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  1. If you are Zenith or in a Suite you can select anytime you want. Not sure about the rest of the ship.
  2. We just got off the Millennium and booked for 2-weeks on the Apex in April. Our Luminae experience was excellent. Sorry to hear the Luminae food choices don't match up to your prior experiences. Some thoughts to consider? * Choices no longer include access to other kitchens? * Choices are limited or reflecting the Greek area passengers? * Limited choices due to start up status and limited passengers?
  3. I would look in the mirror and ask what I would do if the shoe was on the other foot. Cancel and wait for another time to have an adventure with my friend.
  4. Very disappointed last month on Millie. The lounges were barley warm. The infra red sauna did not glow red as the sauna did on other ships. The salt steam room was okay but very small. There are no windows and while the colors are brighter since the make over, it still felt out dated. I booked the pass for my 1st week and did not bother for the 2nd week. It was also disapointing the staff was not monitoring who was in the room. I am pretty confident people were just walking in without paying to use the facility. The sauna in the changing room was warmer than the infra sauna in the Garden, but still not HOT.
  5. Justin, I was able to pull off a room upgrade without my wife finding out until we got to the door of the suite. At the curb I put on our luggage tags and apologized to the porters. So much going on that DW did not even care to examine the tags. When we were checking in I handed the agent our passports and boarding passes. In another jacket pocket I had a note folder in quarters that said "OPEN THIS NOW - A SURPRISE!" When he opened the note, it said "my wife does not know we have an upgrade. Don't say anything about our suite. This was back when your Sea Pass cards were on the back counter. The agent then showed the note to a person at the back counter. That person then took the note and gave it to the escort. When we arrived at the suite and escort opened the door, my wife's reaction was priceless! I hope you are able to pull off the surprise for your wife. Cheers! 🍸
  6. Don't let the ship launder the Retreat sleepwear unless it is too big. Mine shrunk... 😞 Cold water wash when you get home.
  7. Someday... soon... I hope we return to not having COVID being something we plan and monitor. Cheers!
  8. Hawaii travel restrictions: Tourists weigh vacation plans amid COVID (statesman.com)
  9. We always do a specialty restaurant on NYE and even break out the Tux for the evening. My favorite NYE was actually on Princess (equal opportunity cruiser here). We were able to rent a designated area on the upper pool deck with endless snacks and drinks. This picture is NYE on the pool deck on Celebrity.
  10. Post lots of pictures! Our turn is not till April 23, 2022. And, have fun!!!!!!
  11. Sun Worshiper dream! Would be to tacky to bring a beach umbrella the would clamp to a chair arm?
  12. On Mille for 2-weeks in August. We did not use the suite lounge much, but I was unaware of any entertainment or restriction on the number of passengers allowed. Debarkation day lounge was full of people! They bar service in the lounge was excellent. The snacks were the same each night and not very good. Greasy potato chips & nuts in glasses along with some cheese and veggies. The Oceanview buffet had better snacks, no crowds, big windows, bar service and comfortable chairs. Every morning I enjoyed the first cup of coffee as the Sunset bar with a shot of Baileys followed by breakfast in Luminae. Hoping for a better Suite Lounge experience on the Apex.
  13. The buffet was open later the prior two weeks we were on board too. Nice touch!
  14. Not offered on our B2B sailings two weeks ago. We are not Zenith and were in a Royal Suite for both sailings.
  15. So, a person who not Zenith and books the Royal Suite is more likely to cheat the system? WOW what an assumption.
  16. "standard Messenger"? If you are referring to messenger that is part of Facebook, it was fine with no delays. We also used the video and audio functions of messenger and it was good. If you are referring to text messages that are part of the phone, it usually works best with cellular service.
  17. Do the Lobster Roll!!! I did it twice. Cheers, 🍸
  18. Yes they retained our Sea Pass from the first leg of the B2B.
  19. You will love the B2B process! No Customs to clear. Just meet in the designated lounge and then walk out as a group to the outside deck to the swipe your card out and get your new Sea pass card Cheers! 🍸
  20. I wish I took a picture for you! All must be right in the world... I had jam in the individual glass jars these past two weeks on the Millennium.
  21. If you are in a suite, you can check in anytime you want. The Shoreside Concierge has no direct knowledge. Look for the agents with clip boards and let them know you are in the "Retreat" and they will walk you to the doors that enter the building. Once in the building, be sure they know you are in a "retreat". TIP! be sure your 72-hour vaccination status is printed and dated. Mine was not dated, but I was able show the email with the attachment dated. They will scan your printed documents. Use the curb side luggage drop off if possible. Then just look for the "Retreat" sign.
  22. The Loggers show Ketchikan was interesting in regards to Covid. We were divided into 3-seperate groups for watching the show. Independent travelers, Celebrity and Carnival. The carnival Miracle is currently CDC code orange.
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