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  1. Anybody heard any talk, rumors about Celebrity returning to service in the Galapagos??
  2. What is the rental car agency you use in Punta Del Este,? approx. cost/day? are they pretty fast getting you on your way? Thanks
  3. We were part of the Nov 2019 Xpedition Accident Cancellation, have rescheduled to Nov 2021 but hoping to move forward to Spring 2021. Are scheduled to do South America Antarctica trip Dec 20/Jan21 but that will likely get canceled, and that leaves us with the possibility of 4 trips between August & January of 22, Too many days off work... At some point these countries are going to have to wake up and realize they are going broke at a fast rate, and open things up...
  4. Long time since I've been on this feed....Anybody have any ideas when Celebrity will sail again in the Galapagos??
  5. AWESOME news!! Ever figure out the exact story on the accident?
  6. It is my understanding that on Superbowl Sunday The Expedition transited the Panama Canal heading towards Ecuador, we were rescheduled from Nov 2019 to Nov 2021.
  7. Interesting that no one has commented on this particular thread that the Expedition was involved in an incident on 11-5-19 and is currently out of service for this week 11-2-19 and at least for next week 11-9-19.
  8. Great news, should be a great experience on the Xpedition (no pun intended) 48 Pax on a ship designed for 100 Pax.... should be the life of Riley, glad they have a few weeks to get organized before most of us will be sailing! Last update Xpedition was nearing Baltra. I must say all of this has at least been entertaining.....it looks like for 9/7 the Xperience did not sail (left on 9-11)
  9. Looking at marinetraffic site it shows the Xpedition on 9-11 as moored, however if you look at the current satellite it is not at the anchorage with the other ships, the satellite shows a "passenger ship" in the approximate position as cruisemapper midway or more between the mainland and the islands. Fingers crossed we will have a 48Pax Xpedition sailing as soon as 9-14!! (on the 11-23 sailing) Glad I was not on the 9/14, (i'd have already spent my refund!!)
  10. XPEDITION is on the move again....Cruisemapper has her sailing at 13 knots and current location halfway to the Galapagos!!! Could it be...….
  11. We are on the Nov 23rd Sailing and have the same thing we are going to do the Volcano Train, train station is about a 10 minute trip from the hotel by UBER, you can buy your tickets online. http://trenecuador.com/en/day-trips/train-of-the-volcanoes/ If you book early you can get on some cars that have more leg room at no extra charge, very reasonable!!! Save the Pandas, did you visit Arequipa while in Peru? The Colcha Canyon (Giant Condors?) Try the Alpaca Steaks? (my favorite!!)
  12. After reading the reviews on the Flora, ill stick to the Expedition if available, if not the Experience and get 50% back, we booked in May of 2018 on board the Summit on a room that no longer exists according to the Celebrity Website.
  13. Not sure about the laws in Ecuador, (Quito 9K feet) but for me the best thing for altitude sickness is to either chew on or make tea out of coca leaves, in Peru they sell it in the parking lot at the Cuzco (11500Ft) airport for $1 a bag. Diamox ( a glaucoma drug) is effective (no kidney disease, sulfa allergies) as well, drink lots of H2O, no ETOH!!!! Those c COPD type issues may need supplemental O2. I got really sick and could not breathe at a very high pass in the Andes (18Kplus), despite Diamox and Coca Leaves, (no O2 on board) it was a very scary experience at the time I was about 50 and
  14. That is a tough one- my wife would pick the Flora at no extra charge, I'd pick the Xploration and book another cruise the 50% refund! Bottom line you can't lose either way!!!!
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