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  1. HMSDingy

    Self disembarkation question

    #2 seems to be the best bet as we've booked a car to pick us up at 9 AM.
  2. HMSDingy

    Self disembarkation question

    Actually the quote I got was from AutoEurope for a car from Europecar. for the size of car we're looking at, the other agencies are charging for GPS whereas with Europecar its included with the Audi 3. The rep at AutoEurope confirmed the drop off fee iF we picked up in Civitavecchia & dropped off at FCO.
  3. HMSDingy

    Self disembarkation question

    Sorry about the confusion. By rental, I mean a car. The reason I'm not picking up in Civitavecchia is that for the short distance to the car rental, not many cabs will take us and it seems too far to hoof it with baggage in tow. We would also have to pay an extra fee if we drop off the car at a different location. The best price I got for the car is from Europcar and they have a kiosk in the airport. I would be driving to my relatives in Abbruzzo from Rome and then returning the car at the airport prior to our flight home.
  4. First time with HAL and we are taking a cruise onboard the Koningsdam next June and plan to stay in Italy post cruise. I want to book a private transfer from the port to Rome where I'll be picking up a rental. What would be a good time to have the driver pick us up if we choose to disembark on our own? Thanks in advance
  5. HMSDingy

    Senior Discounts

    Does HAL offered preferred pricing for us old farts.
  6. HMSDingy

    Bringing alcohol on board

    The OP seems to have jumped ship, sort of. I guess they didn't like the barrage of insults. Not that I disagree with the responses. For them to dismiss HAL for a cruise wide rule is ridiculous.
  7. First time sailing with HAL & I noticed that, because we're Canadian, the prices on their website are in Canadian funds. This kind of sucks because, depending on the exchange rates, the prices keep fluctuating. The beverage package I'm looking at has gone up. Is there a way to book packages & excursions in US funds as I have a US credit card & US account.
  8. HMSDingy

    HAL customer service

    Well it looks like the HAL customer service came through. I received not one but two emails confirming that the hotel w're staying at is in fact the interim transfer pick up. Let's hope they don't change their minds.
  9. HMSDingy

    HAL customer service

    I was assured by the rep I spoke to that the hotel I had booked was the hotel that HAL offered with their package. I pointed that out in my second post. Although having cruised a number of times, we only took a ship transfer once and it was post cruise to the airport. For all of our cruises, we flew in at very least one day prior to sailing and always booked hotels ourselves. I have read posts about Romacabs and that's what we'll do. DW and I are Italian, so language is no problem. The hotel we booked looks lovely and I got a great rate using my acquired points with Expedia. Worse comes to worse and we decide to go elsewhere, I have free cancellation. Thanks for all the tips.
  10. HMSDingy

    HAL customer service

    Thanks. My minor dilemma is with the ship transfers. We're taking a cruise on the Koningsdam next June. I called once to ask if I could get a transfer from my hotel in Rome to Civitavecchia port. I was told yes no problem, on a second call I was told no we don't pick up at that hotel because you have to book air & hotel with HAL for the transfer. On the third call nope, wrong hotel but we will pick you up at another designated hotel at a price for a one night stay that boggles the mind. I forwarded the first email and waiting for a reply. For the price they quoted me for the hotel in Rome with transfers I expect caviar & champagne.:cool:
  11. HMSDingy

    HAL customer service

    First time with HAL and I'm already getting discouraged. I asked a simple question and got three different answers. Aren't their reps al trained the same way?
  12. HMSDingy

    Will we like the Koningsdam?

    We're taking a Med cruise next June on the Koningsdam and this will be our first cruise with HAL. We chose HAL because of the itinerary. I know this question has been asked thousands of times but how are the pax dressed on the gala nights. I've heard that for European cruises, they tend to dress up.
  13. HMSDingy

    Taking the Train from Civitavecchia to Rome

    Thanks Hank, I guess the buses are the way to.
  14. HMSDingy

    Taking the Train from Civitavecchia to Rome

    We're visiting family in Italy post cruise and we'd like to take the train from Civitavecchia to Isernia. As I understand these replies, once off the ship we take a shuttle to the port entrance,from there another bus to the train station. Is this second bus fitted for luggage? Is there another way by taxi? Thanks in advance.
  15. I read on another thread that the Sel de Mer restaurant was quite expensive. Did I misunderstand? Or was it for a special offering?