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  1. So excited for your review! We have our 1st Regent cruise out of Barcelona Nov 23 on Splendor heading to Miami! I will be interested in your comments on EVERYTHING! We just received an upgrade offer on our cruise and jumped on it! My biggest fear now is that I'll love it so much I won't want to return to basic cruising---oh, who am I kidding----I won't be able to get DH to return! I will go for almost anything just to be cruising! Have a wonderful trip and blow it out! 😎
  2. Are there breakfast options before 6 am? We usually eat earlier, as DH gets up to work out and I walk, then we are ready to eat. It has been our experience that we are usually ready before 6 am! (But we are about to be on a TA, so maybe our internal clocks will be off enough....)
  3. We are on the Splendor TA in Nov. I will report back, but I am not a "live" blogger....so hopefully, some of my fellow passengers will be! And this will be our first RSSC cruise, so I'm sure others will have points that I will totally miss!
  4. I usually don't take notice on the ship's Captain, but I will say that Capt Kate's videos actually made me want to try Celebrity. We were booked on Edge, but alas, it was cancelled due to CoVID. I am very happy for her to take the helm of Beyond, and now I might just look at sailing on her because of the Captain. Do I normally care? No. But given the opportunity, I will specifically look for Capt. Kate, all other factors being equal.
  5. BTW, SireDoime, if you book that TA on the Splendor from Barcelona this November, I'll see you on board! Fingers crossed it goes!
  6. Thanks chemmo! I knew that Summit wasn't E-class, but really didn't know what class she was! Appreciate your help!
  7. I have tried to find this answer, but have found some information on E-class ships. Can anyone tell me if you have access to the Thermal Spa if you buy a spa treatment? Or do you have to buy a separate Thermal Pass? Is it worth it? We have a 4 day cruise, with1 day at sea. We have already purchased a couple's massage, but we weren't sure if we needed to purchase the Thermal Pass (only available in 1 day increments $69/day for this short cruise). Didn't know if you can choose the day (since we want it for the sea day) or not. It seems this ship has the Persian Garden, which has good reviews on CC, so I am interested, but only want to purchase if we can choose the sea day and it isn't part of our massage amenities. We are in The Retreat, if that makes any difference (sorry, first Celebrity cruise, so such a newbie!)
  8. I have to say that I am a big HAVEN fan. We love the concept, especially on the newer ships where there is a dedicated restaurant and bar. Enjoy the extra room and especially the embarkation/disembarkation perk. That being said, the prices have gone up significantly.....to the point that I just looked at a 2022 Panama Canal cruise and the HAVEN Courtyard Penthouse price was MORE (!!!!) than a concierge suite on Regent Seven Seas! And Regent's had 2 more days, plus flights, laundry, shore excursions, tips, and all dining venues included. In fact, it was on par with a Distinctive Suite! Ouch! I know that the Pandemic has put a huge dent in earnings, but really! I am now considering a different line (even though in the same family!) I think I can deal with fewer bells and whistles on the ship to get the genteel experience at a better price. (Especially with the additional inclusions that I don't get with NCL!) Just wanted to remind those of us who enjoy the HAVEN.....make sure you check around!
  9. Don't know who this might affect. We booked independently in the same hotel as Regent provided for our Concierge level pre-night, as we did air deviation and are heading to Barcelona early. Were in the Fairmont Barcelona. I went on website to see what time for check-in---lo and behold, the hotel is currently closed. Touched base with our travel agent, who said that Regent had changed hotels in Barcelona to the Majestic Hotel and Spa. So, we are in the process of changing our hotel. Not sure when we would have found this out if I hadn't just checked on it (although there is still plenty of time before cruise...and fingers crossed that it still goes!). Just wanted to provide a heads up for anyone who might also be in this situation.
  10. Does anyone happen to know if you can retain your tier across the NCLH brands? Since all of our cruises have been cancelled, we are next booked on Regent for Nov. Not back on NCL until next August. Would hate for everything to go down the drain....but, Que Sera Sera!
  11. Thank you for posting and sharing your experiences! We are on (fingers crossed) Splendor for the TA in November. Casino question: how many people are they allowing around the craps table? has it been crowded? And what is the table limit ($5/$10/$25???) and what are the odds limits (2X or 3x/4x/5x or???). TIA----just want to know how much to consider bringing to play while we are at sea!
