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  1. The Guy on the left is Dr. Zinan Liu. He is the Chairman for Royal Caribbean Asia. The center is Michael Bayley. The Right I'm not too sure
  2. I was right! Oasis 5 will be coming to Asia in 2021 and will be name Wonder Of The Seas
  3. Royal Princess is apparently heading to Australia too in 2021 before heading up to Asia in 2022
  4. This is new.. So now I'm wondering if Eclipse inaugural season in Australia will be a revolution ship or not? That will be a shot in the foot if its not.
  5. Hi, There's a cruise line going to Christmas Island next year roundtrip from Singapore but it's on a Asian Cruise Line (Dream Cruises) with their cruise ship Genting Dream. The Cruise is called the 5 night Gems of Equator Cruise which also calls in Belitung, Indonesia.
  6. Interesting to have VY drydock in Singapore again after her upcoming drydock in Singapore when she enters next week. Perhaps given all the flak about her Royal Amplification, Royal will want to add the missing stuff like skypad, the caribbean pool etc on VY before she returns to the US. In this case, I wonder who will take over Singapore May, June deployment once she's gone.
  7. Most of the complaints centered around China cruising. English is widely spoken onboard Royal ships sailing from Singapore. English Speaking Tours and Activities Canceled: Cruises from Singapore, shore excursions are mainly in English with only 1 or 2 in Chinese. It will not be canceled unless there is a low take up rate. Activities onboard are all held in English including Bingo, Trivia and etc... All Food Only Catering for the Asian Market: It's a Mix between Asian and Western Food. You will not find 100% Asian Food on the Quantum sailing from Singapore. Lack Of Coffee Available: Never have I seen a Quantum Ship sailing from Singapore lacking in coffee and specialty coffee. There is lots around the ship in the cafe promenade, windjammer. Unfortunately, Singapore has decided to follow the China style of charging for activities on-board like North Star, Bumper Cars(Express Lane) and IFLY. A bad move in my opinion considering the reason they give is not good enough. Pushing, Shoving , Arguing. You may encounter this from time to time but hey, it happens all over the world.
  8. That Quantum booking is really interesting as she has never left China ever since she arrived. Guess she will undergo a makeover before heading down. With Quantum down under in 2021/2022, this will only leave Spectrum in China which for Royal doesn't work out as Singapore is left without a ship. Either Voyager arrives back to Singapore for her winter deployment or this is hinting at a new ship which could be an Oasis Class making its way to Asia soon.
  9. They released the Cabin features. 2 Bathrooms it seems plus many other more features.
  10. Same. I just cruise to the same ports mainly due to the ship. Royal rarely does Langkawi or even touch Koh Samui. Their competitor in Singapore is throwing out good itineraries. If only royal could see it.
  11. Wonder why. I wanted to book the 14 night Anthem Med sailing but was put off by the price. Maybe if they added another Quantum Class ship there, the price will drop or will remain the same due to high demand. I have a feeling that one of the Oasis class will head to Asia in 2021
  12. Your wish is granted. Ovation Of The Seas will be meeting with Quantum Of The Seas in Singapore on 4 April 2021 and 25 April 2021. You can do a short Quantum Of The Seas Cruise before embarking on the Ovation to Japan. For those interested, If you want to do the Sydney to Singapore leg arriving on 4 April 2021, you can also hop on the Quantum Of The Seas departing on the same day. There is also a Tianjin to Singapore Cruise on Quantum after which you can do a B2B with a 9 Night Cruise in October 2020.
  13. Sailing from China and sailing from Singapore is an entirely different concept. Sailing from Singapore mostly follows the international version with some tweaks in food and entertainment(you will still have the same production show). You also do not have to pay for North Star, Bumper Cars, Ifly like the china sailings. Solarium is open for all. Usually re-positioning cruise tend to cater to more foreigners from western countries then Asia. One of the reasons why is that because re-positioning cruises are usually long over 7 Nights, we do not have many leave to take off work and apparently this cruise doesn't fall during Golden Week or the Singapore School Holidays.
  14. Agreed. I tend not to book cruises right after drydock and is about a 3 weeks drydock so I'm not really sure what they are going to do. Though the trade off is that this cruise is going to be a one off and wont happen for the next 4/5 years until Ovation is going for her next scheduled drydock. Good itinerary too!
  15. By The Way, Spectrum Maiden Voyage is a one off. It's because it's new, its on a Maiden Voyage and everything is done very nice so much so that the Glitz and Glamour is everywhere throughout the ship. You probably don't see the same thing on every other normal voyage in the Royal Caribbean Fleet. And once it reaches China, everything will change. Even the food menu has changed to Asian cuisine. Probably because that's why Quantum and Ovation are dead last as they spend most of their time cruising in Asia currently and in the past. That beings said, I love the Quantum Class. I have been on 2 Ovation Cruises and currently booked on Quantum and Spectrum. they seem to excite me in the activities, the technology, her interiors and the ship itself. Service was great on Ovation though not without faults. It didn't stop me from choosing Royal or another Quantum Class again.
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