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  1. So pretty!!! Welcome to Seattle. Next stop Alaska...
  2. No need to leave notes in the cabin where you find your travel mates or carry Walkie Talkies. This is screen shot from my Celebrity App for our upcoming cruise. I am excited to use this app. We have used the Princess app for years and love it.
  3. I suppose we all have a story or heard a story of lost luggage. Sorry you had this experience. I have had my luggage opened twice after checking it with the airline and several items were taken. I also checked a mobility scooter with British Airlines on a non stop flight to London. I personally sat Mom's scooter on the conveyer belt. The scooter never showed up in London and we had to rent another scooter. 1-month later the scooter was delivered to our home. On a positive note, we were on a family holiday cruise with a ton of luggage (and the scooter). We le
  4. According to the Port of Seattle, this service is available. I suggested "Port Valet" offered by the Port of Seattle and free, not Luggage Valet which is more airline specific. https://www.portseattle.org/page/port-valet-enjoy-seattle-luggage-free
  5. Excellent point to share! I just looked at the Mariners schedule and they do have a home games on the 13th and 27th @ 7:10pm. I guess if you are on Link by 5:00pm you would be fine. So nice to be having these problems and discussions!
  6. 🍸 I sincerely doubt you will have any issues getting to Airport. If you are in a cab by 10:30 or 11:00am, you will be traveling against any commuter traffic. From either pier 91 0r 66, you can take either 5-freeway South or Hwy 99 South. I agree with a previous poster that Seatac has a bad reputation for long security lines. If you want to enjoy another day in Seattle, consider Port Valet and ride the link rail to the airport. Public Transit: Link Light Rail | Port of Seattle (portseattle.org) Port Valet - Enjoy Seattle Luggage Free! | Port of Seattl
  7. Do you mean "except suites" by saying "allowing for suites of course"?
  8. I was told by an actual Edge cruiser that YES you are not able to board outside your scheduled arrival time.
  9. Nice to hear! Looking forward to my B2B on Millie in August. Cheers! 🥤
  10. The suites that include specialty restaurants are: Royal, Penthouse, Villa & Iconic.
  11. Actually, I have landed a few very nice Halibuts between Neah Bay and Vancouver Island at the fishing grounds.
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