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  1. I was on Harmony in a CLS in June and had a lot of trouble with the Voom on that trip. I think this was a problem ship-wide problem, as the Voom customer service line in the Promenade was always really long. I was on Harmony in June of 2018 also, and it was great then. I'm wondering if Harmony is having a problem with the Voom off and on now. My cruise planner is showing our Oasis cruise in December as being $65 for the drink package without Voom. I guess they are just trying to see how high they can go before people stop purchasing it. $65 pre-cruise made my jaw drop, but $82 - that makes me fall flat on the floor. Yikes!
  2. I haven't bought a dining package for our cruise on Symphony, but I went to the Cruise Planner and checked on the BOGO dining package, the 3 night dining package, and the Ultimate Dining package (which by the way is not actually available, but still shows up on the planner). When I click on "Additional Terms & Conditions apply" it says "Dine, Drink, Discover Promotion cannot be redeemed in Chops Grille. Offer is subject to availability and change without notice and may be withdrawn at any time." It's not very obvious. Since Chops is a place that many, many people have used in their packages, I think they should be more forthcoming with that info. I understand there is some small print, but I'm not sure how one knows that it is part of the "Dine, Drink, Discover promotion"; that isn't what it is called in the Cruise Planner. I also realize it says they can change whenever they want, but again, I think they should make it obvious instead of it being rather hidden and causing this sort of situation. I just think that it is a good business practice for RCCL to make sure customers understand what they are purchasing. That's a bummer.
  3. I’ve been in the Park Cafe, but only on Oasis class. I was incorrect that it isn’t self serve. I thought that I saw glass in front of the food in the OP’s picture, but there is not. I feel like there is somewhere else (on Oasis class) with prepackaged food where you have to ask for things like a fruit cup? Maybe the Wipeout Cafe? I can’t really remember. And yes, late night food options that aren’t pizza or the items in the Promenade would be nice. I did like that on Celebrity, their “Windjammer equivalent” was open very late with a lot of different options.
  4. I agree that it does look like gas station or cafeteria style food which isn't very appealing. All they need is a "sell by" date on the front package. They are also just put in there all hodgepodge, which doesn't help with making it look nice. Self serve options are nice, but it isn't really even self serve since you have to ask for it. Seems like just making it at the time of order wouldn't take very long and be more desirable for both taste and appearance. Also, I also find it interesting how much plastic is being used for sandwiches, salads, and fruit cups, but straws are the current enemy...
  5. I want to know this too! I thought of promotion more as some sort of sale or OBC promotion going on and not the perks associated with that class. If that's the case, I want to cancel my bids ASAP. Can anyone confirm that if you are upgraded with your bid - say from Sky Class to Star Class, that you will not get the beverage packages, dining package, nor Royal Genie??
  6. You could try calling Customer Service and innocently ask if they can tell you your stateroom number to see if it has changed? You could use the Crown and Anchor 1-800 number instead of the regular customer service line. I find I usually get better responses from them and the hold times are far less.
  7. If you plug in your itinerary info into this RCI ran site, they will tell you the latest time of flight arrival and departure. http://www.royalcaribbean.com/customersupport/faq/airtravel/viewAirSeaTime.do?shipCode=AN&airportOfEmbarkation=EWR&portOfEmbarkation=BYE&airportOfDisembarkation=EWR&portOfDisembarkation=BYE&departureDay=09&departureMonth=05&departureYear=2019&x=52&y=17
  8. Anyone have experience with moving more than 2 people with the upgrade? I currently have a room booked for 3, and I can't tell if they are saying that you shouldn't bid on it if it is more than 2 people, or if they mean they will just charge you for two of the guests, but move all 3 of you. "Your bid is priced per person and based on two guests per stateroom for the entire length of your cruise. Only the first and second guest will be charged." I know I could call, but literally my last two phone calls with them in the last couple weeks have yielded totally wrong answers.
  9. It would stink to have gratuities and drink packages refunded as OBC. That would be a lot of OBC. Maybe ok if you have some really expensive excursions or would like an excessive number of t-shirts, but otherwise, not so much. Doesn't make it as much of an upgrade in that case. Thanks for the reply!
  10. So here's a question... "Your bid is priced per person and based on two guests per stateroom for the entire length of your cruise. Only the first and second guest will be charged." So if you have 3 people in the room, I'm assuming the third person also moves along with you to the upgraded room if your bid is accepted, even though you don't provide a bid for them? I know that sounds like a stupid question, but their wording isn't completely clear. If you receive an upgrade from a Sky Class to a Star Class but already paid for gratuities and drink packages, would those be refunded? I think the drink packages could be refunded, but I'd be concerned a little about the gratuities. Also, I'm exactly 60 days out from my cruise and just got the offer today for anyone keeping track of that.
  11. Does a 10:25am flight out of Miami after disembarking Symphony seem safe enough? Arrival of the ship is supposed to be 6am. The last port of call is Nassau, which is the previous day. I feel like the ship may arrive even earlier than 6am, but I guess that doesn't necessarily mean they will let passengers disembark earlier. I have the option of disembarking with suites or doing the early walk-off by ourselves. This is definitely not my first cruise, but I feel like I'd have more confidence in my decision if others would be willing to try it, as well. Thanks for the help!
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