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  1. HMSDingy

    Airport Transfer to Rome Fiumicino

    Thanks. The rental is with Europecar but through another broker and that broker charges the drop off fee. If I rent with Europecar directly, I'd be spending more on the initial rental. It all evens out because the higher cost of the rental through Europecar would equal the extra amount for the driver to FCO. I will have the driver take us directly to the rental kiosk.
  2. HMSDingy

    How long to book speciality dining?

    I'm able to book a specialty dining package for my June 1st cruise, but I can't put in a specific date. It only allows me for the the first night of sailing. The package is for 3 restaurants. Can I reserve while onboard?
  3. HMSDingy

    Hal's website is a train wreck!!!

    Sorry about the misinformation. I should of just made a dry run to purchase the package on the website. It does charge me in US. It was the HAL rep that gave me the wrong information.
  4. HMSDingy

    Hal's website is a train wreck!!!

    I too booked through a Canadian TA but the website won't allow me to prepay my wine package in US. Therein lies the problem. I might as well buy the package after I've checked in and registered my US card.
  5. HMSDingy

    Hal's website is a train wreck!!!

    I booked my first HAL cruise through a TA, therefore I can't complain about the booking part. My complaint is that because I access the website from Canada, I am quoted everything in Canadian funds. But because the prices are based on the US dollar, the Canadian version gets to be quite expensive given the exchange rates. If I book excursions and/or wine packages, I pay in Canadian even though I prefer to pay in US. I assume this will change when I check in and I can use my US credit card. Right?
  6. HMSDingy

    January 13 to 23 Koningsdam Review

    The OP states that they could only get anytime dinning at 7:45. Were you able to get an earlier time?
  7. First time with HAL and we are being picked up post cruise to be driven to Rome to meet family. If we self disembark is 9 AM too early to book the pick up? Thanks
  8. HMSDingy

    January 13 to 23 Koningsdam Review

    We're Platinum with Princess and this will be our first time sailing with HAL as we like the itinerary and found nothing similar with Princess and family suggested we go with HAL. With Princess we always choose anytime dining preferably for a seating at 7:00 PM. If we are to be seated at 7:45, we might as well opt for the regular seatings. For the gala nights we'll try and reserve the specialty venues. You mentioned that the embarkation was flawless but underwhelming because no one greeted you in a pleasant manner. I would take flawless without smiles over hectic with smiles any day. What was the itinerary for your cruise?
  9. HMSDingy

    Airport Transfer to Rome Fiumicino

    Sorry but I meant to say we're staying in Italy post cruise. We will be driving to my home town in the Province of Isernia about 200 km away almost a 2 hour drive. The reason I'd like to pick up a car at the airport is that the rental agencies charge for a different pickup/drop off. It would be easier for us at FCO. Romecab has given me quote for a car & driver at the port to take us to FCO at 130 euros. More expensive than the transfer but I can book it at a specific time. Booking a rental at Civitavecchia has other drawbacks that the agency is about 2 km from the port. I've been told, on this forum, that cabs will not take us the short distance and its too far to walk with luggage in tow. The only alternative would be if the agency offers to pick us up like its done here in Canada by most, if not all, rental companies.
  10. HMSDingy

    Airport Transfer to Rome Fiumicino

    We're staying in Rome post cruise for one week. I'm looking to pick up a rental at Fiumicino and since we're in no hurry to catch a flight, we can also take the ship transfer. Does anybody what time the transfer usually leaves? We are sailing with HAL.
  11. HMSDingy

    Self disembarkation question

    #2 seems to be the best bet as we've booked a car to pick us up at 9 AM.
  12. HMSDingy

    Self disembarkation question

    Actually the quote I got was from AutoEurope for a car from Europecar. for the size of car we're looking at, the other agencies are charging for GPS whereas with Europecar its included with the Audi 3. The rep at AutoEurope confirmed the drop off fee iF we picked up in Civitavecchia & dropped off at FCO.
  13. HMSDingy

    Self disembarkation question

    Sorry about the confusion. By rental, I mean a car. The reason I'm not picking up in Civitavecchia is that for the short distance to the car rental, not many cabs will take us and it seems too far to hoof it with baggage in tow. We would also have to pay an extra fee if we drop off the car at a different location. The best price I got for the car is from Europcar and they have a kiosk in the airport. I would be driving to my relatives in Abbruzzo from Rome and then returning the car at the airport prior to our flight home.
  14. First time with HAL and we are taking a cruise onboard the Koningsdam next June and plan to stay in Italy post cruise. I want to book a private transfer from the port to Rome where I'll be picking up a rental. What would be a good time to have the driver pick us up if we choose to disembark on our own? Thanks in advance
  15. HMSDingy

    Senior Discounts

    Does HAL offered preferred pricing for us old farts.