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  1. I cant wait for more of this review! What a great cruise so far! I cant wait to see what you post about Grand Turk,one of my favorite ports
  2. I have your review bookmarked and am happily reading it! I cant wait to see what you post next.enjoy your little mini-cruise
  3. I suspect you are right. I can easily see people deliberately pushing the envelope by wearing one with a slogan that is meant to provoke others just to start something. I would be happy to not wear any shirt with inappropriate slogans or images.
  4. I don't even understand why it is even a rule at all. I feel they should do away with the "no t-shirts" rule on cruise casual night. Casual is just that... casual. I occasionally have worn them in the dining room on casual night before,not really realizing it was a rule,since I dont peruse the list every time I cruise. To my credit ,I do follow the rules for dress on elegant night,and go slap on a dress and pair of flat sandals to wear to dinner. I dont understand why they dont want people wearing t-shirts, some of which I have bought at ports and even on board Carnival ships.
  5. I have a feeling I would enjoy that couple! I like them just from that one picture.Those outfits are great!
  6. I head straight to the atrium bar and order a Funship Special and get my cheers sticker.then walk around a little or go to Lido for lunch.
  7. I got one in my email yesterday .Im booked on the Victory for September 9 and had an interior on deck two.Im cruising solo by the way. the offer was for a balcony on deck 6 for 160 dollars. I went ahead and accepted it. It doesnt save me a lot over what the price would have been if i had booked it to begin with but I figured,why not.. quiet time on my own balcony watching the sun come up with a cup of room service coffee, perhaps a drink late at night watching the stars and ocean. My only concern is that it appears to be a quad cabin. why would they offer an upsell to a solo cruiser from a cheap interior to a balcony several decks up. Arent those more desirable?I hope they dont try to remove me if a group of 3 or 4 decides to book last minute
  8. I am a seasoned cruiser and I really liked my lanyard on my last cruise. I was thankful to get it.
  9. I definitely agree about the art auctions. As well as anything to do with the spa or the jewelry,expensive perfumes,purses etc. I avoid all that like the plague. I also dont attend Quest or karaoke. I find so much to do that I do enjoy.
  10. I would love one too. My first cruise as a Platinum is in May and I understand they wont be doing the blankets at that time. bummer.. the blanket would be nice to have while watching the movie on the big screen on Lido.
  11. i always pack my pair of water shoes . I paid about 5 bucks for them years ago at Walmart and they are great for wearing on Lido or for the slide. my feet don't get burned from the hot deck and i dont have to fool with taking off and putting back on flip flops everytime I want to go down the slide or get in the pool
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