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  1. Thanks to all of you. This completely clears it up for me. Either way, a ships tour is the only way to get off first and avoid going up the cable car or taking the ferry to Oia.
  2. Thank you so much. That's the answer I was looking for. When I read "only those with booked tours" would be dropped off at the first port, I didn't know if that meant only ship tours, or anyone who had already booked a tour, including private ones. I'm trying to decide if I should just book the ship's tour so we can get off earlier.
  3. I hope the OP doesn't mind me tagging on to this topic but there seem to be several on this thread with experience in Santorini. I'm confused about the different ports. If you book the ship's excursion, do they drop you off at a different port? Do you still need to take the cable car up? If you have booked a private tour, will they drop you off at the same port, or do you have to exit at the old port and take the cable car/ferry? Do you have to wait for all the ship excursion passengers to get off before anyone else can take the tender? Thanks to anyone that can clear this up for me.
  4. Does anyone who has visited recently know if taxis are waiting at the top of the cable car? I read that someone hired one to drive them to Oia. Do you know if you can hire one to drive you around for the day, stopping at your chosen points of interest? Or, were there tour companies trying to get your business at the top of the cable car? Just wondering if this is an option.
  5. Where did you find the information for the walking tour?
  6. I have reservations at both Hotel Leo and Park Hotel in Barcelona. I understand they are both 3 star type hotels. Can anyone give advice on which would be the best choice? We will be there late September for 2 nights. Others suggested here are booked already for my dates. Thanks!
  7. How particular are they about your selected port arrival time. The last time we sailed with them I don’t remember being asked to select one. We may decide to do a morning tour in Barcelona before boarding. If I chose 12:30 but get there later is that a problem?
  8. I second the vote for Marelvy Pena. She was wonderful. The view from the monastery was wonderful and can’t be accessed by large bus. She walked around with a fancy white umbrella which made her easy to follow. I don’t remember being hounded unreasonably so maybe they knew to stay away. We also stopped for coffee and she convinced a fruit cart vendor to give us samples. Of course, we all had to have more after that sample. People in the area seemed to know her. You won’t be sorry if you book her.
  9. I know this is a cruise air question, but it’s specific to Celebrity. I booked flights through Celebrity for a March 2020 cruise. I chose the pay later option. My flight shows up on American Airlines but it won’t let me choose seats. I called back to flights by Celebrity and was told it had to be paid for and ticketed first and that won’t be until Feb. even though final payment is Dec.That doesn’t make sense to me because I have already booked through them for a September cruise and I was able to pick my seats right away. That time it was before final payment as well. Those flights were with United. Hopefully someone can help me clarify this. Should I call back and talk to someone else?
  10. So far there are only 2 ships in port our day. I’m hoping the crowds will be more manageable.
  11. How long should we plan to be at Oia to really enjoy it? Looking at some tours that only spend and hour there. Is that enough time to see everything?
  12. Has anyone booked a sailing excursion while visiting Mykonos? I was thinking this might be a good port to book one to swim/snorkel. Any advise is appreciated.
  13. Has anyone taken an excursion to the Blue Grotto in either Messina or Malta? I would love to hear your experience and who you used.
  14. I’ve been in contact with Spain Day Tours. They can do a full day tour that includes Palma and Valldemossa, but not Soller. Am I going to regret not going to Soller. Should I try to do both another way?
  15. Thank you so much everyone for your input. My flights are through United. I was able to use my record locator provided and select my seats for all flights except those with Lufthansa partner. I’ve flown with them before and believe that would be the case even if I booked myself. I plan to call them directly. I’ve read what great rates people have gotten through celebrity before, but like Tfree said, for my particular itineraries I never found them to be different than what I could book myself. I was pleasantly surprised to find such a good price this time. We’re able to fly business for less than what I can book premium economy myself. Thanks again for everyones’s reassurance.
  16. I have read many posts about flights by celebrity but now that I’ve book one I’m having trouble finding them. I found an unbelievably good price on Barcelona round trip, business, so I jumped on it. I booked the “pay at final payment” option which comes on July 2. Will this fee actually hold? Should I go ahead and pay now? How does seat assignment work? Thanks for any input on your experience.
  17. Did you use Funtasy for Juju? Which part of the island did you tour? I was looking at their site, but can't sort out which would be the best tour?
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