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  1. if the cruise is sold and booked (a Grand Voyage is normally B2B+) then its the total # of nights....if it is not sold and you have to book it as a back to back you get a 5% discount plus separate amenities. The combination (Grand Voyages) are already discounted.
  2. You don't have to wait till Feb....and we all hope that the service and the food comes but at the same level or better pre-covid- but I think it may not.....and if the airlines is any indication on how clientele will act we are in for a whole new experience!
  3. Are you really serious...DS
  4. eight months is close....many people will cancel there cruises before they have to pay additional monies. Cruises past October are being canceled by guests at this point as this year is in question.
  5. i think you problem is with the UK laws....in the US we don't have those problems
  6. well 2 ship with approx 625 rooms, 3 ships with approx 325 rooms that would equal 2225 rooms....average length of a cruise 12 days - so in a a 8 month period there would be 20 cruises x 2225 rooms which would be over 45,000 refunds...cruise lines book out over 2 years so I wouldn't be too skeptical about those numbers
  7. they are quoting up to 90 days due to backlog
  8. the question is who canceled....did you or Oceania.....and they did not offer you 100% cash back or 125% FCC?
  9. It goes back to you account.... Depending on when it needs to be used by they may extend it due to the situation
  10. Actually if your travel agent was worth anything he would notify you as mine does when there is a reduction ... He checks from time to time.
  11. Seriously.... You should be the last to be refunded with the comments.. Chill out
  12. Well I received full refund and cutie Cruise credits for my Asia and awaiting the secondary.... Yes Oceania is handling it be patient
  13. i cancelled two cruises ....1 I received back on my cc the other not yet.....so I guess they are just going thru 1 voyage at a time.
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