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  1. We’re still on the fence about the same cruise leaving after that one-March 25. What information do you have about closures? I couldn’t find anything yesterday. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. Thanks so much for your reply. I always take a travel umbrella so I’ll be sure to use mine[emoji16] Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. I read that cabins 1116 and 1118 have a slightly larger balcony because of the shape of the ship. Unfortunately I can’t speak to that personally because we had 1116 booked for our cancelled Asian cruise. Sigh
  4. Sorry about the bad spelling. I should never do this on my phone. Yes, our cruise was cancelled due to Coronavirus. We will be on Viking. We chose this itinerary because we can leave in March on the same dates we had set aside for the other cruise. We’re doing 3 days pre cruise in Prague. I know it’s variable, but what weather should we expect?
  5. We are cruising from Passat to Budepest Late March. Just booked as we switched from a China Itinerary. Haven’t had time to research water levels, so I happy to find this thread. Thanks Notamermaid.
  6. You guys are so helpful. You convinced me to go for a corner aft SS. I chose the 9th deck port side. I was able to find a video of the room. I don’t know how my TA did it but she got it for only $40 more than our current Aqua and $100 more obc. Now to wait til June 2021! We’re supposed to leave in March for China but that is looking less promising.
  7. I can upgrade from Aqua to SS for 2021 cruise for $400 total. The staterooms available are mostly on Deck 12. I’m looking at those on the hump. I read the sticky on S class staterooms and they are mostly favorable. I see there is no overhang. Also, most of the SS on every deck are available for the corner aft, but I read the window washing equipment obstructs the view. We’ve always stayed in Aqua class, so any advice is appreciated.
  8. So glad to read they make a Paloma now. I tried to order one a couple of years ago and the bar tender didn't know what it was. I'll be on an M class in March, hope I can find one.
  9. Well, thanks. That last suggestion seems to work. Even though my great price reduction has disappeared at least I can see more of my choices.
  10. I'm the OP. I'm in an Aqua stateroom and I changed my booking to NRD with all 4 perks in the last promo. This morning it was showing a reduced price and adding all 4 perks for no additional cost. They must not have had their last promo completely changed over, or my cookies was saving it, or some other glitch. Because now its will only show RD deposit on the side with the 3 perks. When I first posted her, it was only showing RD on both sides, now it's showing NRD deposit on the left and RD on the right. Every time, it's something different. In the meantime, the price has gone back up again anyway. This thread just shows how frustrating it all is. Oh well, it will be a great cruise no matter what. I'm grateful I'm blessed to be able to cruise at all. Thanks for all your input.
  11. I know this has been addressed before, but now I can’t find it. I’m trying to see if my cruise has gone down in price. I currently have it booked with the NRD The first time I searched it gave me the the NRD prices only and it had gone down $600. I just wanted to double check I had done everything correctly before bothering my TA, but now it will only let me price it in RD mode, which is not lower. Both choices on the screen are RD whether I choose the lowest priced side or the best value side. I even tried using a private browser. How do I see the NRD price again? The website is so frustrating. Can I call Celebrity and ask myself? I know I can’t make the changes, but will they give me the information ? Thanks for any help.
  12. No, on Reflection there is an extra deck between our floor and the pool deck. There is a supply closet outside the room and I occasionally heard some noise I think was coming from there. But, overall very quiet and so convenient to everything because it's close to stairs and elevator.
  13. We were in 1616, facing forward, second room from the beginning of the hump. Great view!
  14. shipster60

    Tokyo Hotel

    Thank you so much. This is such good information. We do sail into Yokohama and I knew it was out of Tokyo but I wasn’t sure how far. I’m planning to book a private tour for just us so hopefully we can keep our luggage with us, we don’t travel with a lot. Staying in Tokyo near the Narita train sounds best. Now, I just need to decide how to get to the airport in the morning, either train or private transfer. Good thing I have a little time.
  15. shipster60

    Tokyo Hotel

    I know there are some posts about hotels already, but I need some specific advice. Our cruise ends in Tokyo and we fly out the next morning at 11 am from Narita airport. I plan to book a tour for our Tokyo arrival day to see a Tokyo. Hopefully they will meet us at the port. Would it be best to book a hotel near the airport? If so which one? Any advice is appreciated. I’d love more time in Tokyo but can’t afford it this time.
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