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  1. There were some excursions on the Canadian website a couple of weeks ago, and now they've disappeared. I'll be watching for their return, and hopefully, find they've added other options. Like you, I don't mind waiting til payment date.
  2. I'm in the same boat (ship) so to speak. We are going on the MSC Meraviglia in April and there aren't any excursions, spa etc. on the already booked my MSC account. When I asked the agent on the phone when they will be listed, she said I would have to book everything onboard (I don't think she's right). She tried to tell me that everything 'must already be booked' and only aurea guests can book spa items. I told her I didn't think that was right, but, I was dealing with the Canadian site so maybe they aren't as well informed/trained? I'm just going to wait a couple of months to see if the site populates.
  3. Wow. I'm disappointed that they would treat a loyal customer in this manner. It is an obvious mistake in calculation and NCL should take responsibility. I'll be following this. Please keep us up to date.
  4. Do you recommend booking the cirque show in advance, or just booking it onboard? If I book before boarding, will I have a space saved ( I've read that you have to reserve a time onboard) or can they still sell out? Thank you.
  5. I've read here that you can order a "virgin" or zero alcohol beverage and then ask for a shot of bacardi etc. (apparently a work around that bartenders are used to... some put it in the drink for you?) I'm on this transatlantic cruise too. I'm up for trying this. Otherwise there are a few basic cocktails included. On a long trip like this, the price to upgrade is considerable (especially if there are 2 of you).
  6. Thank you for posting... always wondered about this option.
  7. Hola is a spanish (Spain) tapas style restaurant... not Mexican food... if that makes it better or worse for you.
  8. Thank you! I just went on the U.S. site and the information there is very well laid out. Guess I'll check there from now on...
  9. I will be on the Meraviglia ( first time on MSC) on a transatlantic trip next April . I'm looking at booking the tryptic meal plan and was wondering if I had to use this in 3 restaurants as described or if I could use it in 2 and repeat one restaurant. I'm assuming the restaurants are: Butcher's Cut, Ocean Cay and a Tapas restaurant? Thanks in advance. I haven't quite worked out how to get the necessary information from the website in Canada.
  10. Do you just phone and ask if your cruise is considered a select sailing? Or is it indicated on the cruise? Thank you.
  11. Essiesmom, I'm talking about a 50 euro OBC, not the 5-15% discount. Sorry, I'm just new to MSC and I'm not familiar with the terms. I'm trying to figure out what benefits I'm supposed to get with the black tier (includes other tiers as well I think). Are some cruises called "voyages" or does it include all cruises?
  12. I'm interested in this answer also. Hoping someone replies...
  13. On the list of benefits for Silver tier it says " 50€/$ onboard credit p.p. on Voyages Selection departures". Can someone explain what this means? Are some cruises called voyages selection? Where do I find these cruises? Thank you for any help.
  14. You get charged gratuities on the cost of the drink package and not on an individual drink.
  15. The 'easy' plan looks very limited. Does anyone know if you can upgrade to the premium, if so, any idea of cost (got the easy with my booking). Thanks in advance.
  16. Did you organize this yourself, or did you have a travel agent figure this all out? Was it very complicated to plan and execute? This sounds like something I would like to do... lucky you!
  17. I saw it in the tiers benefit under latitudes rewards (subject to availability). It's the last reward under platinum +. There isn't any explanation. Maybe something on paper that doesn't really mean anything.
  18. I just reviewed the latitude rewards description and this one, 'priority restaurant and entertainment seating' had me wondering... Have I been receiving this reward and not known about it? What does this mean? Is it like the concierge reward that few have ever seen? Not a complaint, just curious. Anyone experience this?
  19. How about some specialty coffee/dessert coupons, or a few movies, or an upgrade within the category of cabin, a little discount on booking next cruise, always allowing pp+ to use 2 cruise next certificates to any new booking, giving priority window seats in dining rooms when available, hmm...anything else? anyone?
  20. I can't say that this is a set rule, but, this is what happened with us a few months ago (after final payment date): Our ta called NCL and we were given an upgrade of one room (went from a balcony to a mini-suite) and the other room (aft facing balcony) didn't have an available mini-suite upgrade so we were given a 25% OBC of the difference (of what we paid and the price drop). We were told that this intervention would only happen once...so wait til you think the room has taken its greatest drop. We kept all our original perks (we were in one of those ta group bookings...booked online ta).
  21. Lemon Drop...mmm one of my favourites too! My experience is that not "all" bars serve them. However you can get them at all atrium bars, specialty dining bars, main dining room bars, and obviously any martini style bars. Just depends on if they have the ingredients at hand. There are a sufficient number of bars that make them, and you'll soon discover which bar/bartender makes the best to your liking.
  22. Op, you are gutsy and organized! Thank you for sharing your experience.
  23. "Watching various cruises/flights for that week I was able to confirm both the day before. Booked local and Flying direct from Toronto to Miami and booked cruise direct with NCL - didn't know you could book so close more on that later." I guess it was booked about 24 hours before.
  24. OP, just for my information, how 'last minute' did you book this cruise? I will avoid booking last minute. Too much of a risk for me. Sorry you had this experience.
  25. We did this as a family in November (4 of us) and found it to just be OK. It's free is about the best thing...we thought some of the clues were pretty obscure and solving the puzzles ... once is enough of an experience for us. No one in any of our groups solved all the puzzles. Maybe that's just us. It might be more fun if you are in a large group and you've had a few beverages.
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