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  1. When you order the room service you will be charged. Stop complaining. Also you have to pay for shore excursion they are not free.
  2. I dont understand why people complain about the checkin process. Get there early and you'll get onboard ASAP.
  3. That a firm negative Ghostrider. Please Re-read.
  4. So yeah when you pull over on the highway you should always be careful when changing tires. Also make sure you know how to change a tire when you get a flat.
  5. Ok, so I'll be sure to quote him and talk about lasagna and changing tires. Why would he quote me in regards to that?
  6. We had 11 on the Anthem. All one table. NYE Cruise.
  7. I'll be on her again for the 4th time in February. Can't wait. Thanks. They charge for iFly, NorthStar in Asian, Australian and apparently European cruises. Was never ever charged leaving out of NJ.
  8. Yes and Yes. Open and Vaccinated Only.
  9. Have no idea what Brillo is saying... Done this ship and Itinerary 2 times and a 5 night Bermuda on her. A lot of people get dressed up for formal night. It's absolutely optional as well. I'll be on her again and this itinerary in February. Also I just noticed Brillo has never sailed this ship or class nor sailed out of New Jersey.
  10. My wife is Filipino and 90% of the crew is onboard. We always get Filipino dishes made for us in the MDR.
  11. Grand Suite and a Suite on Azamara. Yeah I prefer the more down to earth crowd . 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
  12. Trust me you don’t wanna be anywhere near those suite people they drink pink fluffy drinks with pinkies out and one up each other constantly on how many cruises they’ve been on and how well they know this guy and that guy who work on the ship… let them segregate themselves from the rest of the ship I prefer it that way. Slightly tongue-in-cheek but as you can see from some of the comments above it’s somewhat true.
  13. I love Blue Lagoon in Nassau. Nice hidden nook I found there that doesn't get crowded and stays quiet. I would consider Blue Lagoon in Nassau.
  14. One device at a time. Yes, logout and you can use another device.
  15. If I see an overwater cabana for $700 Im booking it.
  16. Been on her 3 times, dined at Jamie's three times, Outside dining area was never open. Maybe if it's still in port at night? Never was during sea days for dinner outside.
  17. Do you miss it? I never thought I would but I really do. They have the best Schooner Bar in the fleet. I miss it so much. I also really miss every venue having direct views to the sea. I'm in my 40's now so all the bells and whistles aren't as important anymore. Know what else I miss? They still have a true Cinema with stadium seating. Sure its a little gimmicky if you will but I love it. Nice to have that option maybe on rainy sea day or something. I also love where SeaView Cafe is, now Izumi. SeaView Cafe was the hidden little food gem back in the day. Anyone who hasn't sailed on one in awhile, Are there things you miss about Radiance class ships?
  18. Is everyone forgetting that the cruise industry wants those CDC guidelines and sued FLA to get them back? If I'm wrong, don't attack, tell me in a normal toned conversation so we aren't hating each other like we always end up doing.
  19. Every time we go on anthem it’s a must to do wonderland. February will be our fourth time in Wonderland it’s definitely great food and a great experience.
  20. Oooohhhh. I was looking for a get rich quick scheme so I guess I’m out.
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