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  1. What is the best rental agency--are they available at the cruise port?
  2. DrKoob- ??I read that Teva type closed toed sandals with velcro straps don't work well in the Galapagos, can you comment on that?? Mine have a Velcro heel strap...I was going to take them with my waterproof ankle high lightweight hiking boots. Thank you!!
  3. We were booked for this in 11-2019 before the Xpedition hit the rocks, old Steam train that leaves from Quito not far from the hotel, website is down now.
  4. Thanks, did you by chance do the Train of the Volcanoes excursion in Quito?
  5. Sippican- Did you guys finally get to go? I remember your posts from the Galapagos Problems forum (Xpedition issues), we are set for 11-18 on the Xpedition
  6. Dr. Koob's suggestions have been invaluable to our planning, anything you can add would be appreciated. If you are still in Quito can you see if the Train to the Volcanoes is back running, and their contact information. Thank you!!!!
  7. I see you live in South Florida were you able to get the direct AA flight MIA-UIO or Jet Blue FLL-UIO flight? (we are in Jupiter)
  8. Do you know if the Xpedition is also sailing again, we are on the 11-18 trip, Marriott open? Thx
  9. 6 of us booked on Trike tour day 1 (Monday)-same cruise as you looking for ideas as well
  10. Thank you, I saw you were in Wellington on Tuesday, had I known I would have bought you lunch and picked your brain (Office is in Palm springs very close by). I did send a request to your website for a copy of your packing list for Gpagos (see you are a list guy also!!) Thanks
  11. awesome pic's cant wait till 11-17 to go!!! Where did that hat with the covering to the neck come from? Thanks
  12. Look at this post--J&K Travel – Traveling the world together and helping others to travel too! (jktravelredmond.com) They just got back from Flora
  13. Awesome- We are going on the Xpedition Nov 17th!
  14. Has anybody heard anything from the Flora? First trip out July 4th, was it a go???
  15. X now has free air to UIO (up to $750/pp) think it ends in June- was able to rebook c TA and at least in theory get the air covered by celebrity Flights. Lets see if it really happens
  16. Is anybody else on the Nov 17th, 2021 Xpedition Quito/Gal sailing?---I am feeling like we have a 90% chance of making this happen!
  17. I did want to do the Train of the Volcanoes....but those can be done easily and rather inexpensively on your own on a sperate land only trip once SA has been fully vaccinated
  18. I would be more than happy to skip the Quito-pretrip tour and perhaps have a few extra days on Land in the Galapagos. We are rescheduled from 2019 to over Thanksgiving 2021 on Xpedition, had originally hoped to move it forward so we could do an SA/Antarctica over Xmas but....We are paid in full- Cruise Credits+Cash except for the MIA-UIO flight.
  19. Does anyone on this thread have reservations for July 2021 (Xpedition, Flora, Xploration) if so have you heard anything directly from Celebrity?
  20. With a 100% Vac crew and Pax the risk of illness from Covid requiring hospitalization is astronomical, I would almost guarantee that all the crew would rather work than still at home unpaid. At some point the interest in travelling by ship will diminish....How many times can folks like us (6 cruises xclled) keep rescheduling before giving up?
  21. I certainly cant see an issue with going from US-Quito-Baltra without exploring Quito on the front end of the trip. Is the JWMarriot still closed in Quito. The CDC has no authority in the Galapagos and other tours ARE going
  22. With only 48Pax on the Xpedition and about 100 on the Flora- there was virtually ZERO activity on any of the Roll Calls, this has been the best source to connect with interested folks. Yes we want the same info as you want.
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