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  1. Page 32 of CDC conditional sail order limits the sailings to 7-days. Other than this limit, I don't see anything that prevents B2B bookings. Does anyone see something I missed?
  2. Apex is still in Fort Lauderdale this morning while her two sisters are bow to bow in Miami.
  4. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!! 🛳️
  5. Thank you for taking part of the study and the update.
  6. Maybe a private island will replace Key West? That would be fine with me. I will miss lunch at the Sunset Pier. https://www.facebook.com/SunsetPierKeyWest
  7. Interesting... Assuming this is accurate. Singapore Citizens will be boarding in December for cruises to nowhere...
  8. Getting back to the topic.... Is the CDC plan achievable? ❓ I have been searching unsuccessfully for the written plan Singapore has adopted. It appears RCL will be sailing with passengers in December from Singapore and the plan was developed by a company from Norway. Have any of you CC members been able to locate the plan Singapore is using? It would be interesting to compare the CDC plan to other countries. https://www.washingtonpost.com/travel/2020/10/01/cruise-singapore-nowhere/
  9. After reading the 40-page document signed by the Director of the CDC, I see this as revised no-sail order. This order reaches beyond just ship protocol. Now the cruise industry must also secure shoreside medical facilities and assure capacity. I think this order is an overreaching government imposed regulation that will be very difficult and expensive to achieve. What say you?
  10. Looking at the larger suite's online Edge videos. Balcony tables seem to be a thing of the past... Celebrity Suite - Nice size table for 2 on balcony, but no dining table in suite. Villa Suite - No dining table on the balcony Penthouse suite - No dining table on the balcony Iconic suite - Very low small table not large enough for a meals.
  11. Interesting... Wondering if the ship class has anything to with the butler promotions. Are the butlers with higher ratings or seniority on the newer ships? Do the butlers assigned to the higher categories have less suites assigned? Last question (for this moment in time) Is the Retreat Manager different from the Concierge? We have experienced service from the Concierge that I never thought about asking the Butler. Example is when we were on an Alaska cruise we were considering the Luxury train in Skagway, but we were concerned about walking out to the train when
  12. We have done 3-princess cruises with the medallion. I loved it! I opted for the watch band and DW wore it as a necklace. The staff would know who you are on an IPad which was interesting. We could also enable a location function where we could find each other using our cell phone. We played interactive games with other passengers poolside. Casino games were also available. Your room will unlock when you approach. For me the Medallion was a lot more convenient than a card. The Medallion is mailed to your home prior to the cruise for you to personalize. Checking in is easier and no-conta
  13. This simply is not true! Pier 66 is used by the mammoth NCL Bliss. The Ovation of the Seas is scheduled to use both Pier 66 and Pier 91, AKA Bell Harbor and Smith Cove. Also, the waterfront park is closed due to construction. The Great Wheel and Pier 57 are closed due to adjoining collapse during construction. https://waterfrontseattle.org/construction/live-progress Homeless tents on Seattle waterfront.
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