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  1. I've seen lots of men in kilts on formal nights,very smart they are too 🙂
  2. I just love Andy Willard,omg,he has you in stitches,a real comedian,sounds suspiciously like Eddie Izzard 😆
  3. I was really looking forward to our Xmas cruise on Iona,was quite excited about seeing her,we're booked on Cunard in May and that's their starting month but who knows
  4. This is why I love Cunard,seeing all the men dressed up and the women's lovely dresses but no need for a tux although my husband wears one on "posh" nights,you should see P&Os dress nights,apparently track suits and shorts are the thing 😆 Hence why we left cruising with them many years ago
  5. Isn't it best to book directly with the company? Their staff are so knowledgeable. I agree with exlondoner,for the fjords a balcony is a must
  6. Yes I agree,the lounge is small,also closes at 2pm which is a shame,we had to trail to another bar for a glass of wine then take it all the way back to the grill lounge,oh well,need the exercise on a cruise 😆
  7. Hit there,we used to always go in a suite with P&O,Ventura & Azura,the suites are fairly spacious but wouldn't say there's a huge amount of room in the wardrobes etc,standards have sadly slipped with P&O and now we sail with Cunard,there really is no comparison,Suite passengers have so many perks,no queuing for dining for one,your own bar and restaurant,free bottles of water and free coffees(any kind)in the private lounge,we always take a suite at the back of the ship as we love the big balcony.Never been on Seabourne
  8. Just tooooooo sad that Queen Vic isn't doing the Xmas and new year cruise,we go every year and have done for years,P&Os Iona is still scheduled to go so we've booked on her,not sure if it will be to my taste though
  9. Hi we honestly have never been given the option,just the bog standard menu in the suite which is the same in every room & you do have to pay for it.Yes,we love the epicurean for breakfast,only problem is,we are a bit lazy on holiday,so only get there once or twice 😆
  10. Oh,been sailing with them for many years & always in suites,Butler has never once mentioned that.Interesting.thanks
  11. Thank you,very kind of you for the information,we’ve only ever cruised with P&O on azura,Ventura & oceana,we have heard good things about celebrity but we are very specific about our dates,we go over Xmas & new year,so we’re quite limited,maybe the smaller P&O ships are better?
  12. Thank you much appreciated xx being lucky enough to go into suites,we used to get free room service etc but this is no more,it’s just things disappearing & P& O thinking people won’t notice but we have. I love the staff no issues there but on Cunard being in a suite you can have Queens restaurant menu in your room if you wish,unlike P&O where we got some burnt pizza and a soggy veggie burger.Anyway thank you so much for your reply,will try Cunard,May not be to my liking but fingers crossed,happy cruising everyone
  13. Why are you suspicious? I was only looking for opinions,I’ve done many many reviews,just don’t come on the forum very often but ,busy lady is all,we’re sad to say goodbye to P&O but it’s gone downhill,so trying Cunard from now on.
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