskan cruise so I'm not even saying $849 is a bad price, just a little misleading information. Thank you again to all of you for your help! Now I just need to decide if I can let go of my control to have NCL book the flights 🙃
  3. I was looking at all options on regular room, not Sail Away. Drink package raised it 300, dining package 160, airfare 1000. I didn't look at the details though. I will check that out. Thanks for your help! I've never added the airfare to my cruise, so this whole thing is just making me a little/lot nervous.
  4. Looking at a cruise to Alaska next summer. When I do a mock booking, the Buy one get one free airfare shows $425, but the cost of the trip goes up just over $1000?? That would make sense if I was paying airfare for both with taxes etc, but how am I getting one free? Thanks!
  5. Sorry! I posted a little too quickly. Just found this schedule https://www.cruisemapper.com/ports/glacier-bay-port-494?tab=schedule&month=2022-07#schedule
  6. Glacier Bay is one thing we definitely want to see and I'm having trouble finding which ones go to Glacier Bay. I read somewhere that Glacier Bay isn't always listed even when the ship goes there, but I don't want to make a mistake and miss it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Thanks everyone. My husband also got an email so together we have 1420. Perfect. Sorry for the panic!! I am calm now.... Except tomorrow I should have been boarding my cruise and I'm soooo sad......
  8. Mine was definitely not the exact amount I paid for the cruise. Even without the spa package and prepaid gratuities, I paid $1052. My credit is $710 plus the 25%. I already lost my airfare, I really don't want to lose any more. I just checked the Peace of Mind link and prepaid gratuities should have been included in my cruise credit which would raise the amount paid to over $1200. Spa Packages aren't listed on either the cruise credit or automatic refund list.
  9. I just received an email about my $710 dollar cruise credit plus the 25%. BUT, I paid over $1400 including port charges, prepaid gratuities, spa package. Do I lose all of my extras even though they canceled?? I didn't cancel, they did. I was supposed to leave tomorrow.
  10. Our reservations are linked online. It’s when I called that the person told me they’re not linked. I told the person on the phone that they’re linked online but she either didn’t understand or didn’t want to deal with me. I let it go because of the language barrier. I tried to call crown and anchor but was on hold....too long.....and hung up. I just don’t understand why it’s so difficult to give them money? I’m giving up now. Im not spending any more time on this issue. It’s just annoying!!
  11. I booked both myself online. I can do everything online for both rooms. I have booked excursions and paid everything for both rooms. I just can’t prepay gratuities online. And they said the rooms aren’t linked so i can’t pay on the phone for my 2nd room.
  12. I booked online and when I log in I can see my room reservation and my son’s reservation. Doesn’t that mean they’re linked? I can pay, book excursions, dining for both rooms with one login. I just tried to prepay gratuities by calling Royal. I can’t figure out how to do it online? Which is also crazy IMO. Anyway, I was told that I can’t prepay his gratuities because I’m not in his room and the reservations aren’t linked. I did question but I didn’t argue since I was speaking to someone that I would have a language barrier with.... does this make sense? I’m trying to give them money and they won’t take it?
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