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  1. I would like to see the rule of not saving loungers for "friends" who may or may not ever show up.
  2. Were you in the Yacht Club or general passage? Don't know if this makes a difference? Thanks for your info.
  3. Thank you nikkiw60. Really enjoyed seeing the menus and pictures. Makes me excited to go on our first MSC cruise in April.
  4. I think the last time we did this (last year) it was about $25 (that may have been with tip). It is quite quick and Sunday should have little traffic (at least in the morning).
  5. Thank you. This helps me decide to skip the tryptic package. Just not enough options in the dining experience ( in Kaito and Ocean Cay) for us.
  6. Does Fantastica experience eat with others in fantastica, or with bella too? Does each experience get a different dining room? Is it worth it to go fantastica vs bella? Sorry, it's my first time and I'm not sure if there are really any benefits to "Fantastica" (we don't really use room service). I'm currently booked in "Fantastica".
  7. Hi Beamafar, We are new to MSC and are considering the tryptic meal plan. Could you possibly post a copy of the 'experience' meal included in Kaito sushi (is it very limited)? I've seen the one for Butcher's Cut, and Ocean Cay (Ocean Cay seems pretty limited if I understand the options). Thank you in advance. I'm enjoying your review (even if I'm not going into the YC in April).
  8. Thank you, I'll be following also.
  9. There were some excursions on the Canadian website a couple of weeks ago, and now they've disappeared. I'll be watching for their return, and hopefully, find they've added other options. Like you, I don't mind waiting til payment date.
  10. I'm in the same boat (ship) so to speak. We are going on the MSC Meraviglia in April and there aren't any excursions, spa etc. on the already booked my MSC account. When I asked the agent on the phone when they will be listed, she said I would have to book everything onboard (I don't think she's right). She tried to tell me that everything 'must already be booked' and only aurea guests can book spa items. I told her I didn't think that was right, but, I was dealing with the Canadian site so maybe they aren't as well informed/trained? I'm just going to wait a couple of months to see if the
  11. Wow. I'm disappointed that they would treat a loyal customer in this manner. It is an obvious mistake in calculation and NCL should take responsibility. I'll be following this. Please keep us up to date.
  12. Do you recommend booking the cirque show in advance, or just booking it onboard? If I book before boarding, will I have a space saved ( I've read that you have to reserve a time onboard) or can they still sell out? Thank you.
  13. I've read here that you can order a "virgin" or zero alcohol beverage and then ask for a shot of bacardi etc. (apparently a work around that bartenders are used to... some put it in the drink for you?) I'm on this transatlantic cruise too. I'm up for trying this. Otherwise there are a few basic cocktails included. On a long trip like this, the price to upgrade is considerable (especially if there are 2 of you).
  14. Thank you for posting... always wondered about this option.
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