  12. Yes, the spa is usually an attraction for us. Since this is our first time on Regent, are there any tips? For example, on NCL, if you go to the spa when you board, they usually have specials like 10%/20%/30% for 3 services. We often will book three and save the most expensive for last! They have port day specials, too. Or is it better to go ahead and book spa treatments as soon as they open up on line? I think that's at 60 days out. (The hedonist in me says book ASAP, but the frugal part of me says maybe I should wait!) We're splurging on this cruise, so would like to save where I can.....:)
  13. THANK YOU! We were able to upgrade our 2 cabins for not much more than our initial price! I know DH will be much happier in the larger accommodations! And bonus....we were able to get interconnecting cabins!
  14. Question: if you have unvaccinated children (assuming allowed on the ship), but the country says 100% vaccinated only......can you stay on the ship and not venture off at that country, or is it a requirement for everyone to be vaccinated on the ship if the ship even visits at all? (Our cruise not until next year, so hoping that there will be some leeway on vaccinations at that time!)
  15. Also REALLY needing to cruise! Is Regent not travelling fully vaccinated? Not sure where the need to test even comes into play. There are going to be CoVID cases on cruises....there are also norovirus cases, flu, etc. If everyone is vaccinated, the outcomes, even if someone does come down with a case, should not be too bad, I thought. As long as everyone keeps with the conventional wisdom of hand washing, distancing, etc., I'm not sure why a 14 day cruise would be any worse than a 7 day cruise? Or is evacuation of a passenger the issue? @zqueeze1, you keep those positive vibes coming!
  16. Jamie, did you happen to see the craps table limits when you were in the casino? I read on CC where X has only 2X odds if the table is under $25, and only 3/4/5X odds at $25+. That will really put a crimp in my daily casino budget!
  17. We have our first X cruise in March. I noticed on the vacation planner that you could buy chips early and get the bonus chips. I am a craps player, but $25 seems high on a ship, where it is usually fun and $10 with 3/4/5 odds (at least on NCL). Can someone who is/has cruised post-hiatus tell me if X is only offering 2X odds at under $25 on craps still? That just boggles the mind! One of the reasons I like to cruise is for the casino (not available where I live!) and I usually play for a couple of hours each day. I will be seriously bummed if these minimums/odds are still in place!
  18. AAAHHHH!!! We are booked on Regent for a TA in November! I sure hope it goes!!!!
  19. Whohoo! Aug 18 is my birthday and I am hoping that we can be on Regent for our 40th anniversary in 2023, too! Fingers crossed for all of us that the world smooths out again and we can return to our love of cruising!
  20. Hi, @Bavarian Cruiser. Just wanted to say that Garmisch-Partenkirchen is one of my favorite places in the world! I hope everything works out for your cruise/changes!
  21. I haven't re-evaluated, but am cautiously optimistic that my cruise later this year will go. Just paid my final payment on our first Regent's cruise. However, I did purchase "cancel for any reason" insurance, which, while pricey, at least gives me options should things not go the way I hope. Masking not so big an issue. Not looking forward to it, but unfortunately, it looks like that's the way things are going to go. That's why I book a balcony stateroom....if I have to, I can spend time reading and relaxing (maskless) in there! I can tolerate short periods in a mask...we'll see if I am willing to fly overseas in a mask...but I knew about that when I booked. Fingers crossed that things keep going well.....I am SO ready to get back to cruising....and would like the experience to be the way I remember, but I can deal with some changes! You have to decide what works (or not) for you! Good luck to all, whatever you decide!
  22. Note that you have to pay taxes/grats on drink package.....so weigh that into your consideration. We usually skip the drink pkg, just because we won't drink enough to make it worthwhile! When you are doing your mock booking, you can see what the options packages will cost you.
  23. @Sthrngary So sorry that your cruise was disrupted, but very happy that your wife is faring well. I agree with other posters that loved ones are what matters most. Certainly a disappointment, but not insurmountable! And with prior planning, you have insurance that will hopefully cover your costs, even if you have to wait a while for it! I have enjoyed your posts on CC, so wish you Godspeed on getting on another cruise that you can share with us!
  24. @GOARMY We are also doing a TA, but on Splendor. Have you heard anything regarding how we test before re-entry into the US? Will Regent provide the test, since we will be in the middle of the ocean before we hit PR? Fingers crossed that Delta doesn't derail our trip!
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